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  1. Hey! Happy birthday!!

  2. happpy birthdaay !! (: ~

  3. Anyone ever read The Hunger Games? I just finished it yesterday. Fantastic book, one of the best I've ever read. The plot? In the future country of Panem, where the USA used to be, food is somewhat hard to come by, which is why once a year, a boy and a girl from each of the twelve districts in Panem are randomly selected to compete in a battle to the death where only one can survive, and the district that the winner is from gets tons of food and money. This is where Katniss Everdeen comes in. She is from District Twelve, the poorest district of all and it's up to her to learn how to survive the brutality of the Hunger Games and win. It's an incredibly action-packed book and I couldn't stop reading. If you haven't read it, you NEED to do so right now. Since I finished it yesterday, I'm currently reading the sequel, Catching Fire. And after that I'll read the final book, Mockingjay. So yeah. If you're up for a good trilogy, start reading The Hunger Games. You'll be thanking me when you're done.
  4. Link because HUGE. At 13, I seem to be the youngest one here. And yeah, I know my hair is long.
  5. I went ahead and added every single person in the thread. The people I quoted are currently the people I am waiting for confirmation from. My friend code is 4296-3025-2108. If anyone else wants to add me, quote me or shoot me a message.
  6. 7/10 Derpy and Luna are friends now? Hm... I've never thought of such a thing.
  7. With this post I have finally become a full member. Yay.
  8. I just love Cutie Mark Chronicles. Getting to see the backstory of all the ponies in the mane cast was pretty cool as it allowed us to see how they became who they are. I like that kind of stuff. :3
  9. I'm actually not going to do anything for Halloween. I don't know. To me it seems like another overblown holiday.
  10. I'm hoping it's just optional. If I have to buy that ugly tumor just to play a certain game, I will be disappointed. Plus doesn't it run off its own battery power?
  11. Why not just have an IRC channel?
  12. Rainbow Dash all the way. Why? That rainbow colored mane really speaks to me.