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Well, hey there! Im HanPolo but around the forums call me 'Polo' or i shall smite thee with the power of ten thousand tolerances. I first came into the MLP FiM fandom sometime around october 2011 when a college freind forced got me to watch parts of the show. Then one day my neice had it on the big TV screen in my living room, and she even said i should watch it, so i thought 'Why not?!'. I joined this forum Boxing day 2011, if i remember correctly.


Other than ponies, im heavily intrested in anime and films, old films in particular. Films like Con Air and The Godfather rule all, but I live in the 60's so what do I know...


And as for anime, One Piece rules all. I even own a small 'Tony Tony Chopper' badge that i pin on my coat everyday :)


Couple of useless fun facts about me: I listen to the musical greatness that is Dean Martin, and i sponser a REAL pony called 'Lively'.