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  1. What do you drive? Automatic now, but I learned on Manual and my first car was one. What are your thoughts on automatic? It works, but is a little boring. What are your thoughts on manual? I miss it a little, I think my next car needs to be a manual again. If you drive manual, what is the gear that you use or like the most? Don't have one now, but when I did the car was mostly used for driving around town, so spent most of the time in 2nd or 3rd your general opinion about the thread
  2. Some time early 2011, around January or February. I started seeing a lot of MLP memes online and eventually decided to watch the show. Season 1 had all the episodes to that point on youtube and I watched them all, one after another, in one sitting.
  3. My friends (at least the ones I've gotten around to tell) didn't really care, I even got one into the show. My Brother and Sister-in-Law decided to tease me without mercy, but they don't have any malice behind it, that's just what our family does.
  4. There are some amasing artists out there....oh how I wish I was one of them. I've got some of my favorite pictures here and had to stop myself from posting many, many more.
  5. Who's your favorite pony? It's a toss up between Fluttershy and Princess Luna When did you start having that pony as your favorite? For Fluttershy it was months ago when I watched the first episode, For Luna it was during the second season in her focused episode. What episode, scene, or fanon made her/him your official favorite? Fluttershy was Season one Episode one. Princess Luna was during her episode Luna Eclipsed. Why did you like him/her because of that? I saw a lot of myself in the characters, even though I'm not exactly the "Target Market" Fluttershy is really shy and quiet around new people until she gets excited about something and Luna really wants to fit in but just can't quite pull it off most of the time.
  6. I'm originally from New Jersey. I've lived here for about 4 years or so.
  7. Just saying hi. I'm 27 and from Portland, OR. Don't really know any other Bronies in real life, though I did get a former co-worker addicted to the show, at least for a while. Hopefully she's still hooked.