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  1. Human Factor - Redshift
  2. aoEAF2FBvC0MIo2Q

    General You meet a genie

    Quite clever. I just hope you'd have the psychological fortitude to not break when you bear witness to all the horrors of humanity -- both past and present. You would indeed witness things that would make it quite undeniably clear that there are fates much worse than death. Even if your sanity were to remain intact, I very much doubt you'd be the same person. Ignorance is bliss until you know better. --- As for what I'd wish for, I haven't really thought this through but hear goes: Get rich enough for me to retire right now. That could make me a stay-at-home dad (to be cle
  3. Into the nothing Faded and weary I won't leave and let you fall behind Live for the dying Heaven hear me I know we can make it out alive Stay with me, you're all I have left I know we can make it out alive Stay with me, you're all I have left I know we can make it out alive
  4. Ghosts haunt the whatever given place when they are unable to let go and move on. This is often because there is an unresolved matter that binds them to this world. Once they find resolution, they may finally go beyond and rest in peace.

  5. Hm. I see. No consideration is given to the ramifications. Very well. Eating and drinking. As a consequence, this would eliminate excretion. More importantly is that one would no longer have to worry about putting food on the table even if one were to fall into poverty.
  6. Are we all just ghosts trapped inside our living bodies?

  7. Everything becomes easier to set on fire when there's more oxygen around.
  8. You know that foul mood you have when you're sick? Like that but without actually being sick.
  9. I actually loved that! 10/10!
  10. "I owe you several newspapers over the snooter in fact"
  11. The Pony of Shadows. Aside from the Pillars, nothing new was brought to the table. Plunging Equestria into eternal darkness? We already had Nightmare Moon try that eternal night thing. Couldn't he have summoned monsters at least? Or turn ponies into their most wicked selves? If anything, the Pony of Shadows turned out to be more amusing than he was threatening. The Tantabus was a more threatening adversary than the Pony of Shadows.
  12. It really does. Kindness is as precious as it is finite in this world. Because of that, some individuals are more deserving of it than others, one might say.
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