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  1. @Dynamo Pad "Nope every advantage is good if you're on the battlefield. Plus it was his own fault for causing his own horn to blow up," Draco said with a chuckle. "Real life isn't like the fantasy novels ponies and other creatures read," Draco stated. "It's cold and harsh,"
  2. @Dynamo Pad "And now one of them can't use magic. Eh no big loss for a unicorn," Draco stated as he rubbed his neck. "I know that sounds cold but you can also train up your body and mind. Fight dirty do not rely on magic," he stated simply.
  3. @Dynamo Pad "Your expression gave it away," Draco stated simply. "That and the fact that some of my guidmates try and do that whole redemption for some ponies. While it works for rare occasions some ponies and other creatures who want to change.Or can't change. After all I should know that,"
  4. @DwhitetheGamer He doesn't know what Dynamo had in mind but he's seen what Jade is doing before.
  5. @Dynamo Pad "Some ponies can't be saved Dynamo," Draco stated sadly as he shook his head. "For that is what I fear that is what's currently happening. He want's to probably die," Draco stated with a sigh. He placed his hoof to his forehead.
  6. @Dynamo Pad@Literally Snails@Unicorncob "That's the thing my friend she needs to stop holding back," he stated simply. "Allow me to explain she is of the mind she can win this without killing him," Draco stated with a sigh. "But she needs to let go of that part of her for this match and open up that spark in her. To let that spark into a blazing inferno...Because if not I'll have to go up there and show her what it means to never hold back," he stated to Dynamo.
  7. @Dynamo Pad "As I said before Dynamo," Draco stated through clenched teeth. "She's gotta stop holding back," he stated with a sigh to himself. The clenched teeth was the residual pain from the regeneration. "Hmm this is sad," Draco stated slightly to himself watching the fight.
  8. @Literally Snails@Unicorncob@DwhitetheGamer@Dynamo Pad "Ah there we go the monster reveals his true form at last," Draco stated simply with a chuckle. Draco had anchored himself to his spot. Though it did force him back abit. "Let's see if she can fight him now?" he asked himself.
  9. @Literally Snails Hey your mental health takes precedence.
  10. @Literally Snails@Dynamo Pad@reader8363@DwhitetheGamer Draco clicked his tongue as he said "He's toying with her. Testing her...But she clearly is still holding back," Draco stated simply as he placed a cloth into his mouth. He then placed the talisman onto himself. He began to convulse with pain as he felt the healing magic floor his system. He accelerated it with his own energy./ it was like a bull through a china shop. his wounded eye healed but it was milky white. It only took moments to heal but he tried to stand up once more He looked ready to fight should the mare not keep up.
  11. @Literally Snails@Dynamo Pad@reader8363@DwhitetheGamer "Hmm well now if she only took my advice from the start. She wasted a lot of energy trying to match him," Draco stated as he shook his head. He walked toward his bag. He began to ruffle through it. HE was currently also using his battered body to shield Dai from the winds from the release of the cuffs. "I'll need to step it up If she can't cut it," Draco muttered to himself as he found the last talisman."Found you,"
  12. @Literally Snails@Dynamo Pad@reader8363@DwhitetheGamer "Hey Dai and Dynamo can you do me a favor and hand me the last talisman in my bag?" Draco asked as he looked at the the two with a grin with his one working eye. "I find it quite insulting that she's not taking this seriously. And I think that Rokata is a little ticked off.," he stated simply with a shake of his head.
  13. @Literally Snails @DwhitetheGamer@Unicorncob@Dynamo Pad "Of course don't listen to a pony who's been fighting on the frontlines," Draco stated with some sarcasm to his voice as he shakes his head. "How disappointing," he stated as he walked away. "Guess me beating the shit out of her didn't teach her a damn thing about not going all out. She's holding back,"
  14. @Unicorncob@Literally Snails "Oh for the love of JUST SAY THE DAMN COMMAND WORD TO RELEASE THOSE SPIRIT CUFFS YOU DAFT MARE!" Draco yelled out as he was getting ticked off now. He clutched his heart. H began to breath heavier. Hmm he felt his blood pressure rise and then fall. He had to guess that he was putting a strain upon himself....Well if he had to insult the stupid mare so be it.