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  1. I know that feel, bro! Like, that happiness and joyful feeling...right? I dunno exactly how to describe it...curse my failure to find words.But, yes, it's an amazing feeling, ain't it? You, sir, have read my mind. Also, this seems relevant to this topic:
  2. Well, it depends on what you mean. If you're referring to things like fan art and fiction, then yes, it's alright by me (except for the all-too-often occurrence of stumbling across something...scary, while looking at fan art). If you mean humanized ponies in the show, it would technically be the same, but with a different title, I guess. But even though it'd be roughly the same thing, I've got to say no to that one... Erm, as to how they would look...well, results may vary. Also, confusing title is confusing. Explanatory poll is explanatory.
  3. Not at all surprised about this, actually...MLP became increasingly successful after FiM came out, it was only a matter of time before someone went and used it in their favor. Frankly, those people aren't quite soulless, they're just being human. It's really nothing to have a seizure over. Sure, what they did was illegal and awfully mean, but the law will catch up with them eventually. Not to say enigmatia didn't have a point, though...they forgot the kids that are fans of the show/toys as well. I've got to agree that the people who are either so eager to have these things or just want them for profit are selfish turds...but hell, we can't do much about it other than wait. Mark my words, karma'll come and bite 'em in the butt when they least expect it.
  4. It's a tough one, but I'll have to go with the digital download, so long as the file has decent quality. But, if I like the band or artist, I'll buy some CDs of the songs I like. When I do buy CDs, I generally take good care of them. I don't even listen to the actual CD, I burn the songs onto another blank CD so the original will always stay safe. If the copy breaks, I make another. You take good care of your CDs, not trash them. Taking good care of them also keeps the songs of higher quality than any digital download.
  5. I'd be surprised if we hadn't damaged it significantly by the time we could manage taking them prisoner. If we had, they probably wouldn't care for the last building standing or whatever, seeing as most of the city was destroyed, and they likely won't have a chance to rebuild, since humans are likely to take advantage of this until they die. Plus, all of this is only possible if we invade and manage to conquer in the first place. Well, enslaving cute, colorful ponies is where I draw the line. You have to be mean beyond measure to be able to do that and not feel any guilt or regret.
  6. Yeah, with enough time we can do that, but we're only talking present and near future. Again, I doubt they'd actually work. I, for one, would rather die than serve someone or something against my will.
  7. The ending of PARTY.MOV was priceless. Funniest YT video I've ever seen!

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      I didn't find it that funny... But the best part was when Spike had that phonecall with pinkie x)

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      *going to check it right now*

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      "But the best part was when Spike had that phonecall with pinkie x)" Couldn't agree more. (I am way late)

  8. Steam level only. Explain the references to tanks, Pinkie's party cannon (which would be very strange if there wasn't a working combat version), and the analysis computer in Twilight's basement. So the unicorns do have some power, then. I never did say Celestia or Luna couldn't be overcome, but it would take A LOT to do so. They are goddesses. I doubt that the only thing they can do (which even if it were would be plenty of ability on its own) is move a star and a moon. The only thing that has actually taken them down is another extremely powerful being (Discord, the Nightmare [which took 1000 years for Luna to turn into], and Chrysalis [who was becoming constantly more powerful by feeding off of Shining Armor's love for Cadence]). Giant hunks of metal loaded with explosives probably wouldn't be much of a problem. Alright, well, he discorded Fluttershy. I'll just go with (can't quite recall who said this) that if he got released, both sides would probably royally fucked. You can't really say that given the opportunity to screw with both sides that he would only go for one, and even if that were the situation, that he would go with helping the humans by default. Going by what you said, Equestria isn't as big as it seems anyway. After all, we've only seen two cities, and heard of a few more, plus it seems to be sparsely populated. Why would getting a message be a problem with pegasi and unicorns around? You can't acquire magic. Unless you enslave the unicorns. And that's just morally wrong. Slavery's illegal for a reason, eh? So, you can't rule the universe. Even if you did enslave them, they are a peaceful species, so they probably wouldn't use their powers for ill-intended purposes only. Unless the humans had some machine that could harvest and use magic (which we're talking present and near-future here, making it impossible to develop a machine that can take energy and use it to do things that would naturally be bending the laws of physics, gravity, and many others), then the invasion would really be pointless, because of the amount of cash you'd have to spend in order to get the materials for everything; research and build a giant space travel vehicle, get the fuel for it (which on its own would probably be well over the hundred thousands), food, water, shelter, troops' payroll, war machine building, weapon creation, machines to harvest the resources in Equestria (which is only a country, and if what you say is true, is also small, therefore resource reduction), perhaps the materials to colonize in Equestria, and the fuel for a trip back home (and the materials for a new vehicle if the one made isn't reusable, along with new fuel tanks and replacement parts for anything that may have been damaged during an invasion, plus people to build the new fuel tanks and possibly the new vehicle). Speaking of the vehicle, how will you manage to load all of this junk onto it, let alone get it off the ground? I think I've listed enough. If that isn't convincing enough, I'll keep going, including details. We're talking hundred millions, maybe billions, maybe trillions. Yes, we can definitely afford this, can't we?
  9. This may seem very redundant of me, but I have to again say that even without the changelings banging on it, Shining Armor's shield would have collapsed anyway with Chrysalis weakening him the whole time. And undoubtedly, humans WILL try to kill the unicorns, and the unicorns WILL try to defend themselves. How they go about this, I haven't a clue, as I couldn't speak for them, but they will try. Not always will that stray bullet make a head shot. Again, we've only seen two cities, Ponyville and Canterlot. A country wouldn't be made up of only two cities. For numbers, I'll give that the entire world population would made them fold under the pressure of sheer numbers, but I doubt that the whole world would support the invasion, and remember that 1 pony does not equal 1 human. Yet again, we've seen multiple references to technology we have combat-wise, such as tanks, cannons, etc. I'm assuming the only thing that we have which they aren't familiar with already are airplanes and helicopters. I doubt they wouldn't know how to defend themselves against the former, though I do doubt the latter. Uh...yeah. Lulu and Tia, was it? They're practically goddesses, and if they aren't, then they're demigoddesses. They're capable of moving the moon and the sun, and assuming that their sun and moon are the same size as ours, that's a lot of matter to move at a hell of a distance. Oh. And Discord is a dick, but you have to be a pretty big dick not to fight for your home. +1 factor in this: COST. Yes, we have all of this pointy magical metal stuff, but we need to be able to afford whatever we send in, and if we expend more than we will gain, then the invasion is pointless. I'll just give this last bit; we can only predict some factors, but unless this actually happens, there is no way to know. Equestria would win :3
  10. Except my house is completely defenseless, so dozens of that ship bombarding the hell out of my house would likely be chaotic not only on my house, but likely the rest of the neighborhood. And I've admitted to the fact that not all unicorns are as strong as the Sparkle family, and that not all pegasi are as fast as Rainbow Dash. It should be fair to assume that they do have some degree of ability, though. And besides Discord, Equestria still has Celestia, Luna, and the Elements of Harmony. I've already explained my thoughts on this.
  11. You don't think Discord would fight to defend Equestria? I know he's a troll, but he can't be that mean. The changelings were banging at the shield Shining Armor had put up for a long time, while Chrysalis was weakening him as well. The shield would have collapsed even if the changelings hadn't been attacking it from the outside. Magic has defensive properties, and it should have offensive properties, though not seen in the show (It's My Little Pony, for Christ's sake). I would bother explaining in another wall of text, but I find doing this easier.
  12. @Dreamwalker It's not solid fact that the chaos must be near the statue for Discord to break free; and even if it were true, as Veiled Enigma said, I'm sure a large amount of ruthless bipedal creatures killing everything in sight would stir up enough chaos for Discord to be set loose, even if he were on the other side of the planet. And I would quote myself in response to the weapon posts above, but I reckon you've already read the rest of the thread.
  13. And let the pressure down on the ocean floor crack it open And even if that doesn't work, I'm pretty sure he'll bust open because of all the chaos that will take place if humans attack!
  14. That's true, a shield should weaken by taking continual hits, but if a unicorn expends enough energy maintaining the shield, it shouldn't be affected much, if any. When they run out of mana, though, I'll admit to them being screwed if nopony else is there to help, which I hope will never happen. And I had thought that it was possible to trigger on impact because I've seen many explosives trigger by an impact on a hard surface (some fireworks, some types of grenades, etc.). Not sure about the proximity triggering, though. I don't consider many other things possible aside from a timed explosion (with, as you mentioned, a system detecting the distance from the target and calculating the approximate impact time or something like that) and one that triggers when a distance is reached between the weapon and the target. Haven't that much knowledge on how all of this works, anyway. I find Minecraft more interesting than explosives In all seriousness, if I was a pony being shot at, I'd probably hide behind Discord's statue and wait for it to crack open.