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  1. @TBD 🚬@Goat-kun "Bodyguards is good. And I can be quite charming when I need to be," Draco stated with a chuckle. But he shrugged as he looked at the hero. "Seems....uh," Draco stated as he had the word for it alright. "flamboyant with his masks and superhero costumes. like he's going through a midlife crisis," Draco stated plainly.
  2. @Goat-kun@TBD 🚬 Draco went slightly pale. "It's like living with my sisters all over again," Draco mmuttered to himself slightly. "What we can't just wear suits or something?" DRaco asked with a slight joking tone of voice. "Oh boy," he muttered to himself.
  3. @TBD 🚬@Goat-kun "And if your flies aren't enough I could apply some 'Enhanced Interrogation' techniques I've learned," Draco stated with a chuckle. "But I can understand we don't need to use a hammer. Instead just use a scalpel right?" Draco asked simply as he grabbed his drink. "And regarding what I said a few seconds ago. "The mind is so easy to trick,"
  4. @Dynamo Pad@Literally Snails@DwhitetheGamer@Unicorncob "Hmm well this was funj," Draco stated with a grin on his face. Life and death matches.And I'll probably be assigned a more administrative role. Mean more free time. I'll need to get replacements for my eye and leg but.. He will look to his wings. "Can't replace those. Oh well I'll make due,." he stated aloud. "Now then Copper you said you wanted to join Ancalagon's Crusaders correct?" Draco asked with a raised eyebrow.
  5. @TBD 🚬 "But of course," Draco stated with a grin on his face as he looked over Robin's shoulder. "Tell me something Beelzebub," Draco stated. "How reliable are your sources. Assuming she is apart of this mob that we are going after," Draco stated looking over the picture."But if we are going to bring a battle, we better bring a war to them," Draco stated as he looked at Robin. @Goat-kun
  6. @Literally Snails@Dynamo Pad@DwhitetheGamer@Unicorncob But of course Dai," Draco stated with a grin on his face. He looked at the window out side. Oh and Quill it's not that hard if you think about it," he stated out loud. "Now shall we get going!?" Draco asked as he rolled his shoulders.
  7. @Literally Snails@Dynamo Pad@Unicorncob@DwhitetheGamer "Right then we have Tricis now can we go before we get roasted by Lord Ancalagon?" Draco asked as he had a communication crystal in his hoof. "Because right now he's on his way here to torch this place into molten slag," Draco stated with a shake of his head.
  8. @Literally Snails "Enough of the blood shed?" Draco asked with a shake of his head. "Very well I'll see if I can get into contact wirth one of my contacts to see if they can hook you up with a trade. I know you can do it on your own but allow me to do this miss Topaz,"
  9. @Literally Snails Draco stopped in his tracks and said "You coming miss Topaz? I'm going to be giving my leader a call and there will be nothing of this arena. So please come with me to my guild," Draco stated with a charming smile on his battle worn face.
  10. @Goat-kun Aww I like that idea teasing a tipsy robin is fun.
  11. "Oi old man," Draco stated as he stepped away from his boss. "this is a private jet," DRaco stated as he walked towards the old man. He was looking the old man over. Hmm the limp was exaggerated. "Alright then reveal who you are or else," Draco stated as he activated his quirk an electric current began to surround him. "Because I'm sure you don't want to be tazed,"
  12. @Literally Snails Draco looked to Topaz and said "Forgive me. It had to be done," he all but whispered as he stomped hard onto the lighter breaking it. "I have a job proposal for you Miss Topaz. if you'll hear it," Draco stated as he looked at the pony. "But coming from your father's killer probably you won't hear what I have to say. But hear me now we have an arena back home. Not a blood sport but it could use a beautiful announcer," Draco stated with a charming smile. "Think it over ma'am," Draco stated as he began to walk away.
  13. @Literally Snails@Unicorncob "Unfortunate," Draco stated as he was close to Rail. "I was hoping to recruit you into my guild as well maybe becomes friends I do like to gamble," he stated sadly. "But now," he stated as he gathered his wind into the tip of his hoof. he shook his head. "Do forgive me for this miss Topaz," he stated gently upon the wind. "ANGEL'S MERCY!" Draco then sent a hoof into the business pony's chest. It was too bad he would have liked to have gambled against this bastard but oh well.