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About Me

I'm a 24 year-old brony who loves mlp, music, games and science.


How did I come to like mlp? Well, in a rather odd fashion. You see, I've come to like when things are destroyed or when ponies fall and fail. So I was on my usual search for destruction when the familiar "piano drop" comes into my mind. I look it up. As I was searching, I see a picture of Twilight Sparkle and the title: "Derpy Hooves: (drops stuff), by kyrospawn. I'm like "Huh? What's that doing here?". I then proceed to watch it. I laughed. Little did I know that this was My Little Pony. When I read the description, I was shocked. "No way!" I was like. I then explored more of those short clips on kyrospawn's channel. However, I still was not immune to the song, since I was still stuck in the stereotype. I wasn't a hater necessarily, I just said that MLP was for fillies. Anyway, as the days passed, I continued to watch the small clips, until the day came, when I attempted to watch an episode. I kinda scattered around a bit. I kept avoiding the theme, for that opening signature, would make me cower. Soon, a day came when I manned up and went through the theme. The episode was "Sonic Rainboom". I couldn't believe that I actually liked it and on that day, I became a Brony.


What pony am I like?


Well, that's a hard question, but according to the pony personality test, this is how it turned out:


As you can see. I came out as solid Rainbow Dash. But, I also have Applejack and Pinkie Pie in me. Obviously, I've got no trace of Fluttershy in me. Yet I've got Twilight Sparkle and Rarity in me as well (That's because I love science and always want to know more about certain things.)


Top 3 Persoanlities


Rainbow Dash: I'm very loyal to my word and always there to help. Whenever I hear somepony in need of help, I run to them and ask what's wrong. Occasionally there's the false alarm tongue.png. I can be a bit arrogent at times, but I try to keep that in check.


Applejack: I'm also very honest and hard-working. On some weekends, I don't even get out the house to do something. I'm trying to get all of my college work done.


Pinkie Pie: I LOVE to laugh. I tell jokes and I can be very silly. Sometimes, when I think about something, it makes me laugh. I also love to party and dance.


What is my Element of Harmony: Kindness



Who would be my best mare?





Favorite pony:


The one and only: rainbow_dash_12_by_xpesifeindx-d5giyir.pngHow many OCs do I have and which one is my fave?

Well, I've got over 10 differet OCs and my favorite one to use would be...my primary OC Thunder Dash!



Recently, I created a new griffon OC named Thundy. Here's what he looks like:



My Music Life:


I started indulging in music at the age of 5. Before that, I was already able to name a musical instrument just by hearing the sound of it. However, it was rather slow. It wasn't until my 4th piano teacher that things started kicking into gear. When I started with my 4th piano teacher, I discovered I could learn music just by hearing it. I have been doing piano for the past 19 years and am classically trained. I have taught myself to how to play in other genres. Recently, I taught myself how to play in the African and Jamaican styles. In the year 2010, I got my first composition software for Christmas. I started by simply arranging my favorite music pieces. The year 2012, was a big year in my composition journey, as it was the year that I not only became a brony, but also the year I became a brony musician. Since then, I have been happily composing music. In 2016 I got my Korg Kronos workstation, which is something I've always wanted. 2016 was a big year in my music production life because I started recording and producing live tracks. In 2017, I started my journey to become a Music Therapist at Queens University and now, I am continuing the path to become a Music Therapist in the year 2018. 


Here's what my setup looks like:


As you can see, not only do I play piano, but I play saxophone and guitar as well. I am mostly self-taught when it comes to guitar. (My saxophone is put away in this updated pic of my setup)


I like all genres of music. I am selective when it comes to hip-hop/rap however, as the majority of it is explicit and I strongly dislike explicit music.


My mane other interest is cars. Currently, I drive a 2007 Saturn Ion with a DOHC 4-cylinder engine and front wheel drive. I would like my next car to be a Subaru WRX STi, in which I may tune a little by adding a cold air intake, flowmasters exhaust and modified body kit.


I also like sports, a lot of them, too many to put down 8pfRZzv.png


I'm also an avid gamer.


I've been playing Super Smash Bros a lot lately, and hope to enter a tournament someday. My mane characters are Pikachu, Marth, Little Mac and Palutena. This applies to previous versions of Smash. I'm currently learning to mane Jigglypuff. In addition, I love racing games and recently have been playing Fast and Furious on the PS2.


In addition, with the addition of the PS4 to my gaming set, I now play

  1. Need For Speed Payback
  2. The Crew
  3. The Crew 2
  4. Madden 16
  5. Uncharted 
  6. Gran Turismo Sport
  7. Fortnite
  8. Dragonball Xenoverse 2


I am also an avid movie goer. I love action movies. My top 3 favorite movies are


1. Avengers Infinity War

2. Fate of The Furious

3. The Meg


Well, that's just the jist about me. Feel me to hit me up anytime you want to chat! https://mlpforums.com/public/style_emoticons/default/8pfRZzv.png