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  1. Well, I got done early this time. I don't know that I really got the comic style down, but it'll have to do.
  2. It was time for the show to end, and I look forward to the next generation.
  3. The Element of Integrity, Cozy Glow.
  4. She looks pretty smug for someone with multiple bleeding wounds. But then again, we haven't seen the other guy. Cool stuff. It's always a treat to see show-style vector art being used for new concepts.
  5. A bunch of quick and simple ponies I did for a role playing campaign I'm putting together.
  6. Ah-ha. I assumed from the name you were going for a cinnamon bun type look.
  7. Next art contest is actually going on now:


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    2. Hardway Bet

      Hardway Bet

      Heh heh, yeah, first thing I had to check out when I came back.

    3. ShadOBabe


      *anime rival entrance*

      WAHAHA!! Give up now! I shall topple you from your throne! :ph3ar:


      ... ;)

    4. Hardway Bet

      Hardway Bet

      We shall see!

  8. Really? Has it been that long since there was an art contest? Very well then, thanks a lot for the clarification. I was worried I was committing some forum etiquette faux pas by not giving up the title, or something.
  9. I might desaturate the streaks in her mane. They have kind of a ketchup and mustard look to them right now, which seems to me like it clashes with your overall theme.
  10. So, I've had this "Art Contest Winner" title for close to a year now. Shouldn't it go back to normal after about a month, or is there something I need to do to remove it?
  11. 37%. A lot of these questions were so oddly phrased, I didn't really know how to answer.
  12. This sounds fun, and I know exactly who I'm drawing.
  13. Well, I do live under a rock, and I don't know anything about her beyond what we saw in the movie. Having her there was a crass marketing move, her songs and general existence had nothing to do with the movie's plot, although at least they kept her involvement to a minimum. I'm not into pop, and I didn't care for her music in the movie. Of course, the movie wasn't all that great to begin with. Cute pony design, though.
  14. My grades were just high enough that I got into the college my dad wanted. I'd have been better off going to something I wanted.