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  1. I havent been here for a while. man. Well I've given up on rainbow, and started to make an anthro rarity. she was a pony at first, but it didn't feel like she liked it. so we worked on her form and now she's anthro. so yeah.
  2. Guys, I'm having trouble focusing. I'll start the session, and my train of thought will constantly dift away from caelum, and then I'll fall asleep. Halp!
  3. Update (incase you people care): There shall be two Princess Celestia Tulpas on this site, (Bris) don't worry though. I've decided to name her Caelum. Got it from the MLP wiki. It translates to "sky" or "heaven".
  4. I've decided to completely document my progress. BTW, I've started over. AGAIN! I've promised myself I wont restart anymore, to my my tulpa as well. making an alicorn tulpa now. maybe it's what I've subconciously wanted the whole time.
  5. Hi. Progress: none. (because i want to get good a writing, screw your tulpa morals) I do have a theory. Some people say tulpae complete their masters(forcers, whatever), so if they complete us, does that mean we could say to them that their (our tulpa) personality is exactly the opposit from ours? and to facilitate this, tulpaforce inside a ying yang symbol? (Also, to Bris and Blackjack((incase you didn't get that pm)) sorry for the picture, it was really immature of me. i feel like a s*** poster on 4chan now.)
  6. HEY BLACKJACK! Be ready to face horrors like you've never seen. not even in brisineo's mind. There are no brakes on the internet rape train.

    1. Dr_Waveband


      Have you checked your head? It's often the last place people look.

    2. princess baconlestia

      princess baconlestia

      they were in my mom's car.


  8. Tulpaforced for 30-45 minutes last night. First signs of fleurry's presence last night! So AWESOME! I think she's angry that I've been ignoring her too much.
  9. Bris and crep, how do you two get so into your wonderlands? Do you two just sit and meditate until its like a lucid dream or something? Because I am confus. Also, congratulations to crep with your relationship... I guess.
  10. yes gordon freeman, you are worthy of a piece of my delicious mane. * hands a strip to you* also, thanks for the tips person above mr. freeman. I drew more stuff. and because i am a "master" at paint tool sai, i didn't crop it. if you want to save it, crop it your self. critique please.
  11. captains log: stardate; 171798.762 I've attempted sleep paralysis at least twice. i got really far the first time, not so much the second time. having trouble with the final part of getting the hypnotic hallucinations, so if i can acheive that, tulpa forcing with fleurry(fleur de lis) should be easy. wish me luck.
  12. http://www.amazon.com/My-Little-Pony-Friendship-Rainbow/dp/B008JO54UU she's awesome. build quality is nice. she's soft. the only downside is her cutie mark is only on one side of her body, but some may like it that way.
  13. I got a response from her the first time i tulpaforced for over an hour. it was a tingly feeling at my forehead. Personally I think it would be better if i made her fleur because then i wouldn't have to constantly do the "you don't have to be like "xyz" cannon pony. (because fleur sits there and looks pretty in the show)" But she may be used to looking like rd with green eyes.) Also, for that last sentence: "I'm not Rainbow Dash, I'm my original character Blainbow Blash!"
  14. question/problem here: kay, here goes. I haven't really gotten any signals from dashie for the past few days. she hasn't disappeared from me though. It's also kinda hard for me to visualize an rd tulpa recently. I though of Fleur de Lise, and i felt something... I don't know if it's approval or not. I can't get an answer from her either because she's not really all that fluent in language yet. I feel like I'm stuck. I don't know if she wants to look like Fleur or Dashie. I'm so confused I don't even know what to call her! (Fleurdash, Dleur!!?!?) (I also don't know if this is progress
  15. CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THAT! mostly because i sleep alot, but still. I think I'd be good at this. I will also be able to stop ignoring my (mostlikely starved of attention) tulpa. P.S. This will be my second tulpa
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