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  1. Following Rin's lead, Isamu decided to collect the remainder of his things from his room, including his katana and bow. He then disembarked from the ship and met up with the others who were waiting for him. "Ohayou gozaimasu!" Isamu said with a smile when he reached Saigo and the others. "So, what's the plan now?" He asked.
  2. "Yeah I suppose you're right about that. Knowing Saigo I'd be in pretty hot water right about now. Or cold water considering where we are right now." He then picked up his chopsticks to resume eating, not to be outdone by her capacity to eat. "So, what do you think those two stick in the muds are talking about?" He said as he resumed eating.
  3. Isamu was surprised to see Akira storm off like that, he did not expect her to react so harshly to such an obvious joke. He decided it would be best to get a second opinion on it. "So Rin, think I should apologize? I mean that was a pretty obvious prank what with the ham bone and all. Maybe I should just go and explain everything in black and white. What do you think?"
  4. "Well Akira, I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you this. I've had feelings for you since our eyes first met that day yesterday. I will not know true happiness again unless you are by my side. Please, give love a fighting chance and marry me." Isamu then kneeled down with a ring made of a ham bone from the meal.
  5. Isamu finally reached the others with the food and sat down next to Rinsame "Hey guys sorry to keep you waiting." He said glancing at Rin. "This all looks great! Did you make it yourself Saigo?" He said jokingly. "So, should we discuss our plans for Tani?" Isamu then asked.
  6. Isamu rose out of his bed with a start, as he was awoken by the siren song of Akira speaking of food. He took a short moment to admire his handiwork on the ship's walls, before exiting his room in search of Saigo, in hopes of finding food to sate his hunger. "Saigo-sama! I heard there's food! Where is it?" He said with a smile.
  7. Isamu said to Rin, "Seems fair enough to me, from what we've talked about so far I think we'll get along just fine! Anyway, now that we're on board, I might as well take a look around." Isamu said to Rinsame as he left to explore the various rooms of the ship. As time passed, Isamu decided that it would be a good idea to get some rest, so he headed to his room. Before finally going to bed, as a comedy joke, he carved his initials into the wall of the ship, for the purpose of getting under Saigo's skin.
  8. Isamu glanced at the warship and marveled at its size and craftsmanship. He then realized now would be a good time to get to know his companions a bit more. He looked around, and saw Akira run off to the blacksmith, and decided it would be best to let her do her own thing. Isamu noticed Rinsame looking at the sea."So Rin, do you mind if I call you that?" "Anyway," Isamu said, "Looks like you're a big fan of the water. Any stories you got about that?"
  9. "Interesting lineage you have there, Same." Isamu realized he would need to know his comrades well in order to have success in this campaign. He decided he would do his best to get to know the three warriors he had just met well, before they arrived at Tani. "So," he said, "What do you use to fight with Rinsame? Anything special I should know about?"
  10. As he began to walk, Isamu turnes to Rinsame, "The one and only! I've been studying tactics and strategy since I was little. My dad was a great tactician in his day. I decided I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Anyway, if you don't mind me asking, how did you get your teeth like that?"
  11. "Nice to meet you Kuma and Same." Isamu said as he looked them over. "They sure seem capable." He thought to himself. "So, is everyone ready to go ahead or will we be having any more sparring sessions?" He said. "I believe it'd be more efficient if we get going soon. We don't want the Narumi getting a leg up on us." He said.
  12. (Sorry for not posting until now.) Isamu gives a round of applause for the spectacle he just witnessed. "Jeez you guys sure don't mess around. That was impressive." "Well now that all the serious business is out of the way, why don't I get to that introduction!" He said with a smile. "My name is Isamu Shimanaka, master tactician and philosopher extraordinaire!" "It is most certainly a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Miss Akira." Isamu said in his most charismatic voice.
  13. "Hey Saigo! Its been a while!" Isamu said as he jogged to the Sakurai tree where the group was waiting. Once he reached the tree, he noticed how small the group was. "Huh, I expected there to be more people here." He said to no one in particular. He then noticed the brown eyed girl standing next to Saigo. "Why hello there!" Isamu said to the young woman. "Might I ask your name?"
  14. After a long journey, Isamu finally reached the Zetsumei capital city. It had been quite some time since Isamu's last venture to the grand capital. He could not wait to finally see just exactly what was going on, and to talk to his old friend Saigo Fuzen once more. After getting his bearings and exploring the city a bit, Isamu headed towards the castle.
  15. "Isamu! There's a letter here for you!" Isamu Shimanaka was looking over some of his old tactical scrolls when his mother called him down to his home's main room. "Coming mother!" Said Isamu, as he walked down the long flight of stairs. "Let's see here..." Isamu said as he broke the seal on the letter. After carefully going over the contents of the letter, Isamu concluded that this would be his chance to finally bring the Narumi to justice. He was extatic! He grabbed up his katana and shortbow and stormed out of the house. "Bye mom! I'm gotta go talk to Saigo! Be back... Soon!" His mother smiled and sighed, as Isamu's silhouette faded into the long road ahead.