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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses. Yeah, composition is probably the biggest thing I'm dealing with. There's just so much things you could do and it's really hard to not overdo it. Glad you liked the break; I tried to keep it interesting. Thanks for the kind words. I see what you mean, I know it wasn't too present in the low-mid area; perhaps a boost would suffice? There wasn't a lot of compression added to the drums before I mastered it, but it sounds fine outside of the noisier sections, like you said. Just a mix problem I suppose. I'm glad you liked it. Hey, any bit counts. I had another guy say that as well. It's definitely something I need to work on. Ha, this spider might fly if I get my production sounding good. Thanks again for the response.
  2. Omg, the best I heard is Protostitute. It was a play off of the Protoss from SC2. I always have a chuckle when I see it.
  3. Hold Your Colour by Pendulum. Every track on it is amazing, but Girl in the Fire is probably my favorite.
  4. All of them, you say? I guess I can try... In no particular order : PC--- Civilization 3 Civilization 4 Civilization 5 Age of Empires (all) StarCraft 1 & 2 Freelancer Pax Imperia: Imminent Domain Side Meier's Pirates! Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Star Wars: Empire at War Star Wars: Republic Commando Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 Pirate Hunter Dark Souls 2 Planetary Annihilation Guacamelee Age of Mythology Gone Home Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Assassin's Creed: 3 & 4 Amnesia: The Dark Descent Super Hexagon And more... Console--- Metro Prime (all) Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex McGraw Hill Motorcross (or something ) Pacman Worlds 2 A Tetris game on GC Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Spiderman 1, 2, & 3 Dark Summit Halo Wars Halo (all) Crysis 2 Call of Duty MW3 Dark Souls Mech Assault Myst 3 Wolverine's Revenge Maybe I'll think of more later. I tried.
  5. I imagine that not including the other various friends in episodes mostly comes down to a writing choice. In the creative world, including anything other than what's absolutely necessary to the plot/song/painting /etc. would ould actually hurt rather than help. A quote comes to mind: "A true artist knows he has achieved perfection not when he has nothing left to add, but nothing left to take away. "
  6. I watched Guardians of the Galaxy about a month ago (I don't watch too many movies. ). That was really good. I am Groot!
  7. Yeppers. AC is one of my favorite series. Too bad Ubisoft is the publisher. Hopefully they start listening to us PC gamers sometime.
  8. This one else I threw together myself in photoshop. Not too impressive, but I like it well enough to use it.
  9. Well well well, it's been a long time. How have you been? I've been really busy being dead.

  10. Hey all, I just released my track and was looking for some critique. Mixing, composition, sound design, anything. Just give it to me straight. Track: Thanks, - IronPuddinG
  11. Not at all. In fact, I envy you. I can't sleep in the car for jack shit.
  12. I'm pretty well. Things have been just so hectic for me lately, though. It's nice to finally be able to breath again. I thought this place died long before October, mang. Yes.
  13. Whelp, I'm back again. Hopefully for a tad bit longer this time. How has everyone's last 2+ months been?
  14. I feel for ya. Had something like that happen to me recently. Still trying to get over it myself. My sympathies go out to you.
  15. *Tips head 'Evening. So I'm thinking of writing a parody fic of my life. I think it would make a good 'early-life crisis' type fic if I write it well enough. Although, seeing as how my last attempt at writing a fic went, I don't know if I can pull it off.
  16. Well, I just logged into my FIMFiction account for the first time in 2+ months. Was not disappointed.
  17. The only time that I can actually see this happening is in the very late future (assuming MLP continues to exist and attract Bronies) or right now. I say this, not because of the oddity of our interests, but rather the tolerance of that interest. Today, the world is rampant with religious intolerance. There a few reasonable persons, but the ones who are getting the most attention are (obviously) the ones who say 'X Religion should be abolished!' or 'Creationism should be taught in schools!'. However, these movements and thoughts are certainly toning down[1]. How does this tie in to Bronies? Tolerance, or, to be more specific, intolerance. The minds of today usually judge things at first glance and firmly remain in that opinion unless the evidence that goes against that opinion is forced upon them. Even then, they may choose to ignore it. The only chance (besides, as stated previously, the late future) of a large movement to end 'Bronyism', if you will, happening is if it happened within the next year or so. Why? Because of the mindset most commonly adopted by people today. Yet, we haven't seen anything to shut this down. Why is that? For the same reason the mindset is here in the first place. People's intolerance of things are more focused on things such as religion, LGBT, atheism, etc. rather than these groups that like a T.V. show for girls. Weird? From their perspective, yes. Weird enough to start riots in the streets? Most certainly not. To do so would simply draw more criticism from others than the Brony 'movement' itself because the issue is so insignificant on the grand scale. I say it could happen in the future for the same reason it could happen today. The mindset of intolerance will return, except it will probably be about different things. But, in the end, the chances of it's happening is so small that it's not even worth thinking about. There's my input on the matter. -IP ------ [1]
  18. So according to this: my pony name is Princess Princess. God dammit.
  19. Good ole' cs188, never fails to please. The video(s) that got me into MLP has been since removed, but I found a 10 minute version of one and a comparison of the other. (SFW) Ah, the days of being new to the internet.