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  1. "Yay we praise thee noble person, with all our pleases and our thank yous oh lord am I quoting Goku?"
  2. Alright, so the very first thing I heard was that you guitar was overpowering the rest of the track. It made the drums quieter than they should be. Other elements in the mixing were very dodgy as well. Enhancing the vocals using some compression would brighten them up for sure. Add a little drop of gain and lower the attack time to give your vocals more pop. This way, the S's, T's, and other consonant sounds. Also...NEEDS MORE BASS! I could hardly hear any bass instrument in the track, which is why I said the mix is off-balanced. A thick and deep bass would definately fit with this style. Finally, the transtion from the second slowdown to the final chorus was rather rushed. It would've been best to leave the hold-out on Twilight's vocals adding a cymbal roll, leading right into the final chorus. All in all, nice remix but the overall mix of instruments and lack of certain other elements put a damper on this remix.
  3. Changelings have a magic of their own. When they transform, they apparently inherit the being's abilities. The new reformed changelings don't need to live off love anymore. The reformation changed their DNA. They can certainly gain talents like ponies and if they were to transform into a new pony, they could possibly gain a cutie mark that way. Lots of opportunities here.
  4. "Waaaah!!! I thought you were a female!!!"
  5. "I'd say we stack ourselves up, push the intercom, and pretend we're delivering a pizza."
  6. Started watching this episode the week it came out, but paused. I cheated a little bit but finally finished the episode. It was ok. Kinda reminds me of Santa Claus and today...
  7. The griffon icon is adorable!!
  8. The new rank badge looks great! But...where could I find a list of all ranks?
  9. Certainly a study/driving track. Could also make for some great elevator music or clothing store music. Though you don't want any critique, my only little gripe is that I wish there was a b-section...that's really it.
  10. Really glad you took my feedback well. Perhaps the three of us could work together...maybe I could even guide you two as you create another track together to make sure you're on the right track.