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  1. I really should've followed this thread a lot more. Anyways, congrats to Rainbow Dash on a well-deserved win! Can't wait for March Madness next year (for this and the actual brackets). Also, this helps me cope with the terrible championship for the basketball tourney.
  2. I hate to say this, but this is great news. Usually I'll get one or two of their updates by "friends" liking them. It surprises me that people actually give these pages positive attention too, and adding onto the fact that people who say "swag" or "yolo" are terribly annoying (aside from Rainbow Dash and BrownMan at Rooster Teeth).
  3. I would say music is important to me, seeing as I usually listen to it whilst I do my homework and I've been a part of my school district's band program for about four years (4 years with a trumpet, one trimester with the baritone). I wouldn't say that music is my life, but it does relax me and sometimes it helps to me keep focused.
  4. I'm in high school and got a 125, but I had to rush a few parts due to me being on a bit of a time limit with my internet right now. But I'm proud of that score, since it dispells a few doubts I had about myself.
  5. I think I would have to choose Fluttershy's kindness, since it can definetely go a long way. Aside from that, maybe Applejack's work ethic, since I'm really lazy...
  6. I'd do it, but after weighing my options a little bit. it would be interesting to see what it would be like, but on the other hand, would I be able to live with myself? But at least I would get a girlfriend that's a brony.
  7. If I get a chance to watch it while it premiers on the Hub, I'll do that, but if it doesn't, then I'll watch it on youtube or the Hub later. But that date is so close to exams, I might not get a chance until Thanksgiving (US).
  8. I have marching band so I have our show to pump me up, or whatever plays before we march out. Usually it's our third movement which is mostly battery (drumline). Usually before football games Sail by AWOLNation (not sure if spelled right) is played over the speakers. On my iPod, I'll usually listen to Triple Trouble by Beastie Boys, Mr. Brightside and Sam's Town by The Killers and Make it stop (September's Children) by Rise Against.
  9. Wait... I liked the GameCube... That was a really good system.Also, Socialism is the best politcal system ever. FDR and JFK are the best two presidents ever. LeBron James isn't a crybaby, he's a great athlete. Hockey is the best sport in the world.
  10. I'm in Southeastern Michigan, on the edge of Metro-Detroit. I actually live in a town that has a 98% graduation rate, so we have that going for us. I live near the Palace of Auburn Hills (where the Detroit Pistons play) and we actually have a place where we can have big concerts like a mile away from where I live. It's awesome.
  11. Scootaloo, since she is the most tomboyish? Though I honestly love all of them a lot, becuase, you know, who needs patience? Right?
  12. I think I would like to be a unicorn (and would be a great fit to be a unicorn) since I do value education over most things and that it would be really helpful to read books. I don't want to figure out how to turn a page with a hoof.
  13. It all depends on the location too. A prime example could be Thermopolae, which would favor the Spartans, with their superior techniques and training and give a disadvantage to the sheer amount of numbers. If it's in a wide open field, I would give the slight advantage to the clones/storms, since they could exhibit a brilliant flanking strategy to defeat the spartans.
  14. I'm usually the quiet, yet somewhat smart kid in the class. But once I get to open up, I become a bit more outgoing. Nothing that should be terribly annoying but it's enough for some people to like me a little bit. Though I do sleep quite a lot in class too...
  15. I would like to live a normal life. To me, if you live forever, you get to see your friends passing away, and everyone who you hold dear, and I could never really bring myself to commit suicide. So I would prefer a natural death, like sleeping or something like that.