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  1. My drawing! :D yay

    1. Nomadic


      Yup, I decided to use it as my avatar.

    2. Nomadic


      Also my sig links them to your DA page just like you asked. :)

  2. Being as your not a pony specifically, how can you be certain that you can even obtain a cutiemark to begin with? Being a deer, I know my kin cannot naturally get them without the use of magic...perhaps you are the same in this manner?
  3. I don't quite know how to respond to this....finding an unknown creature in my bed.
  4. Back....Again....anywho....So I'm thinking of possibly fixing up Picture Print a bit....haven't drawn any ponies for a while since my laptop broke so uh...yeah..

  5. Sorry about the delay, guys, Some stuff came up real recently and I have quite a lot of work dumped on me suddenly. I haven't forgotten, and I'll get to work on your reviews as soon as possible.
  6. Okay, so the hottest guy in my school just invited me to go pool hopping with him. O.e

  7. Oh, all of my work is traditional. I recently got a tablet, so I'm learning how to use digital, but I've never really been very good at it.
  8. Well, I'm glad you figured it out XD I don't have any fancy tools, so I normally just go ahead and use the smudge tool, adds an interesting look imo, using that to blend the colors into each other. Most people just use gradients.
  9. It really has everything to do with what medium you are attempting to use (digital, watercolors, acrylics, colored pencil, marker, etc)
  10. I don't know if you read his piece or not, but there NEEDS to be some balance between dialogue and action. It's literally all about balancing the two, and generally there should always be more action than dialogue, except in rare cases, which normally has to do with the genre. As I've said, I don't really know how to explain it entirely. Being a writer yourself, you should already know this. I apologize for the late reply. Your character has a very straight-forward concept, which is nice. As far as the design goes, the eye color bothers me quite a lot. It doesn't really go with the design, and the overall color scheme simply doesn't flow properly. When moving onto the rest of her, I get a very strong sense of her being, which is always a good sign. Her personality is very direct and feels real. However, her backstory doesn't really connect much with her talent or personality at all, and it's written in a very confusing and unorganized manner. You tend to jump around a bit, which isn't really a problem, but tends to be a bit annoying when not approached properly. I would stick to JUST acting if I were you. Giving her too many abilities prevents the character from being truly great. "Grand has been a part of nearly every play in ponyville, whether it be acting, directing, lights, costume, design, hair and makeup etc. since she was a filly."
  11. I'm not really paying much attention to my punctuation at this moment in time, so it's not particularly important. Anyways, too much dialogue can cause very real problems in writing. It goes along the lines of the whole "show not tell" deal. Anyways, no matter what genre you are reading, excess dialogue pulls away from the story in and of itself. In first person specifically, the character generally shouldn't be talking to him/herself 24/7. First person writing is specifically more expressive, it shows the emotions and the like of the character more in-depth, and therefore, you shouldn't need to tell the reader what he's thinking at all points of the story, because the reader should be able to draw his opinion directly from how the character reacts and the like. I don't necessarily know how to explain it, but empty dialogue is just that...fillers. Also, please remember that english is not my first language, so sometimes I don't make much of an effort to stay on top of my punctuation and stuff.