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  1. Hardway Bet

    Surrogate Scootalove Day

    Ah, Scootaloo, you were my favourite CMC from the start.
  2. Congrats on making me laugh for nearly 2 minutes straight. Loved your entry! 

    1. Hardway Bet

      Hardway Bet

      Thanks, it's always gratifying to hear a joke landed. :-D

  3. Hardway Bet

    Elements of Research

    Could you elaborate on this? I don't think I understand the question.
  4. Hardway Bet

    Request Advice and help for OC

    Hm, well, a zephyr is a west wind (a wind that blows *from* the west to the east), and is traditionally considered gentle and favourable. From the name, I would assume he's skilled at some sort of beneficial wind magic - if you want him to be some sort of prodigy, maybe he has the power to propel an entire sail ship by his lonesome? Why are you making this character in the first place? It's hard to create a good character in a vacuum, without purpose or context.
  5. Hardway Bet

    November Art Contest Winner

    Thanks! I felt the boutique wouldn't be complete with just one type of costume. There were some strong entries, though. Those were difficult prompts to combine into one unified concept.
  6. Hardway Bet

    How many followers do you have on Poniverse?

    Looks like I have five, three of which are hidden. I suspect all or most of them are from back in 2011 when I first joined this site...
  7. No, not really. If anything, it makes me nod solemnly.
  8. Hardway Bet

    Come on and smile! :o)

    Looks great, especially for one day's work.
  9. Hardway Bet

    How many browser tabs do you (usually) have open?

    A couple of dozen. Ideally, I have few enough that I don't need to scroll to see them all - although I do have them open across two windows on separate screens.
  10. Hardway Bet

    Favourite Minor MLP Character

    I meant that Pacific Glow is a good name for the rave pony, and that it's a shame that the Sphinx never got a voice actor.
  11. Hardway Bet

    Music What is your favorite Holiday Music?

    I'd had enough of christmas music at age six. It's only been getting worse since.
  12. I'm never on my phone unless I have no other option, but I do spend an unhealthy amount of time on the PC. I wouldn't know if it affects my sleep, since I've never been able to fall asleep very fast. Lately, I've taken to blindfolding myself at night, and that's kind of helped. I've spent more money on food in one day than I spend on my power bill in a month, so that's never a concern.
  13. Hardway Bet

    Favourite Minor MLP Character

    That is a great name. Personally, I'm all about the sphinx. Such a waste that she didn't get a voice actor.
  14. I also didn't like any of the songs from the movie. MLP song lyrics are usually pretty lazy, but the ones in the movie were beyond terrible.
  15. Hardway Bet

    A Kirin Tale - For Solo Piano

    Quite nice regardless.