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  1. Discordian

    Gaming Overlooked games of 2018

    From what I heard Valkyria Chronicles 4 had none of the impact of the first game and missions decided to pull a bunch of bullshitty tactics to keep the player down.
  2. Hopefully the forums pick up again now that the holidays are over. It was pretty dead for a couple weeks there.

  3. Discordian

    What picks you up when you are down?

    Solitude. All of my problems stem from being forced to be around people, usually because of work where I have no choice in the matter. The moment I'm off the clock with my headphones on I'll be okay though.
  4. Discordian

    How many times do you sneeze?

    I have this weird thing where I won't sneeze at all for months at a time then get a sudden sneeze attack and keep sneezing for two or three minutes straight for no reason whatsoever. It's painful. My poor ribs.
  5. Discordian

    General What are/were your Study Habits?

    I didn't really study. In any school I ever went to if you were there for the class you could pass any test. Even the homework was just unnecessary repetition of the same thing you learned in class.
  6. Discordian

    Food Waffles

    I'm not actually fond of things that you put syrup on for the most part but my family used to have this tradition of putting home made country gravy on gigantic waffles for Christmas breakfast. No one picked up the mantle after my grandparents stopped being able to host the get-together every year.
  7. I've had to go through Japanese news and image sites to get info on games or anime before. Sometimes things take awhile to come to the US, or never do, but I still want to know.
  8. Row row row your boat gently down the stream, if you see your OTP don't forget to scream. ~Random commenter on Webtoons.

  9. I can't say it particularly matters. Sometimes conversations just don't start so it's whatever. Try again next time.
  10. Discordian

    General Are You A Light Sleeper Or A Heavy Sleeper?

    I regularly sleep through my phone's alarms for an hour straight without even waking up long enough to hit a snooze button. It's quite a problem.
  11. Discordian

    Music How do you get your MP3s?

    Amazon Music. I already use Amazon for everything else so what's one more thing?
  12. The next few days are gonna be really slow at work. Perfect time to catch up on my reading though.

  13. Discordian

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    I've been having a hard time sticking to any one thing. Maybe because it's so close to Kingdom Hearts 3 that nothing else sounds good. For now I'm kind of juggling Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, Rogue Legacy, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Castlevania Requiem until something sticks.
  14. Discordian

    Health How often do you shower ( or bath )?

    Every two or three days usually. That's 30-40 minutes I could use for anything else. Such a colossal waste of my time if I were to do it every day but I have to stay clean for work.
  15. Well there goes any productivity I might have had. I found Minesweeper on the Google Play Store. I used to play this for hours at a time.

  16. Discordian

    Something you can't stand the smell of?

    I can't really smell much at all but if there's one smell I can't stand that seems to carry and linger like no other it's the smell of pot. I smell it all the time at work because people will smoke it in the bathrooms, which I have to clean. I also smell it in my room because my neighbors smoke it and it always carries over to me. Bleh.
  17. Discordian

    Gaming Favorite Kirby copy ability?

    There's been a few I've enjoyed over the years. I definitely enjoyed messing around with the mixing abilities in Crystal Shards, particularly the lightning sword which had a way if wrecking anything (plus it reminded me of Darth Maul so that was a bonus). In Superstar Ultra I used the hammer ability almost exclusively when I had the choice. With a few exceptions the flaming hammer attack would devastate enemy health and trivialize most bosses. I actually don't even use the copy ability in Smash Bros. None of them can match up to Kirby's natural abilities in those games. He's one of my top three mains and has been since the original Smash Bros. Fox's laser in the original is the only one I might consider using because of the massive knockback.
  18. Once again I read through a comic's archives just in time for it to end in a couple updates. This has been pretty frequent lately. :P

  19. I can't say it particularly matters to me. I could go completely forgotten for all I care.
  20. Discordian


    I absolutely loved this one. You can see they pulled out all the stops. Unlike a lot of the fights it was pretty clear who was gonna win from the start. Thanos was so completely out of his depth. Not once did Darkseid put any actual effort into the fight.
  21. Discordian

    Gaming Any Kirby Fans Round Here?

    I dunno about that. Pacman literally can't move without eating something going by the original game. --- I've always liked when Kirby takes itself seriously. I don't care how cute and fluffy his games look at first, they're always the best when you get to the serious fights like Zero-2, Metaknight's Revenge or Queen Sectonia.
  22. Discordian

    How far do you have to the nearest store?

    I live within ten minutes of two grocery stores, six gas stations and several fast food places. That's all within a few blocks of each other. Imagine if I lived somewhere big.
  23. Discordian

    Gaming Do video games frustrate you easily?

    Damn, why would you waste so much time on a game that you'd spend months on it? I'd just move on and tell the game developers to eat a dick. I find dying to things out of your control to be mostly laughable. It's just like "well that happened lol"
  24. I dunno about that but I have certainly hated someone as soon as I've met them. Usually customers who you can just tell are scumbags and assholes as soon as they walk in the door. They keep proving me right too so it's adding to the stereotype programming in my head.
  25. Discordian

    What do you do when you're sick?

    I don't change my routine for anything but the worst of illness. If I can't get out of bed it's just sleep and cartoons but usually I'll just go to work and play video games as normal.