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  1. whoops, sorry, I knew he was one person (Though he does do duets quiet often.) I feel like his music is worth listening to, as I like it. Even if he weren't a big name I'd still listen to it <3.
  2. Definitely Fullmetal Alchemist, or Black Butler are my favorites. The former is just amazing and has so many great characters (Total Ed fangirl here ) and the latter is interesting and funny. Sebastian's main concern is having dinner ready on time, and his deadly weapon is forks! (Also a total Sebbie fangirl )
  3. One of my favorite pony music creators is Sound Of The Aviators. They have some really great songs, and remixes that are really great. Some of their songs are pony but its not obvious that they are.
  4. Rarity vs. Zecora Applebloom/scootaloo/sweetie belle vs. Diamond Tiara Luna vs. Celestia Discord vs. Chrysalis Doctor Whooves vs. trixie
  5. I don't like babs seed. I think she is underdeveloped like most other people think, and I hate her design. She has the worst one out of any character I've seen. I thought she was a guy when I first saw her.
  6. I dont have a problem with crossdressers, unless they are wearing things that are ill fitting/ revealing/ down right weird. I think the dress would be a bit of a stretch though... The things is men do not shave they're legs (most) and I dont think guys could easily fit into heels... A nice womans shirt or tee and jeans would look fine though!
  7. Well, thanks for reading this. If you came here looking for some spectacular pony art, you're in the wrong place. However, if you did mean to end up here, have a look at some of my attempts at art! Almost all of what I post here will be digital Here's a filly Luna that I decided to do. Before you start yelling at me for "copying" peoples art, I used a vector http://mlpfim-vector...set=24#/d5g1jiv there as a reference. Hence why they are basically the exact same pose, although the orignal is 10 trillion times better. I do all of my work in Paint.NET and it is drawn with a mouse 100% by me(minus the pose...). Sorry for any mistakes, i'm tired and too lazy to fix anything.
  8. RAINBOW DASH!!!! She's adorable! No matter what she does, she will always be my favorite. The squeaky voice, the unkempt mane, adorable! (I dont own this art)
  9. Well i think he's funny! Geez, didn't realize this would be met with such hate... sorry i asked. Just figured it might be funny to see him dress like a pony.
  10. Hi everyone! Has the brony community here seen shane Dawson? If not please go check out his videos, they're hilarious! Well the main reason I made this topic is to get other people to help me with my mission. I want shane dawson to dress up like a pony from MLP, and so do my friends at school. He dresses in costumes for his ask shanes where he answers viewers questions. You can help my cause by commenting on his recent videos and asking in any way possible for him to dress like a pony! Please, just take a small amount of time to comment and maybe we can get Shane to dress up like a pony!
  11. My name is Miranda, not very unique or anything but what'cha gonna do? I wish my name was like, elizabeth, or emily, my favorite of all time is Sophie (And yes, I'm a girl! )
  12. I can do some of fluttershy's voice parts, rainbow dashe's voice, pinkie's singing voice, and luna's royal voice. My friend is so good at fluttershy that she could actually play her in the show!
  13. as much as we all love the show, I'm sure there is at least one episode that you detest. Share what that episode is with everypony! My hated episode is "Over a Barrel" They took something historic, and resloved it with apple pies. (Sorry if there is already one of these...)
  14. You want to hear whining? THIS IS WHINING! Yeah. Rainbows aren't known for their flavor... Never fear, your friendly neighborhood Rainbow Dash is here! Nopony breaks a Pinkie promise! :angry: Those are a few of my favorite quotes!
  15. At the gala, or This day aria, love is in bloom is another song i love. They all sound better i feel personally because they have a lot of emotion behind them and are really catchy!