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  1. Iron was carefull with her movements as she heared the words of the dragon and the way he held her head. It was somehow calming in a way, but of course the wounds were hurting. She felt a bit better when she noticed how the ponies around her were still kicking and busy with doing things. Right now they seemed to be concerned about her health. She hated to be in such a state, but it was better that she was hurt instead of a friend, like those ponies around her. She wanted to make a good impression on Princess Luna, but it was difficult of course. Iron noticed the healing magic of the princesses horn, and it started to take effect. She had to concentrate not to do anything that would break the concentration of the princess. Now that Ice Storm had removed the bandages of the main wound, it hurt like hell, and she wanted to bite or scream on something. But doing something like that would not help anypony, so she concentrate on the dragon and on Ice Storm. Both seemed to do everything to care for her, and she was thankfull for everything both had done. Finally the princess was done with the healing, and Iron had to take a huge breath. It was draining power from both, Iron and Luna. Iron looked towards the princess and blushed a bit as she said that she was impressed by her abilities. "To help friends... i would have gone to the point of no return. That´s the way i handle things..." she replied. "I think you princess for the healing... one day i shall repay you for this..." she said and tried to move. It was at first a bit difficult, but she was slowly able to get on her hooves again. she checked the wound... it was gone completely. So superb! Magic at the right hooves could be such a wonder! Within an instand she took Colt and Ice into a hug. "Thank you..." were the only words, and she stayed for a longer moment with them, just wanting to hug somepony. After that time, she released both and looked at her armor parts and of course her other wounds. She sat down and took an armor part she could bite on. Sure, this was reckless in some way, but she knew very well many things about the body of a pony. She slowly stretched her left wing. It was banged up a bit and some of the bones were not correctly adjusted like they should be. She bit onto the small armor part, took the main part of her wing and stretched into the opposite direction, pulling her wing mainframe with her. CRACK! "Hnnngh!" A bone made some small cracking noises and it was in correct order again. Of course this was painfull too, but not as painfull like the wound Luna just healed. The other wing luckily was not as banged up as the one she just took care of. She just had to stretch it a bit to release the tenseness of the muscles. Of course they had taken damage and she would not be able to fly for a while, but like that the wings at least did not hurt so bad anymore. "Ptuuh..." she spit out the armor part she held with her mouth. "Can´t do anything about the leg now... this shall be taken care of at a later time. Just happy to be back..." she said and looked towards her friends, breathing a bit faster because of her fixing her wing.
  2. Iron Wing was laying and sleeping there, having several strange and even some magnificent dreams. She feeled how something left her side as it was there protecting her the complete time. Softly she heared voices, and the sunbeams that shined somewhat between the branches of the trees warmed her fur. Slowly she woke up, still having pain on the critical wounds, but they felt different than before. Her friends seemed ot have cared about these and got the bandages for her and now she was all patched up. Slowly she started to move a bit, more and more and she opened her eyes also slowly. There was an urge... an urge to stretch. She could not hold this in any longer and started to stretch her legs and her muscles. As she cutely yawned in the process of waking up, the pain of her wounds stung and made her stop stretching. "... oowwiee...." she just mumbled and looked up, seeing Colt, Alex, Electro, Ice and Luna even coming close to her. The pain was strong enough for her to realize how serious her wounds were, especially the stab-wound from the shadow beast. Some small tears came up onto her eyes but this was not as bad as yesterday. Her wings also were wrapped up with bandages since she had banged them up a bit. Luckily Iron had a good recovery rate for smaller things. But the big wound was important that she got medical attention. "Good morning..." she said with a bit sore voice, looking to everypony. "Glad to be back..." she said and tried to stand up. She wanted to stay strong in front of her Commander, Luna in this case. Or former, since she was not at the Night Watch anymore, but she felt that she somehow still was loyal towards her.
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      I am very sorry that your grandma passed away. You will get through this and be just fine, though.

  4. Iron Wing just feeled many smaller aches and some pain was felt by the wounds as Ice and the others started to get the bandages on her. It sting badly, but at the same time she knew that there were friends that took care of her. She had to stay awake, stay strong as long as they needed for the treatment. Funny, she thought that she had packet enough bandages for some ponies in her saddlebag, and now she needed all these things for herself. As a proud knight she could scream about failing that badly, being stabbed, banged up wings and many injuries from the fight against this nasty timberwolf... But at least this was over now and she had to worry about other things. Iron was happy that she was able to endure the fight with a normal mind since she tended to get berserk when a pony was hurt she wanted to guard or if she took too many wounds and injuries herself in a fight. Since this did not happen to her mind, she could rest a bit more at ease as the treatment was finished. She feeled how the drake curled around her, warm and cozy. Her breath slowed down more and more, and the additional energy she received from Luna made her feel safe. Or course she didn´t even realize that Luna did anything since her blurred vision and perception hindered any clear situation analysis. She would sleep now, rest and recover her strength, hoping to see everypony in the morning. The next morning The next morning was silent in the Everfree Forest, and peacefull at the same time. Sun shine was iluminating the temple slowly, from minute to minute more. Finally, the light shined onto the ponies that were laying around sleeping. The bandaged pegasus mare was silent, with an emotionless expression on her face. Her fur felt a bit cold, and there was no movement that could be visible. Was she dead? Were the injuries that bad that she was not able to keep up for the next day? Just some pony who would look more closely would notice that this mare was not dead yet, but in a deep slumber. She already had recovered great, strength was building up inside of her since Iron had a good rate of regeneration, but the wounds of course remained until healed with magic or something else. She probably would sleep for a much longer time if not wakened up, and even if someone would try to waken her up, it would be a difficult task. Her trained body needed much time for a good recovery, since the fight that had started on the other side of the ravine, went through it and on this side into the temple had taken many hours of exhausting and painfull movements. Also the armor was very very heavy. Ice Storm, Electrobolt and Colt had taken of her armor the day before, and probably they could have felt how ultra heavy this pile of metal actually was. Together with all parts assembled, it was nearly impossible to move it just like that. Only trained stallions would be able to lift it, or a powerfull levitation spell. Right now, Iron was sleeping to recover as much strength and power as possible. She only could hope to regain her awareness as soon as possible, so that no pony had to carry her.
  5. Iron Wing was barely awake and she had problems in hearing and her awareness. She was tired from the battle and the bloodloss and her body started to feel cold, so she shivered a bit. Her body hurt everywhere, the deeper wounds were burning and the wings hurted like crazy. As she had fallen down the ravine the wings had taken significant damage, and still she had to use them to fight the big timberwolf. She had never imagined to get that outpowered during a fight, but this all was the fault of this vile shadow beast that had attacked them. The journey they took was a difficult one, and she hoped that all the other ponies were ok. She heared voices around her and with a blurred sight she recognized Ice Storm and Electrobolt. They seemed to treat her wounds and she was happy to see them. Down there in the ravine she almost paniced to had lost them. She was not an expert for the Everfree Forest, a place so dark and full of dangers, and no pony really could have told what could happen out here. Some mysteries and stories were all about missing ponies who were swallowed by the darkness of the woods, and slowly Iron believed that all these stories had a certain truth in them. Some times the wounds burned Ice Storm touched and her muscles twitched as she growled silently, biting on her lips to endure the pain. Luckily she was able to endure much and due to her pegasus nature, she normaly recovered very quickly even from bigger injuries. But now she just was tired and exhausted. Also then Colt was noticed by the blue pegasus. She slightly smiled towards him, not able to say or understand anything. Her eyes got heavy and she nearly fell asleep, wanting to rest a bit for just a short time. But was this a good choice? No... she had to stay awake, at least for the time they needed to do something about the wounds.
  6. Sooo.... It has been a long while since the last post, and the restart of this roleplay was dead after 2 weeks.... so is this roleplay finally dead or are we still waiting for somepony?
  7. Blazing Storm had remained silently for the last hour and she had thought about many things what the ponies just had said about the tactical approach, their arguments and also their thoughts about what could happen to everyone. But at a point, the dragon said the truth since they were summoned here because it was a urgent emergency. They just didn´t have the time for long discussions even if it was important for a good strategy. Even her best friend Iron Wing didn´t say anything about it. "Be carefull Mr Dragon and return unharmed." she said as the dragon was about to leave the group to scout the area. She would love to follow him since she was very curious about dragons and she was fascinated by their strength and appearance. But she knew that her knightly friend would have been very angry if she would join Colt right now. But then again, it was important to have a backup plan and that brought her to an idea. "Since we have much power already conenctrated on the attack group, but Terra and Colt are going to scout, who is covering their back?" she asked. Without waiting for an answer, she stepped forward and readied herself. "I will follow them at high altitude and if any problems are appearing, i will be prepared to help either the attack or the scouting group. Also with that i have the overview about everything so i can coordinate and warn you about enemy movements." she said and got ready for flight. She tensed her muscles and with a fair jump she catapulted herself into the air and gaining speed and altitude, her flame-coloured shapeline following. Iron Wing had heared enough already and just waited that a decision was made. The group was difficult to analyze since she didn´t knew all their strengths and flaws, but it was the best not to interrupt their decision since some of them seemed to have problems with taking orders. Iron was trained to adjust and fit into a group of warriors. As she heared the dragon and Terra going onto a scouting mission, she knew already what would happen next. She had years of experience in scouting and military patroling and she could imagine what problems would appear. Luckily Blaze was about to give them a bit backup support. As Moon Crypt then finally said that everyone was ready and that they were about to leave, she stepped towards the group. The heavy steps of her wolframite armor were sounded within the hall and with a determined expression she looked at everypony. "I am ready to head out. I don´t know how much combat experience you all have, but don´t expect that this will be an easy fight." she said and waited for response. Then Blitz said something that was an important topic. "If you want, i can guard this place from any intruder or attack. I don´t have problems with staying behind since serve and protection is what my cutie-mark is all about." she answered and spread her wings. The wingblades folded out and made a scaring noise of blades scratching on metal, like a sword was being readied. These claw-like broad swords were perfect for close combat and since they were mounted on the wing-bones, they could be easily used in midair. "Also i think i have the toughest armor here and i would be suited for long and exhausting battles, even if fighting alone. So what is your decision? Should i guard this place?" she asked, ready for any answer that the group would give her.
  8. Duran noticed that it had no use to talk to creation. It seemed to still believe that it could had any influence on what the lynx was doing, or that it was comparable with his own power. Of course creation was powerfull, but Duran had his own unique skills and powers that couldn´t be copied. He decided that it would be best to leave everything in the situation it was right now. Things would play into his paws sooner or later, he didn´t doubt this even a second. Stardust was being healed and probably would remember several things about him and what he had said, meaning that he didn´t have to speak to her again until she was approaching him. The demon that was near her was the only one that used similar powers as Duran... the only difference was that the demon as a lord of the void just used the element of nothingness, meanwhile Duran WAS the manifestation of this element. Funny to think about that the demon didn´t notice that until now. He changed back into his normal form, still warped out of reality in his room. "This is so much fun... i am curious what the other side is doing now, also what the others within our team are thinking. But i shall remain until the next day here..." he said, jumping into his sleeping basket Stardust had left him there. Deep within his core, he started to boot all the energy he had gathered over the millenia, but still he hid this powerfull aura from all the others. Stealth was very important so that nobody would realize what he was. If everybody didn´t realize his power, he wouldn´t be a danger in the eyes of his team mates or the other side. Thorn the ebony timberwolf The timberwolf watched how another being started to heal Stardust. It seemed that he didn´t listen to him, like all creatures of the ponyworld didn´t listen to him. He grumbled as he walked outside the mainroom to the lobby again. He hated them so much these demons, ponies and wizards. They never listened and they never would understand the dark power of nature itself, and the day would come where he would show them all what he was capable of. He layed down on the floor again, not caring about the stuff that went on next to Stardust. So he watched the main entry , always ready to shoot a deadly energy beam at every intruder who wanted to enter.
  9. Right here in Mexico and i have no idea where i am right now. GPS isn´t functional!

  10. Iron Wing didn´t notice much about what happened around her. She heared voices, somebody or something touched her and she feld warmth, fur and scales. Her mind concentrated not to fade out, and her training reminded her not to fall asleep. Slowly, she reached out for her saddlebag and opened it. With a little movement she let the medical supplies fell out of it so that whoever was there could use them. The guardian was shaking, not because of the cold, but because of the many injured points on her body. She turned her head to see Colt, Ice and Electro and shortly she smiled a bit. She had made it back to the group, and she hoped that everypony was ok. She didn´t want to look bad in front of Luna, her primary commanding pony, but since Iron couldn´t see where she was, she relaxed a bit. Her hind leg hurt so much, also her wings weren´t in the best shape and needed rest. She was unable to fold them in as they had a slight cramp in their muscles. Overall Iron´s main wound was still the one the shadow beast had did to her, the scratches could be patched up easily. She could feel the head of the dragon on her mane, and she was happy that they all seemed to be ok.
  11. Nostalgia was the correct describtion for Duran´s feeling as he heared creation itself talk to him. But even it was creation that was speaking, Duran was not impressed by the explanations or acting of this mighty but very unreal being. "So... you would risc that a creature from the world beyond creation, a mind that won´t die like a mortal and has unlimited time to hinder your plans becomes a serious factor in aborting your plans? I thought that you would be a bit more "creative" ..." the lynx joked, but with real serious intentions behind his sentences. Of course he wouldn´t say something like that without thinking about the consequences. Creation was a mighty being, but still it had to think logical and rationally, meaning that it would probably reconsider the current situation including the factor the lynx was giving. But Duran was way ahead with his thinking. "You don´t know who or what i am, nor do i know you. But even without knowing you, i can tell that you do not want to give up your plans, your Stardust and her destiny are important for you since you have to keep the balance. Without balance, creation will meet destruction, and thats something you want to avoid, avoiding that everything ends just like that. Of course there are many other reasons, but this is not important right now. Fact is that you need your precious alicorn mare to fullfill your plan, and without her you don´t have anything. So if i hinder her, you would have serious problems." he said stopped. He was waiting to give his words more importance to think about. Then he continued, his eyes glowing menacing as his inner core started to get active and his true soul out of the void was showing itself. The core spoke to creation with dead serious intentions. "If you dare to cross our path again in a negative way, we shall destroy your alicorn and wipe out her entire existance from this world, so we would hinder your plans for all eternity... now out of our sight, unworthy one!" it said with a unreal voice, filled with the most destructive intentions anyone could imagine. The core got silent again as the inner gate for the void closed itself. The first layer of Duran was again in control. "You heared him... this discussion is over." he said and cut off the link. Duran knew why his core had said this. With the thought about the chance to loose anything, creation would need time to think about alternative solutions. Of course there was none, so creation could fear that this was it´s last chance to hinder Duran via words from crossing it´s plans. But perhaps it would search communication sooner or later. Duran was able to activate the gate into his dimension, breaking into this reality within no time. The void itself, the nothingness was able to erase an existant being from the timeline, as if it had never existet. No pony would be able to remember him or her, nor would there be hints for the existence itself. Duran filled the room with infinity, so this room was growing within it´s own rules, endless unbound from all rules of existence. Finally, there was something that was coming from the emptiness… but nothing visual… nothing physical… it was the feeling of horror itself! A feeling that had not a physical body, so nothing could be seen within this room… but creation could perhaps sense that it was something that was lurking, creepy and slowly moving like a snake on the ground, like crawling slowly to Stardust. The nothingness within this room had now it´s target, getting near the prey inch by inch, flowing out of the emptiness, manifesting as a presence out of physics and magical laws, but still there within the room of infinity, entering the realm of Equestria at the same time. It would plunge the soul into darkness, filling it with emptiness, just leaving horror behind, eating up the soul and change the body into an anonymous creature… feeding from its preys complete existence until it was erased out of this world forever. If it would finish this goal, every memory would be deleted, even the memory others within this world had about this creature… it would be a complete wipe out from the planar world… and the world wouldn´t remember her, because he would have never existed from the beginning… Of course Duran had no intentions to really do something like that to Stardust, but creation had to feel how serious the lynx was about his words. No mortal, magical law, god or outer world creature or being would be able to command him to stop, exception was if it would want to talk. After nearly reaching stardust, Duran normalized everything within his own room, the presence of the void went back and lynx closed his eyes for a short moment. He sighed and then he went back to his old self as he was waiting for reactions. He would not leave this room until he was clear that Stardust was alright.
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  13. Duran the lynx Duran was sensing the presence from the outer world, a being that wasn´t really a being, more nature itself. "Creation..." he guessed as he was still within contact with Stardust. He could imagine that the yelling was meant for him to stop trying to change the purpose of Stardusts existence. It was laughable that creation didn´t had enough faith to trust in it´s own plans, also it showed him that creation feared him... feared that he was able to change everything for real. That gave him even more confidence than ever since creation or death never even tried to change things as they were set in motion. But the presence of this abnormal awareness showed him that creation itself thought that Duran had enough might to actually change history with him manipulating the strings from the background. "You finally show yourself... It has been a long time, measured in this dimension.... You want me to stop, so that you can get your "balance" within this reality..." he spoke to Stardust, as he knew that creation would mediate through her body. It was coincidence that he now was able to talk to it, but it was fitting perfectly into his plans. "I will grant your wish of balance... but in exchange, i want to change several things myself. So if you want me to stop, stop hurting Stardust or listening to her thoughts as she has the right to have her own mind. Even if you created her for your purpose, you have to stick to your OWN rule... that every being has his own thoughts and mind. This rule is in existance and can´t be ignored, else you wouldn´t need another creature to handle your business in this reality." he spoke. "Leave her alone, and i won´t hinder your original plan." he finally said, still sitting within his own reality, unbound from all rules that would exist in the normal world. Duran was pleased with how the things were developing and he was sure that Stardust would want to talk to him later... Thorn the ebony timberwolf Thorn wasn´t able to grin, but if he could do it, he would do that right now. Caras probably didn´t notice, but he was 2.5 times bigger than a normal timberwolf and he had a weight of nearly a ton! Probably because Thorn was laying within a dark corner, but still it was somehow funny to listen to him. For the timberwolf, the pony still had a squeaky voice, but he was somehow to pronounce meaning within these noises. @, @@Pripyat Pony, @, "Take care, little one." he just said while he watched Caras leaving the hideout. It sure wasn´t in Stardusts intention, but he would not hinder him to leave since he did not have the right to do something like this within Stardusts hideout. Thinking about Stardust made him feel how his host was tortured, probably by a force the timberwolf was unable to understand. He stood up and walked into the hall where the things were happening. Stardust was speaking within an abnormal voice, commanding to stop. The only thing Thorn could imagine that the demon or the mysterious cat had something to do with that. But he wasn´t understanding the higher forces of magic. He was just using his inner aura and soul for his own magical abilities. He stepped near Stardust and looked at the other ponies. If someone of these mere walking fastfood ponies were the cause of this mess, he would just eat them with a huge bite. He snarled as he looked with his unholy yellow glowing eyes into the round of ponies that had gathered here, also to the demon that was within the room. Since he was unable to talk to the these creatures it was difficult to communicate to them. But now that he had chosen this hideout as his new territory, he feeled responsible for the security of all inhabitants and guests. He was able to heal Stardust, but only if these changes on her would stop. He send a magical impulse to the others that meant the following words in their minds. "Wolf - will - heal - if - calmed". He wasn´t sure if the others could understand him, but that was the only thing he could do right now. Also he was wondering were the cat was as he sniffed the area.
  14. Thorn the ebony timberwolf Some pony just stumbled over a wooden body part of the wolf. He had watched, listened and thought in silence until now, just communicating via emotions and auras. Of course for the normal pony this wasn´t really a good way to communicate at all, but since most of the ponies spoke in a squeaky little language he wasn´t able to pronounce, he wasn´t able to talk to them. But this one started to talk within the timberwolf language, growling and completely understandable. Thorn looked at him for a long time until he decided to finally answer him. "Who dares to talk to the wilderness of the dark Everfree Forest?" he growled and grumbled. His big head now completely looked at Caras, his unholy yellow eyes fixed the pony and he sniffed it´s scent. "I am not able to talk squeaky pony-language." he answered to the question of Caras. "What is it you desire, little one? What are your true intentions? I am sensing strange and different scents on you... What explanation do you have for something like this?" he asked snarling to Caras. He was still laying on the floor, his head still resting on his paws as he did not thing it was worth it to move much. He wasn´t hungry at all, but a little snack would be fine now. Also Stardust seemed to have some pain as he was able to feel this. But until now he would not be able to help. His healing beam ability was only a good method to heal a resting creature, not one that was being attacked like it seemed in Stardusts situation.