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  1. BananaSplit

    MLP comes to Japan! (Dubbed episodes FTW)

    Twenty years ago, perhaps, but cultural norms have been undergoing a major shift for the past decade or so. No one in any position to do anything about it really cares. [edit: oh, and, oh-god-I-can't-wait ]
  2. Decided to cross my favorite villain with my favorite League champ. Still not quite finished with the lineart, and the flames are crap, but it's getting there.
  3. Very WIP at the moment. I plan to actually finish this one, I promise!
  4. BananaSplit

    Trying out my new tablet

    Yeah, it is a little scary. I think her torso is a big part of that, too much definition compared to everything else.
  5. BananaSplit

    Trying out my new tablet

    Thanks! This one cost me about $90, its a Genius G-pen m712. Thanks. Due to the perspective, most of her body is hidden behind her hindquarters. So my pen died almost immediately after that first picture, had to order a new one, etc etc. So, have some kinda creepy humanoid Pinkie.
  6. BananaSplit

    Gaming Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog?

    Generations was awesome, although I personally would have liked the modern stages more if game play had borrowed a bit more from SA/2, just not a big fan of the on rails style that Secret Rings introduced.
  7. BananaSplit

    Gaming Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog?

    Sonic. My childhood console loyalties won't allow me to answer any other way.
  8. BananaSplit

    Trying out my new tablet

    I would personally recommend SAI, at least to start with. Photoshop is great if you actually need all the features it offers, but its overkill for most illustration work. At least in my opinion...
  9. BananaSplit

    Trying out my new tablet

    So after finally getting internet back, I spent the night fighting with my new tablet and SAI. This was the end result: My intent was to get everything set up to emulate a pencil sketch as closely as possible. I think I may have have been a little to successful, as it's a little messier than I would like, but eh, whatever...
  10. BananaSplit

    S02:E12 - Family Appreciation Day

    Loved this episode. My only real complaint is the absence of the rest of the main cast, but I suppose they wouldn't really have contributed anything anyway.
  11. BananaSplit

    General Why did you choose your username?

    BananaSplit is just a cute permutation of my usual handle.
  12. I was pretty impressed with Sonic Generations and Portal 2, and I know Skyward Sword will be awesome, just need to get around to buying it. I was a little disappointed with Skyrim, but I blame that on getting it for 360, I'll have to remember to pick it up for PC at some point. Oh and of course Minecraft is always awesome, but I've been playing that for so long I don't really think of it as an '11 game.
  13. BananaSplit

    Mane 6 favorites in order

    1. Pinkie Pie 1. Rarity 2.Twilight 2. Dashie 2. AJ 2. Fluttershy That's as close as I can come to choosing.
  14. BananaSplit

    Would you date your gender-swapped self?

    My initial reaction was to say yes, but after a little thought, it probably wouldn't work out all too well.
  15. BananaSplit

    How Are You All Holding?

    I'll manage, I've got plenty of fics and an awesome new forum to tide me over