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  1. Yup, well as close as it can get. A "middle finger" to society and other social stuff forever. Can't delete the profile, but can remove almost everything and end it like that. Oh well who cares anyway lol, bye guys :P

  2. Hello everyone. Long time no see, eh? I've decided to make some changes. Most people say it's not good, but.. yeah. I've decided to basically delete most of the people I don't know, mostly on Steam and so on. I'll keep all of my friends here, and you can add me on Skype if you want. I cannot promise I'll be active on the forums, but Skype I might. That's all, thank you all for being good friends here on the forums, and I hope you continue making others happy.

  3. Sorry for not being active lately guys. But yeah, just really can't see the point being active either. I'm not social or anything either. I talk to some of my friends I have on Skype when they say hi to me, but I rarely say hi to others. Also, who really reads this anyways. So yeah, see you sometime.

  4. Status for the month: Merry christmas everyone :3

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    2. Fluttershyfan94


      Merry Christmas, sure been a while.

    3. GreenBlade


      Yep it has, I'm not going to stay active, unfortunately..


    4. Fluttershyfan94


      Oh well, okay then see you later. :)

  5. I log on with 400 notifications..You know what, I'm never going to read almost any of them anyways, so why bother even logging on .-.

    1. Milk Wave

      Milk Wave


      Maybe you might find one from your friend :3 *a kissu*

  6. That moment when you're playing an FPS with a sad guy commentating his own gameplay with a bad microfon, and don't know how to mute people..

  7. Gimme hugsies :c

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    2. The Swedish Brony

      The Swedish Brony

      Of course! *hugles*

    3. GreenBlade


      Yay so many hugs! *hugs all back*

      I feel better now c:

    4. Jokuc
  8. Ughh... can't sleep, worried, sad... not one of these days... :c

  9. Eh, I'll go "sleep" :P (Which means going to bed and not doing anything but thinking >.<)

  10. I'm bored... And my stomach is making me crazy >.< Oh well, I know I am anyways >:3

  11. Who says I'm sane xD

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    2. Fluttershyfan94


      @Nobody.. Well, you just don't remember it, do you?

    3. GreenBlade


      I knew it, I tried convincing myself by thinking: "You are sane."

      But, oh well.

    4. Fluttershyfan94


      If it makes you feel any better, I'm crazy as well. At the moment at least, it usually take an energy drink or two.

  12. What's stuck on my head right now: "Move move! You have to keep moving! Left! Right!" I AM MOVING! What a trip.

  13. Is it just me, or is nobody online on the weekends xD

    1. The Swedish Brony

      The Swedish Brony

      It's strange isn't it. You would normally think that there were more activity on the weekends :P

    2. GreenBlade


      Exactly, more people being online, but no. :3

    3. The Swedish Brony

      The Swedish Brony

      The internet works in mysterious ways xD