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  1. 1. Help her then snack on a few apples with her 2. Change the screen, burn computer, send her to her room 3. Take her off my head, hold her in my arms, and snuggle with her 4. Stop her and explain to her why picking on poor Spikey Wikey is wrong 5. Surprisingly, she'd make a good jedi... 6. Slowly back out of the room 7. Watch movie, watch another movie... basically, watch movies all day. 8. Pull over, offer her a ride, and take her anyplace she wanted to go... maybe stop off somewhere and get something to eat too 9. Get out of my car, knock on
  2. *licks your face* I'm gonna draw AJ just for you! :D

    1. Clarity


      Aw, thanks! <33 >foreleg hug<

      Amazing avatar, by the way. :D If only I had that kind of skillz...

  3. Looking for a co-writer for Sci-Fi MLP fic. Will hug for writing. :3

  4. Cayden

    Hello, I'm Cayden

    I go to bed and wake up to this... I like this. :3 Rush has me worried with his tap story though... >.> And yes, I've liked AJ since the second I saw her on screen. Idk... I have a soft-spot for the hard-working southern girl... she's always seemed like one of the more level-headed characters on the show. So yeah... AJ is awesome :3
  5. (( Hey everypony! I'm new to the forums here, and I'm looking for a co-writer for a fan fic I kind of want to do. It's an outlandish idea, mind you... like... crossing the Star Wars and Fallout (Pipbuck and several other minor technologies only) universes into the MLP universe. I have had great reception regarding my story ideas in RPs I've had elsewhere with other people, so... I'm hoping I can find a like-minded writer who would love to join me in working on this epic and entertaining fan fiction! There will be action, comedy, romance, and yes... even tragedy and horror. So yea
  6. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Applejack How did you find MLP Forums?: I was referred here by a friend, but I cannot remember his user name here @_@ How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Well, long-story short... A friend of mine kept badgering me about it, so I finally caved and watched it... I've been in love with the show ever since Hi, my name is Cayden Tavers, and I'm here to make life easier for everypony! I like apple cider, apple pie, and am always willing to put everypony ahead of myself, regardless of what situation I'm getting into... whether it be comba
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