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  1. Happy birthday, Zach! Come back soon, sometime.

  2. -tackle hugs Zach- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    1. Zacharius The Prosecutor

      Zacharius The Prosecutor

      thannkkk youuu!!! *hugs back* <3

  3. Devin! You son of a haystack! XD
  4. Anypony on the mlpforums tf2 server?

    1. Tom


      I'll be there in a hour or two, or the my little mercs sever.

    2. Zacharius The Prosecutor

      Zacharius The Prosecutor

      theres a server for that?!? *looks up*

    1. Zacharius The Prosecutor

      Zacharius The Prosecutor

      You find this highly intelligent and motivation presentation of ones occupation humourous? Well, I say!

  5. Now taking ponies predictions!

  6. @war: hes a guy who gets troleld all the time on the radio. He lets ppl call up and they all troll him.
  7. Thats his real name? xD
  8. I managed to get myself back onto Ghosts little section of youtube, and found a load of brony trolls, i think 1 of them is made up, but the others are legit voice actors calling up i think. xD Plus, as a treat, a major trollfest of one of his shows:
  9. Yes you can. Just communicate by saying: . . . the comment above is the reply to this ^
  10. true, but the REAL freeman doesn't NEED to communicate! He's too awesome for communication!
  11. since when did Gordon Freeman ever talk! He's mute! This Gordon is obviously a fake!
  12. you only just found out? Well yeah I found out bout hiw. Much mlpforums costs, and I was shocked as hell....but it's pretty Kew. He's like..when he grows up hell be likeSteve job + ponies = future feldo! It's now fanon.
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