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  1. @Literally Snails Draco felt weak. blood spurted out of his wound. But as he laid there he began to get up his heart started to race.... But he calmed it down. a racing heart shortened the fuse. He began to walk towards Nin. He was The Beast of Bones, a mercenary famed for him brutality though he kept that a secret from everyone. A berserker brawler. He was looking at Nin right in the eyes even as his hoof disintegrated he walked forwards. He was single minded at wanted this stallion dead. In his flesh was the fragments of his gauntlet, magic still within them. He was without his beautiful wings.
  2. @Literally Snails Draco was sent higher. still bathed in black fire. "We're not done yet!" Draco Yelled out as he funneled the wind around of him and he was still ablaze. For when the two attacks had collided for that brief moment. The explosion had sent him higher into the air exactly what he was hoping for. He hovered there just for a moment to yell out "From the ashes of a dragon's fire a phoenix rises!" And then he came barrelling at the bloodmancer, Gaining speed, faster, falling and pushing himself with his right hoof out. When he connected with the stallion the arena exploded into a black flames pillar with Draco smirking at Nin as he drove the hoof aiming for the stallions heart, the same one that was on fire. There was repercussions for this much heat as he could feel his gauntlet and his hoof start to crumble. @Dynamo Pad
  3. @Literally Snails Draco crouched down as he began to concentrate on this one. Then Draco flew up fast nough that he pulled the black fire into a cone around him. His wings alighting with the fire. His front hooves in front of him as he also spun. He was going to cut Nin in half then burn him all at the same time and the heat was now hot enough for the audience to feel it. Draco yelled out "FINAL ATTACK: ANCALAGON'S WRATH,"
  4. @Literally Snails Draco focused his bloodlust onto the pony infront of his his face was twisted into an angry/demonic look of fury after Nin had insulted Tracis. When the explosion happened he just took it, a piece of the ring hit his eye as the flames burnt the wound shut. To Nin, he was seeing that of a world engulfing dragon behind Draco as Draco sped up quicker. His punches started to get harder to dodge flurries. He sent a feint to the foolish stallions face. He then switched it to a two combo style kick. One was to trip the stallion then the other to send the stallion flying into the air.
  5. @Literally Snails Draco was secretly fanning the flames upping the temperature. As he walked towards Nin the edges of his feathered wings began to spark. He then leapt forward sending a gut punch to Nin's midriff. He needed to go faster anbd so he began to fight faster. sending out quick jabs and kicks. "Hmm atleast you're not arrogant enough to not protect your horn," he stated as he let the talons from his gauntlets loose.He was going for internal bleeding. Liver, heart. anywhere he could attack. He needed to get this fight down.
  6. @Literally Snails The flames were making it harder for Draco to breath then that damn tingling sensation. Draco waved his hoof at Nin and said "That is a secret," he stated with a grin on his face as he then sent a hard spin kick towards Nin's horn. Afterall take that out of a unicorn and their magic is useless and uncontrollable. "I'm not done with you," Draco stated as he then tried to grapple the bloodmancer. he had evened things out now it was time to put an end to this bloodmancer in a drag out bare knuckle curb stomp.
  7. @Literally Snails Draco continued his onslaught He was going to push the bastard right into the flames. Draco jumped back from the bloodmancer. And by jumping back he scrapped up with the glowing rune was with the talons leaving deep gouges into the concrete. He then charged back into the fray sending a kick to the bastard's skull. He pulled the kick back at the last second as he sent another hay maker into the stallion's chest claws out.
  8. @Literally Snails "It's not going to work," Draco stated simply as he ran towards Nin. "Oh no, it's dragon's fire," Draco stated as he sent a hard kick to Nin's horn. He then sent a hay maker towards Nin's gut to sent him back.
  9. @Literally Snails "Topaz if you don't want to be scarred up I recommend you get out of the ring. For this is your last warning," Draco stated to Topaz with a cold tone of voice as he walked to the edge of the ring. He looked ready to cause some sparks, if she did not heed his warning well so be it. He scrapped his gauntlets across the floor sparking the liquid which ignited. Black flames sprouted up very quickly. The arena within the flames started to heat up to unbearable degrees. The area near and in the flames was also difficult to breath as well.
  10. @Literally Snails "Okay I did warn you," Draco stated after he finished up what he was doing. He got into his stance. He shook his head at the stubborn woman. Well if she wanted to burn with them well so be it. He would either be dead or crippled by the end of this fight.
  11. @Literally Snails Once Draco was done coating the edges of the ring He then walked over to Topaz and then proceeded to toss her out of the ring. Draco walked back to the edge of the ring as he then stomped quickly creating sparks which the edge of the ring erupted into black flames. the air around and inside the ring grew tremendously hot. He made sure Topaz was outside the ring far enough away. It was getting hard to breath inside the ring.
  12. @Literally Snails@Dynamo Pad@Unicorncob@DwhitetheGamer Draco looked at Jade and said "Not talking to you Jade," he stated simply as he got into the ring. He looked at Nin and asked "So what did you sacrifice for your deal with your demon?" Draco asked as he walked around the ring. His gauntlets leaking something onto the stage."I wonder what these ponies know about blood? How much my friends in the guild sacrificed every inch of supply lines that we gained to gain support of the zebras? and others? I don't think so. I do apologize for my long winded rant,"
  13. @Literally Snails Draco began to walk upon the stage. "Hmm they are calling for blood I see," he stated with a chuckle. "Then allow me to propose a type of match that'll end with either of us dead and the other crippled," Draco stated with a grin on his face. He looked Nin in the eyes.
  14. @Literally Snails Eh I know the feeling take your time and get yourself healthy again.