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  1. Saiko

    A favor maybe?

    Hi guys! I'm asking you to help me because Bronies always help each other! My friend really wants to go to Spain and she's taking part in a competition organised by some language school teaching Spanish. They promise to give away a trip to Spain for the person who gathers the most facebook likes and I've got no idea whether it's true, but the friend of mine is really desperate to try and win and I think there's only one person better than her at the moment. If you would please like? I'd be so grateful!
  2. Well it IS about being 100:)
  3. Saiko

    Gaming Steam game giveaway

    Sounds cool
  4. Every place can be awesome when you're with friends. We usually go to a mall when the weather's bad and walking outside would be uncomfortable
  5. Saiko

    Brony from Serbia

    Thanks for the recommendations, it's more of an impossible dream though, I've never been overseas and I don't think going to Serbia will be an option for me, at least not now. I'll make sure to do what you said if I finally get to come to your contry though
  6. Saiko


    I sit cross-legged. Almost always, including in school or church or during some family celebrations. It's a bad habit I guess. ;x
  7. Saiko

    Brony from Serbia

    Hello there! I don't really know why, but I've always wanted to visit Serbia. Enjoy your stay
  8. Saiko

    Um... hi?

    Hey, I like your nickname, sounds a bit like "Smile" in my language;)
  9. Saiko

    Rainbow Dash hugging Scootaloo (Drawings)

    I'm under the impression that those here are the best pony drawings made with this technique I've ever seen
  10. Saiko

    Greetings from Ukrainian brony

    Hey there friend from right across the border! Enjoy your stay
  11. Saiko

    Does Cerberus have an owner?

    The Illusive Man! ...shit, I need to watch more ponies and play less Mass Effect cause he was the one that crossed my mind first
  12. I'm going to see the movie on Tuesday so I'll share my opinion then; I don't have too high hopes though, I'm prepared for the movie being worse than the book.
  13. Saiko

    Hi there!

    Hey there, stay with us & have fun <3
  14. Saiko

    Music My First Song, Thoughts?

    I know nothing about music but this is nice to listen to, maybe not a masterpiece but definitely good. Listen to the advice given by the clever guys in here and keep up the good work, you seem to have hell of potential:)
  15. Saiko

    Um, hi, everypony

    Hey! Glad to have another pegasis around <3