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  1. I managed to get thursday off from work. Also, last night, I saw Len's ending from Melty Blood Act Cadenza. So much d'aww And one more thing to meet the 100 characters requirement, I had a bad nightmare, BUT, I managed to have a really nice sleep after that xD
  2. For me, it's Aoko Aozaki from Melty Blood. I haven't read much about her, but I know that she's a witch, and she has a major role in one or more games. Listening to her encounter theme, she seems to me like someone who is worthy of great respect for some reason.
  3. 1) What is White Len's alignment? I know she's Len's discarded intellect, so does that excuse her feeding off others (forgot if she actually fed or she just wanted to) since she was only doing the most efficient thing a succubus can do to survive and she wouldn't pretend that she was anything other than a succubus? My guess is that she's lawful neutral (even if she fed off others, I don't think she knew any other way before Len taught her compassion by sparing her and asking her to return to her, so until then she was just following survival protocol, and she always keeps her promises and resp
  4. Just bought a Brony hat today, one person said she was surprised that I was into MLP and someone else just asked to see my hat and was happy I got a new hat xD Both people I know btw.
  5. Mainly looking for something like Dungeon Village, or anything that lets me build up characters then watch them go around killing enemies. Or a good tcg/ccg, rhythm game, old school RPG (no RPG maker shenanigans), or something similar to Alchemy. I'll also consider other types of games, although I'm not really into sports games or any action heavy game (don't like using virtual joysticks/control pads because virtual is trickier to use than real). I prefer if the games are free, although I'll look at pay games too. Also, I don't like games where item mall has a heavy impact on gameplay.
  6. Last night I had one strange nightmare. I was playing one of my old games (Mythwar 2) and Pinkie Pie was playing too but I could also see her irl. I just logged on and I say hi to my guild and to Pinkie Pie, but I took a while to type it out and Pinkie started getting sad. She disappeared for a sec, and then all of a sudden I saw Zalgo Pinkie. Then I went from playing my game to watching a Youtube video and I could see different images flashing, some of Zalgo Pinkie, some general creepypasta/screamer images, and some images that were just random, and the whole time, I could hear Pinkie making
  7. I had some pretty nice dreams. In one dream, I met Rainbow Dash and Rarity, and RD gave me a pep talk. In a dream I had just last night, I dreamed I met an old pet (wasn't really an old pet, but at the time I thought she was) in anthro/faerie form and she thanked me for taking care of her and gave me something to remember her by.
  8. It's hard to say. Men don't have to go through PMS, menopause, or childbirth, and they don't have to shave their pits. And usually, husbands tend to get more respect than their wives. On the other hand, in the old days, it was always men who went in the coal mines. I don't know how it works now though, but I think it's still mostly men. I don't envy those who have to mine coal, it even makes cart pushing in a snowstorm seem easy peasy. It really depends though, nobody is destined to have it easy/rough. If someone wants to work hard, they will. If a man and a woman are both equally hard wor
  9. My mom has a couple of pugs, and I agree, they can be pretty cute. Especially the male pug that my mom has, he has a huge head and he's always carrying around a stuffed animal. He's pretty much the baby of the family
  10. For me, it has to be jack russell terrier. My mom found one and she's so sweet and energetic and she even covers her face sometimes like she's acting shy. I think they have a ton of personality (although then again, I'm biased ) I used to prefer cats over dogs, but jack russell terriers won me over to the dog side.
  11. I bought an iPhone 3g 2 days before I got my paycheck because I was so anxious to get a mobile device. But then I found a cheap Droid X on Ebay after I got my check. So basically, I wasted $70 on a iPhone I'll probably not be using. One option is to jailbreak it, although Apple has been cracking down on people who jailbreak their phones (although I think only those who jailbreak to circumvent their contracts so they essentially get free/cheap iPhones). I could use it as a mp3/video player (and maybe put some emulators on it) while I use my Droid X for online gaming. Another option is t
  12. I work as a cart pusher at a Tops store not too far from where I live. It can be stressful at times (especially when it's pouring rain or bitter cold) but it can also be very rewarding, especially when customers thank me for helping them or telling them to have a nice day.
  13. For those who don't know, it's a very well done MLP+Phoenix Wright crossover. Rainbow Dash is accused of murder, and Phoenix Wright gets teleported to their world to help defend her. There are many nods to both series, and I won't spoil the surprise, but the prosecutor is a character who is very popular There are many twists and turns, and there are some heart wrenching moments as well. The entire story is very well done and the VAs for the series do a great job as well. I fully recommend that everypony watches it. Although a word of warning, once you start watching, it's almost impossibl
  14. I don't think Alicorn Twilight will be so bad, as long as she still gets airtime. Princess Celestia is an alicorn, and we do see her quite a bit (although mostly just at the start and end of certain episodes). Although would another pony take her place in the mane 6? Or would they become the mane 5? Or would they be replaced entirely by a new generation? I would love to see the CMC get their cutie marks and become the new main ponies in the next gen, with the mane 6 still in the show.
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