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  1. I guess it's the light... or your pencil has a very weak color .__-. but it looks good to me, just a LOT blur try making more for us to judge *mwahaha*
  2. interesting, it apears to be good but... I can't see it D: draw stronger lines, it's hard to see with details ._____-. or use a scanner, it helps too
  3. awwwww *dead* *talking from the deadland* awwww, but you should find a place brighter to take those pics, and stronger lines if that is the problem love it*
  4. do your best, don't care if there are heart attacks your work is great, I am sure you can do it just put a warning, heart attacks are baad
  5. very good , will dream of her cuteness *O* make fluttershy and applejack (fluttershy would be overkill cuteness, so do it xD) and sweetie
  6. hre see this one xD 06/12 guess this one is a lot better hum? this is what happens when I actually use the model for something e.e
  7. got it. next time, no lazy drawing (will make a new one now, and this time with mane and reflection on hte eyes lol) good to see the first one is going well
  8. it was more of a model to see if I liked it e.e (and I wanted to have opnions first ) but I will make one with hair and dark eyes (the next, I promise e.e)
  9. so, what do you think about it? is it ok/cute/aww? D: and look this one, is a little bit older but I wanted to show it too e.e give me your opinions
  10. "Applejack! why you have to be so good and make me look so baad?" what explains a lot actually AJ is the best, and my first episode aws sisterhooves social, so is almost certain that had some influence
  11. astroty

    My sketchy OC

    hey, great oc he could make a very good RP and I guess he wouldnt look very normal with all the bandages and his scratches -q dontcha think? xD
  12. hey, great work there it would be more epic with an objection though xD but your work is very interesting you should keep training
  13. mister, this way you will make me think studying history is awesome (well, it is!!) (I would prefer lenin to be an earth pony, he remembers me of industry and things we learn at FoE)
  14. astroty

    My personal OC...

    I really liked your OC It have a lot of small details that add to the character,like the scratches and the metal hoof you are good
  15. exelent wallpaper, philomena would be pround I like to draw during classes, it's better anyway, sleep buddy xD don't die for your art k
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