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  1. This member hasn't been on since early 2013, yet people still frequent the profile... Gee, I wonder why? Tehehe...

    1. Guest90210


      Because Rainbow Dash is awesome! Right?

    2. Miles



      Tag team Rivermiles.

      Searching MLPF's past for the sake of history, fun, and because we can.

    3. Guest90210
  2. Anyone ever been cheated on? Shit sucks.

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    2. Mortimer


      Because bitchy persons need to f**k other persons life to get even with theirs...

    3. DashingRainbow36


      Lol probably. He was just an idiot. He will get what is coming to him. Everything catches up with you in life.

    4. Mortimer


      I looooove karma.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geLbOJkT534 This song is the best. I want this to play when I walk into a room. My entrance music if you will. I have other themes that I like but this is the best.
  4. I just think the show is funny and cute, and I only treat the show like a guilty pleasure (not in a clop clop way). And it is actually not my favorite cartoon of all time. It actually doesn't even come close. If you look at my posting stats, I never post in any section discussing the show because I am not that big of a fan. The show will always have a special place in my heart though, so does this particular community. It was actually really hard for me to find an MLP community like this, and I am glad I found it.
  5. I guess this fear isn't completely irrational because I smoke and drink a little, but I always fear that I am going to have a heart attack at any moment. But not many 21 year olds get that. I should also add that i have bad indigestion, and the pain from that centers around my chest so when that starts I start freaking out lol.
  6. There is plenty of Internet lingo that is getting old. Especially the reddit lelelelelele hurr derp derp derp. U mad is also an old one. But something that will never EVAR die is LOL!
  7. Well most of the people that have listed 4chan as one of the pit stops of their internet journey is viewing porn unintentional or intentionally. For some reason on this forum I feel that I cant be too graphic. Thats why I didnt list pronz.
  8. Told my mother to go fuck herself, REALLY ashamed of that. I also a year back told some really good friends that I didnt need them, Regret every moment of that.
  9. First I check facebook to play Words With Friends, and browse my wall. Then I check MLP forums to see what is going on here. Then I open up my favorite boards on 4chan and cause a ruckus there. Then I check CNN, and huffington post for news and other articles. Then I open up buzzfeed to see anything interesting there. I may venture to cracked and might jump into an IRC channel if I am really bored.
  10. When I was a kid I had a phase of wearing girls clothes when I could. Me and a really good girlfriend that I had in my childhood spend a whole day in each others cloths. It was probably our sub conscious giving us a way to identify with one another (this is also a reason why you can find kids playing with opposite gender toys) But in the end wearing girls cloths is, now, just weird for me. I would only do it for fun.
  11. I was never a big comic fan. I loved Rage Comics but they got old lelelelelellelelelelelelellelelelelelelelele I also enjoy the Happiness and Cyanide comics. And any other funny "internet" type comics.
  12. Thanks a bunch And it dosent hurt to just make a quick profile and see whats out there. Just creep on people. Eventually something will come of it. Are you too young to be on online dating sites. If you are just be careful. Lots of creeps on there.
  13. Have you tried online dating? I met a nice guy and we seem to be doing quite well. Met him a couple days a go and things are going steady.
  14. Evan as an atheist I love Christmas, and even singing secular songs or the religious songs. I used to really be down on Christmas but there are so many things to look forward to. Just being with family is whats important.
  15. Splash of lemonade, then add ice. Fill the rest with diet pepsi (or regular, or coke) then top it off with a little bit of dr. pepper.