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  1. Start Menu 8 DOES allow custom orbs, it is just somewhat complex.
  2. I make Sweetie Belle Discorded and have her attack you. I leave some food scraps. Good luck with that.
  3. until

    Ohhh, I have got to get older soon. >:C
  4. Well, I don't expect to make a full return here, but I will totally still be here.

    1. ~Rogue~
    2. Discorded Bluenote

      Discorded Bluenote

      If you came here expecting kindness...

  5. (I kinda feel bad for that Weedle //sarcasm) 'Oh boy...', Rockzy thought. There wasn't a very high chance of surviving this onslaught. Hopefully Ajax'll take the cue... As soon as they finished, he launched a Counter. Not meant to do immense damage, only to hold them off.
  6. All of them missed except the last two, due to Rockzy not being fast enough. With that, he retaliated with a Counter. Then again, if this inflicts too much knockback, that Wurmple will have a clear shot. He had already moved into stance, and it was too late to back out now.
  7. 'Of course. There would obviously be a sleeping Pokemon blocking my path, like all the other times.', Rockzy thought to himself glumly. 'Well, it wouldn't matter anyway. My horrible luck has done this to me a lot.' He walked up to the Wurmple and used Quick Attack on it. (Hey Firebolt, I've got some Pokemon Games on my computer! )
  8. Doors dat way. --> Anyway, I would hug Dis- Wait. This is National Hug a PONY day. Humh.
  9. ...well...crap...
  10. (Last Stance Revive, anyone?) "You saw that flash too? Good, cause I thought my eyesight was failing me for a second there. Anyway, there is barely anything here, so finding the key should be straightforward. Come on, if you wanna beat Oddish to the top!", Rockzy said, starting down the somewhat straight path.
  11. "Alright.", he responded following Ajax. Even though most of the types here he did half damage, but he needed to watch out of something he was weak against. Also, venturing around the Dungeon would expose the types in here. We will also need to find the staircase in here too.
  12. Downloading Ubuntu, seems like a good version of Linux. Too bad I missed TF2's promo.

  13. (brb raging) 'So much for being left alone...', Rockzy thought to himself grimly. Now his speed was lowered and a good chunk of his HP went away to boot. Not like he could do much to help, as he couldn't move as fast as some of his other teammates. (and i'm perfectly okay with this)
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