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  1. Well, I do live under a rock, and I don't know anything about her beyond what we saw in the movie. Having her there was a crass marketing move, her songs and general existence had nothing to do with the movie's plot, although at least they kept her involvement to a minimum. I'm not into pop, and I didn't care for her music in the movie. Of course, the movie wasn't all that great to begin with. Cute pony design, though.
  2. My grades were just high enough that I got into the college my dad wanted. I'd have been better off going to something I wanted.
  3. I wished for it back then, but so far, the only time in my life my grades actually mattered, I would have been better off if they were lower.
  4. Hardway Bet

    General What makes you happy?

    Working out. No matter how miserable I am, leaving the gym aching all over and covered in sweat always puts a big grin on my face. Singing also, and acting, and role playing.
  5. Hardway Bet

    Do you have bad attitude towards vegans as people?

    Don't inconvenience me with your veganism, and I'll applaud you for sacrificing your money and your meat for the environment. If I'm inviting people for food, though, I'm not making two meals just for you.
  6. Hardway Bet

    Food Do You Eat/Drink Food/Drinks Past The Expiration Date?

    I only throw food away if it's getting gross or if it's legitimately dangerous to eat it if it's gone bad. I've got the temperature in my fridge turned pretty cold, though, so just about everything keeps longer than normal. My last, most adventurous meal was mince meat from an open package that was three days past its use by date, and it was just fine. Though of course, with mince meat, you can easily tell by the smell if it's bad.
  7. Hardway Bet

    Last thing you accidentally did to hurt yourself?

    Put my hand on a radiator while I was sleeping. Three times, apparently, and they're pretty deep burns as well. I will definitely get scars.
  8. Hardway Bet

    Gaming EA Experiences Worst Stock Drop in Two Decades

    Well, if you wanna be really cynical, nothing really matters in the end, because even if the companies crash, the people responsible for all the garbage are going to walk away with enough money to live like kings for several lifetimes. It's only the employees, game designers and what not that are ever going to feel the negative effects of this in any meaningful way. But in the meantime, I'm gonna stay here and keep sticking pins in my EA voodoo doll.
  9. Hardway Bet

    Episode 25 - Sex-Specific Colors

    Well, it's a matter of market segmentation. It's infinitely easier to market to clear and obvious demographics, so it's in the economic interest of basically every company in the world to divide the consumer base like this. Since most people think and act the way popular culture tells them to, and major companies pretty much control popular culture, this is what we get. I doubt it's going to go away before it becomes unprofitable.
  10. Hardway Bet

    Know them or don't know them?

    Never heard of. Tim Curry.
  11. I think you're looking at it entirely the wrong way. Isn't it a great thing that there are containment games that keep all these people away from the rest of us?
  12. Hardway Bet

    How does your voice sound like?

    If you let others hear your voice, you can then ask them what they think.
  13. Hardway Bet

    How does your voice sound like?

  14. Hardway Bet

    Why do some cultures glorify death?

    Well, regardless of what you mean by glorify, I would think it's because death is really, really scary. Even just watching someone else die - or dead. When my father died, I suddenly understood why people are so desperate to believe in an afterlife.
  15. Hardway Bet

    Gaming I miss the legit Paper Mario

    I can only agree. I've played through the first two games multiple times, but I gave up a short time into the third. It's fortunate that the Mario & Luigi games have carried on the legacy of good Super Mario RPGs. Thank god for speed up buttons, though. The tedious fetch quests and time wasters in both games (but especially the Thousand Year Door) are awful. The games are plenty long enough without them.