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  1. And Winterbolt was never seen again? D:

  2. Exactly a year ago today my Grandfather passed away. I miss you so much Gaga.. but I know I'll see you again someday.

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    2. Nah
    3. Crimson Sky

      Crimson Sky

      I've lost two set of grandparents, both very close. I understand your pain.

    4. WinterBolt


      Thank you all. All I can do is try to be happy, cause I know he would have wanted me to be.

  3. Oh cool! Well, I'm absolutely going to try out for Rainbow and Fluttershy. I also will probably attempt the others though. I mean hey, might as well while I'm at it lol. But Dashie and Fluttershy for sure
  4. Hmm... this sounds like fun! Another voice acting opportunity! :3 So- is there gonna be a deadline on these? Or- are you just going to wait for auditions and then choose the one you like the best? Cause I would love to try my hand at some voices ^^
  5. I feel so much better today. What is everypony up to?

  6. My poor tummy hurts so bad ; ^ ;

    1. WinterBolt


      I think I need to go lie down or something- not as bad as it was but holycraaaaaap ughdsbfjhb

    2. Ganaram Inukshuk
  7. I slept so badly last night. T T

  8. Darn! Well it was fun auditioning, and congrats to those who got parts <:3 maybe I can audition later for a singing part if I'm needed.
  9. Haha, indeed! XD Thanks for taking the time to critique too btw ^^ I really appreciate it! Thanks so much~
  10. The stallion paused for a moment, his ears falling flat against his skull. He took a deep breath, and then murmured, " did....attack me." That wasn't a good enough excuse. "..And....your teeth...." He trailed off awkwardly.
  11. My activeness here has been doubled!

    1. Nah


      :D, I'm among the top posters now!
    2. WinterBolt
    3. Nah


      IKR? 515 posts! :D

  12. Ironically enough a friend sent me that a day or so ago and I played it- It was pretty good :3 Made me go on DA afterwards to see if anyone did any fanart of it.
  13. Not bad! I agree there- it's a bit distracting. Other than that though, Soarin himself is nicely done.
  14. Oh heck, for all we know Pinkie could have made that cannon herself somehow. You do have a point. Same could go for Discord I suppose, and they both were defeated by the Elements of Harmony anyway. So many questions!!