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  1. What exactly is meant by "30+ years and without a girlfriend"? Are we talking about just anyone who is 30 or over and happens to be single or are we talking about being 30 or over without ever having been in a relationship? Quite a stark difference. I can't help but wonder if the latter is what OP was intending Seriously, being in your 30s without ever having been in a relationship is worlds apart from being in your 30s and single after a break-up or divorce. In any case, I think many people who have never dated are confused about relationships and frankly, so was I until I knew better. I too used to be confused about what "intimacy" meant. It goes far beyond what you find on 18+ websites. In fact, it is possible to get NSFW and have no intimacy at all. Intimacy is about being connected to the other person. You have intellectual intimacy where you can talk openly and deeply with your partner about things that interest or engage you. There is emotional intimacy where you can openly and vulnerably share your feelings with one another. Then there is affection -- you know, the cute and mushy stuff. And, of course, the NSFW things. At this point, I believe intimacy to be what people are looking for. The thing is, one doesn't necessarily have to be in a relationship to have intimacy. In fact, it is entirely possible get find enough of it in friendships. The real question is how far. As far as intellectual and emotional intimacy between friends goes, I don't see why those couldn't go as far as romantic one would expect to find in romantic relationships if not further still. I can imagine a someone who is single getting by psychologically just fine with intimate friendships. If one is in a relationship without much if any intimacy of any kind, that would make for a pretty shallow relationship at best and possibly toxic at worst. The same could be said about friendships void of even intellectual intimacy, let alone emotional intimacy. But not being in a relationship and without any intimate friendships, or even worse, socially isolated? Now that is dangerous.
  2. Like you wouldn't believe. I sometimes wonder how is it I am still alive. I have felt my blood turn to acid and my chest feeling like I was buried alive. This is just the tip of the iceberg. But it seems like the worst is over. Things changed for the better and I'm in a better place in my life now. I did not come back out the same person I was. To this day, I look back on that dark time in my life as a grim reminder to take nothing for granted.
  3. In this really weird nightmare I had a week or two back, I was at my house and a stage was prepared on my neighbor from across the street's front yard. people start to get on stage except they're not actually people... They're anthropomorphic horses. From the neck down, they look perfectly human except for having that coat of fur horses have and the heads... They looked exactly horse-like but their "manes" were perfectly human. Don't worry, they were fully clothed from neck to toe. They got on stage to sing and dance. The dancers were all women. At some point an ordinary pony showed up on stage and one of the dancers lifted it up, held it on her shoulder as she spun around. Yeah. An anthro horse with the build of a jogger somehow managed to hold up a pony that on average weigh as much as three people with one arm like it was an empty water jug. When I dream, I'm usually gullible as all hell but this... I had to call BS.
  4. "Does it smell like flesh burned with sulfur?" "That would smell 1000x better."
  5. Story of my life here. Only change the year to 2012 and add in a name change but details, details.
  6. Yeah... After work has left me drained.
  7. If you can recognize what's in my profile pic, it's a dead give-away
  8. "Twilight... You used magic to get me out of my clothes and into this... right......?" (closest thing to a "scared" emote) If I got Rule 63'd, I'd take a selfie because this is something I'm going to be very intrigued by for some time. It's not every day you get to see what you'd look like as the opposite sex. Oh and politely ask her to change me back.
  9. The Road to Memories - Distant Dream
  10. Actions -- by astronomical margins. If one's intentions are as true as they say, they would do their due diligence and then some to see the results they intended.
  11. If I go a day without coffee, I'll end up with a headache that night. I tend to drink coffee straight -- no milk, no sugar. As for alcohol, I'm on daily meds so I can't take in any alcohol. Lately I've started experimenting with adding spices, if just for their effects. These include turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. As for the taste, it's pretty meh (just like plain coffee) but if it's healthier than straight coffee, I'm down for that.