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  1. Kokomo - Ein Dachs Hat Zweifel


    1. Bas


      Wait you do speak german? :wacko:

      Or just understanding it by your own language? :p

    2. Remnants


      It's an instrumental song with a German title by a German band. No lyrics in the song.

  2. Fade away to the wicked world we left And I become the dark of you Say a prayer for the wounded heart within As I become the dark of you Let go When all has come to life, We live, we breathe, we die They call me to the light Forever lost in time With every dream we find We feed, we burn, we lie The fall of humankind The everlasting light
  3. Certainly not from humanity. If anything, there is no more reliable a source of disappointment and betrayal than humanity. Perhaps this isn't so much hope but more akin to strength. The fact that life on Earth has survived multiple mass extinction events does put things into perspective for me. Whatever problem I have, it is quite nothing compared to the utter calamity this planet has witnessed. Life had to be tough. So should I. Life on Earth has always been brutal and unforgiving. If not from disease, predators, parasites and natural disasters, then surely from other individuals in your species. Ultimately, humanity is just another expression of nature's unbridled brutality and indifference.
  4. If I wanted to get absolutely dumb and out of touch, I would watch or read Fox News. I just don't follow up on news very much these days since I'm stretched pretty thin because of work.
  5. Just before getting into MLP, I used to be more active in the Metroid fanbase. My screen name was Remnants and my avatar of choice for the longest time was Ridley -- this one specifically: Those who played Metroid Fusion will recognize this sprite. This has been the online persona I took on before I got into MLP. A persona I've somewhat returned to. What makes this current avatar even more special to me is the fact that my girlfriend made it.
  6. Nothing like some chamomille tea to calm the nerves after a hectic day.

  7. I'm pretty sure that can be said about most customer service jobs.
  8. Honestly, I'm not even trying to fit in. I just speak my mind and move on to the next thing. Also, a very surprising number of bronies are conservative which is just baffling. You'd think that a show with cutesy aesthetics and focused on friendship regardless on one's differences would be a deterrent to conservatives who are all about dominance hierarchies -- whether it is the group projecting dominance towards outsider groups or individuals within the group projecting dominance over who they deem as lesser fellows. Perhaps conservatism isn't what it used to be.
  9. Being sober definitely helps >.> Metacognition seems to work. The problem with this approach is that you have to remember to do it and it requires quite a bit of concentration throughout. Metacognition is about being aware and observing your thoughts and impulses like an impartial observer.
  10. Hah! What kind of a question is that? For starters, women are individuals. Answers will vary depending on which woman you ask. If you let her talk, pay attention to what she says and does and connect the dots, you might be able to figure it out.