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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. When I left the fandom, I thought things were going downhill too; Equestrian Girls had came out which most of us thought was over girlling the brand, Twlight was turned into a princess, an over pandering to the bronies (Dr. Whooves and Rose were seen walking together in full frame). But the show did keep going, and from what I've seen it hasn't really lost its charm. I know most of my friends who were bronies left mainly because of what the fandom had become, yet they still love the show
  4. Wow seems like a lot has changed, sucks Fighting is Magic got C&D but I guessed it was gonna happen eventually. Wonder how G5 is gonna handle things, wither their gonna go back to a more traditional focus or if their gonna try to make things more accessible to a wider audience
  5. Well I hope the fandom can recoil from this, its gone through some rough times before
  6. oh... I just did a quick google and I think I know what kind of stuff your talking about. That really sucks for the whole image of the fandom
  7. There are famous bronys now? That's kinda cool that the fandom has notable people. Did someone die or something?
  8. I'm doing well, just kinda going back and re watching some of the early season music numbers
  9. I havn't touched the fandom or even seen a single episode since I stopped being a brony so as I was reading your post I was thinking are you serious did we really go full commie lol
  10. Hi everyone, hope everyone has been having a great year. I haven't been in the fandom for almost 4 years and just recently the show came back into my mind when I noticed a my little pony the movie toy at Walmart. I remember before I left that the Fight is Magic game was still being worked on and Alex S. was still making pony music. I'm not looking to get back into ponies, was just wondering if anything major had happened in the fandom. I left probably just after season 4. This fandom was a major part of my life back then, just wondering how things have been.