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  1. Courage the cowardly dog Pokemon Power puff Girls Kid next door Tom and Jerry I cant remember the rest. But there was more. c:
  2. PrincessCadance


    Mystia happily pranced around Equestria, shopping like she usually did since it was her favorite thing to do. She had a couple bags with things she bought in it, basically just adorable clothing and some make up. She was about to walk into the next shop, when she heard someone speaking, as if telling the whole world what they had to say. She looked up, wondering what was in the sky. There was a very strange monster flying up there. She couldnt pinpoint what sort of animal he was, but that wasnt the point. She heard him announce about how he had such bad news for their land to befall later on.
  3. I only have the first Inuyasha manga. I dont really read manga, Id just rather watch the actual show. (: Im not exactly sure why I got the manga in the first place..:/
  4. 1. Cadence (She is pink and cute. Nuff said. 2. Luna (Love her design. ^3^) 3. Applebloom (TOO ADORABLE.) 4. Trixie (Supa cool) 5. Fluttershy (Too cute. ;D)
  5. Winter!! I'll be honest though, I hate the cold soo much!! But I love playing in the snow and whatnot. I also love when I get out of school because of a snow day. ;DD But if I wanted a pretty season, it would be Fall. The pretty leaves. <3
  6. I love the 2% and thats the only kind you will ever see me drink. I accidenly drank whole milk once, and I swear it tasted like something was floating in it. ;0
  7. PrincessCadance

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    "Im thinking what I'd like to say and do if you get my drift. wink wink. (; " EDIT. Ninja'd. 0: "My beard can kick your beards but."
  8. Im right handed. The only thing I can use with my left hand is my mouse. But normally, I dont do that cause my mouse is on the left side of my comp. ;3
  9. Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!! And wolves, foxes, dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, deer, Seaturtles, and koals. I love lotss. <33 I like dragons and unicorns too but they arent real. I love animals. <3
  10. People at my school are like into sports, drugs, and whatever. So not really nerd there. But then a lot like Pokemon and I've seen guys playing Mario Kart on there DS and my math teacher let us play MK on his tv with a wii he bought for that reason. So, I dont think youd call it nerd. Or maybe your right. x3 Off topic a bit, but at my school apparently emos are now called seems or w/e. Wat. o__o
  11. "I build walls instead of bridges because the other side isnt ever what I hoped." "Girls are like phone. We love to be held, and talked to. But press the wrong button and you break up."
  12. My magic aura would have to be pink because that is my most favorite color and it just looks so pretty to me. ;3 Mostly a hot pink would do. ;D
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