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Everything posted by HanPolo

  1. Anypony a dueling network user?

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    2. Typhoid Libby

      Typhoid Libby

      That's the best you can do?

    3. HanPolo


      No. But it does shoot lasers out of its eyes and it also has roller skates.

    4. Typhoid Libby

      Typhoid Libby



      *goes elsewhere*

  2. Is it weird that I have more in common with my freinds little sister than I do my freind? :P

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    2. HanPolo


      Yes. She likes ponies. My freind does not...

    3. Literally Snails

      Literally Snails

      My little cousin likes ponies. The only name she can pronounce is Pinkie Pie. She's her favorite too. I love watching with her. She's so cute!

    4. HanPolo
  3. News season of Doctor Who soon! Cant wait :)

    1. Gingerpotato



    2. HanPolo


      Not sure. Heres trailer:


      Looks awesome XD

    3. Literally Snails

      Literally Snails

      if you had a TARDIS you wouldn't have to

  4. Bored. BORED. Gonna play some Dark Souls I suppose...

  5. I loved that show as a kid. Other than Samuria Jack it was my favourite
  6. Thanks for looking after my win, but ill be taking it back now.
  7. Im back XD What's been happening?

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    2. ProjectRKA


      I'm missing Rainbow Dash as loading pony, though D:

    3. HanPolo


      She needed a break. Poor pony had been trotting for months :(

    4. ProjectRKA
  8. On a freinds computer. I wont be on for a while because my laptops getting repaired and it could take a while :(

  9. Dont 'think' ill be on the forums again for some time. Goodbye until then peeps!

  10. Bored. Time to re-watch all the episodes again!

  11. GAH, computer, why you so complicated?! Iv'e been trying to get WoW to work for hours now... It's begining to not seem worth it...

  12. Yay Dark Knight got fourth! Should be number one though. I never really like Toy Story that much. But great work anyway Jokuc
  13. I managed to win a (small) Magic tournament at my local comic book store XD Ive never felt so acomplished!

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    2. Typhoid Libby

      Typhoid Libby

      ur doing it rong

    3. Extraho Vinco
    4. Lord Sprixx

      Lord Sprixx

      Grats! I remember my first time winning a tourny. So much fun. Mono White ftw!

  14. Gah... My pony shirt got caught on my fence and ripped... This is a sad day indeed...

    1. Pencil J. Doodle

      Pencil J. Doodle

      Tis very sad day :'(

      Through a funeral, i'd come

    2. WhiteLightning


      RIP Pony shirt 8 may 2012

      A close companion of HanPolo.

    3. Skullbuster


      Let us all mourn

  15. Saw a pony shirt in Chimera today. £18? Worth it. To bad they only had one in the wrong size :(

    1. ProjectRKA


      Aww... that sucks :(

  16. Y I no have energy to work on fic?! Meh. Ill be playing Empire at war for the rest of the night :P

  17. Happy birthday! XD

  18. Happy birthday Feld0!!! Have a great day :)

  19. Having a great day today. Im not even sure why I was panicking about school so much yesterday :D

  20. My career's 'adviser' basicaly told me that my dream of being an author are silly and I should just give up on them to pursue something more "down to earth". I know she was trying to help me, but all she did was take away the only idea I had for my future. Words cannot express how foul of a mood im now in...

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    2. Aureity



      Your love of writing isn't limited to authoring books.

    3. Fizz.


      Yeah, I plan on writing, but doing it as a full out career is kind of irresponsible. Until you become a famous author like Patterson or Myers or King, it's safer to do it as a hobby.

    4. HanPolo


      Eeyup. All of thus ^ ive been thinking about. I still have some barriers (required grades, distance from closest college) that stop me from getting into jounrnalism, so it's not really a possibility for me at the moment. Maybe I should be concentrating on dealing with those problems first :P I dunno... Im just venting here :)

  21. It's like the banner is staring into my soul...

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    2. LowfatEnvelope


      (random it shouldn't be in there :| )


    3. Nightfall


      OH! Like Azula in that one part of Avatar, The Last Airbender! Her hair had one strand out of place, and that's almost the exact some look Azula gave it!

    4. HanPolo


      Well that explains it. She must be really angry at that stray peice of hair. My soul will be ok now.

  22. Reading DeathNote to pass the time. Didn't think much of it to begin with, but it's actualy really good now im into it!

  23. HanPolo

    Lullaby Dawn

    Lullaby Dawn
  24. Ive been wanting to re-use my OC Lullaby for quite a while now. Im not sure im as good an RP'er as you, but im willing to if you like. Edit: Here she is: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/lullaby-dawn-r310
  25. Thats really cool! Im no expert, but I cant spot anything wrong with it *saves image*