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Everything posted by sugarfree314

  1. officially in love with Rachel Maddow <3

  2. ugh i think i'm getting a sinus infection *SNIFFLE* owowow... T.T

    1. letterone


      I had one last week. >_<

    2. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      Just got over the flu.

    3. sugarfree314


      tis the season, apparently...

  3. happy halloween/samhain everyone!

  4. i've just re-discovered hamtaro O.O *squee*

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    2. Mephala


      Oxnard is pretty awesome too :P

      I love them all.

      Dexter is sooooo cute <3~

      And Maxwell~

    3. sugarfree314


      yes, i agree. i love them all. :3

    4. Mephala


      I used to have a whole bunch of figurines :P

  5. And, with that post, you have inspired me to keep drawing, because sometimes it's like i'm the only one that hates their own artwork lol.
  6. your newest follow is me lol and if i could do art i would have a dA....but alas, i cant take whats in my mind and put it onto paper accurately...ah well.
  7. What's your tumblr? I would love to check it out, and possibly (probably) follow you Also, if I had any money at all, I would commission you to do my OC (once I finally name her lol) In fact, once I have a job, I may just hit you up
  8. lookit me, i'm a cupcake now :3

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    2. HomuraBL


      You were delicious. :3

    3. sugarfree314


      yes, a sugar free cupcake. and of COURSE i was delicious lol

    4. Nightfall
  9. I love this. And to be quite honest, I like the scratchy look to it too. That style of artwork and drawing has always had a certain down-to-earth charm for me. I really cannot think of anything I would suggest to make this better. Except maybe, play around with shading and colours. I bet you would do very well with that too
  10. You are beautiful, and your art is beautiful She is adorable, and I want to hug her and give her some warm milk, lol. Also, she reminds me of Squee. This is Squee. He's the sort of protagonist of a lovely little johnen vasquez cartoon called Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and I have the feeling that, if you and NeverPony haven't heard of it, you would both appreciate it
  11. Yeah, I have to agree with everyone else. It's a fun picture, but the fact that slender has a face (not to mention the shades, and headphones, and cigarettes) makes him instantly un-scary. I mean, I'm sure you were just having fun, and I still like you as a person, but nope. Not scary at all lol
  12. I dont wanna do laundry today!!! :((((((((((((((((

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    2. sugarfree314


      I'm sorry :/ wouldn't it be lovely if clothes could stay forever clean?

    3. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      They can if you don't wear them.

    4. sugarfree314



  13. So, guys, these things are working again for me, and to be honest, I don't know why, because I didn't really get around to doing anything. I mean... -I drew a pentacle on the middle of my floor in a sulfur/salt mixture and placed black candles at each of the points and lit them. -I offered a small amount of my blood as a sacrifice -I chanted something in Latin (I'm not really sure what it said) -The computer screen did some weird things (I think it was the smoke) and then went blank. -Oh yeah, right before the screen went black, it looked like there was a face, but idk, that might have just been me. And when I turned it on again, everything worked just fine, if not better than before. So yeah, anyways... (Lol, but seriously I didn't do a damn thing to get this working again)
  14. Lol, I've never really given my parents room to be strict. They've tried, don't get me wrong, but I've always basically done what I wanted to do, despite what they say, even when I was still living with them. I'm 21 now, and, as far as I'm concerned, they can give their opinions, but they really should know by now that I'm just going to do what I think is best, and not base any of it on what they think is "moral"
  15. So, I'm kinda jealous of the mom you have, lol. Like I said earlier, my parents are christian, so yeah. But I wonder what they would be more disappointed or angry with: the fact that I'm bi and with a woman, or that I'm a (newly) practicing pagan? hahaha
  16. Thank you. And I sincerely hope that the government in your country changes radically for the better soon. That, and/or you are presented with the opportunity to move somewhere more accepting/progressive.
  17. Excellent! I'm off to browse your dA account then, hahaha. I got about halfway through FO: E and then real life had to take over again, lol. I intend to finish it someday though
  18. Downloaded for future wallpaper use (if that's okay). This is beautiful! Are you familiar with the Fallout: Equestria story/ies? If so, you might consider making a balefire phoenix. It's green and gold-ish, rather than the reds and oranges of a normal fire. Wonderful work!
  19. I love smashing gender roles That said, I drool over motorcycles, especially the deep, throaty motors, ahhh. I'm currently learning how to fight properly (technically they're "Self Defense Classes"). I HATE romantic comedies aka 'chick flicks', and much prefer the very stereotypical "manly" movies like the expendables, wanted, and I seriously can't think of any others at the moment. Ummmm, I know that sexuality has NOTHING to do with personality and "masculine/feminine", but I do prefer women to men in that context. I suppose I would hang out with guys more often, but I find that GENERALLY SPEAKING they tend to be unintentionally misogynistic and the feminist me hates that. Oh yeah, and I am fully capable of working on my own damn car!
  20. Breaking out of family systems is tough, but totally worth it. Also my parents are conservative christians.... Coming out to them is TERRIFYING.
  21. Yeah, and, as bisexual, it automatically means we're 'greedy', or 'confused', or 'promiscuous' etc etc etc. I think I'm going to wait until I'm a little less financially dependent on my parents to tell them, just in case the worst should happen lol
  22. Yeah, same here. My girlfriend laughs at the anti-gay rights ads, because they're so obvivously ridiculous in their logic (or lack thereof), but I'm always reminded that people believe them, and we still can't get married and I still get panicky when thinking about coming out to my parents. I'll have to look it up now, cause you got me curious Maybe I can find a list of the top 10....
  23. Technically, it's just the city of Columbus that is progressive. They've just started to provide domestic partnerships toward the end of August , but Ohio overall is kind of just in the middle as far as politics go. It's a swing state in just about every election.
  24. I'm currently living in the Columbus, Ohio area. In Reynoldsburg, to be exact. It's wonderful, because Columbus is the #2 LGBT-friendly city in the US, second to San Francisco (obviously). This means that I can hold my girlfriend's hand in public and not have to worry about getting comments or disgusted stares from complete strangers, like it was when we lived in Bumfuck (Warsaw), Indiana.
  25. potential job at a children's hospital...literally just realized that, were I to get it, I could wear MLP scrubs!! :D