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  1. Wal Mart, overnight stocking of freezers and dairy Though apparently now they are switching me to days for the time being saying they need me there more. Can't imagine why...I'm the new guy who is like five times slower than everyone in the entire store. <.<
  2. I had no problem with working that shift. That is more like a day shift because most of it is during the same day. Me? I work 10PM to 7AM. Think about how much that throws me off. LOL I'm normally a night person anyway but the fact that I'm working such weird hours feels weird.
  3. Normally you would work a shift, go home and sleep and then your next shift starts the next day but my shift starts at the end of the day and ends at the beginning of the next so saying "I'll see you tomorrow" is really "I'll see you later today" and it just...feels so weird compared to working days. LOL
  4. <.< There should be an "easy mode" where the 3 Days are non-existent. Sorry, the 3 days really irked me when I played it.
  5. When I played MM on N64 I couldn't get into it for the sole purpose that I could never find the Snow Temple (plus the cart was used and always froze after playing for ten to twenty minutes) and the three day thing, even when extended thanks to the Song of Time, always loomed over me and made me feel rushed as hell. I'll try to get it again to see if I can get into it but when I was younger I didn't particularly like it.
  6. I don't remember if I posted in this topic or not but in case I didn't Imma say it again: There is no better food than Applebee's Buffalo Chicken and McDonalds Oh and my mom's stroganoff.
  7. I like it for that reason too, plus I really feel that the story in TP is the best in the series. Though the game dies off about halfway through (after Midna's Midnight Run, as I like to call it) it still has an amazing story and fantastic locales.
  8. I'm not one of the people who's like "Omg, OoT is the best evarrrr" though I do like it. I feel it's highly overrated and it's half the reason TP was criticized so much. TP has been accused so much of being an OoT clone (how anyone came up with this I'll never even know) that no one takes it seriously as a Zelda game.
  9. I'm going to start by wishing I still had my Minish Cap and ALttP GBA carts. One was lost and one was stolen years ago. I'll also say this: TP is my favorite Zelda so far but if what I hear is true SS will certainly be a good one.
  10. Personally, I believe that you are never too old to enjoy kid's stuff. My mom, 47 years old, still watches kids shows daily. I do the same too. I don't understand the thinking "it's for kids and you shouldn't like it" since I've always felt that you can never be too old for anything, though you can certainly be too young for some things. But let me add that I also believe it's not a good thing to not be childish at all no matter your age. If you are trying to be a hardass your entire life you aren't gonna get nearly as much enjoyment out of life as someone who embraces the joys of having the heart of a child and the mind of an adult.
  11. Man, the days have been rather dark the last week. Maybe because it's becoming winter but you can look outside and it seems brighter inside than it does outside! LOL

  12. Super Effective was...super effective.
  13. I always love movies that break out into random song, especially for random reasons like Tangled in the Cuddly Duckling Tavern. Sometimes situational music is okay like the love song near the end of Tangled but I usually prefer when they are just random.
  14. I haven't seen FD4 and I hear there's a fifth coming out. The fifth one sounds like it'll have an interesting story though.
  15. *Found my way out of detainment* *Crawls across the ground to Apple Bloom* Here...take this...*gives USB drive* It has...*cough*...the information on how to *Wheeze* destroy this evil. *Is seen by authorities* "HEY, YOU THERE!" They've caught me...*Smirks* *As I'm being dragged off* DO THE RIGHT THING!
  16. Knowing Tales of the Abyss is coming to 3DS makes me want it just for that. <.< >.>
  17. This thread deserves a bit of Scar Symmetry. Here's two songs I absolutely love by them, the two songs are parts one and two so be sure to listen to both. I love when metal bands make multiple part songs and each part sounds so different yet the same like this.
  18. My mom doesn't give a crap one way or the other. I tell her daily that I like MLP and she just shakes her head at me and rolls her eyes, but always with a smirk on her face so I know it's not out of malice. She just thinks I'm weird, in a good way. Though I like the Powerpuff Girls thing Crispy said. I've always leaned on Slendermane's approach about it reminding me of an old cartoon like Looney Tunes. It really does.
  19. GUYS, I CAME TO TELL YOU THAT THE ONE BEHIND THE CENSORSHIP IS GLaD(------------------CENSORED------------------) *Carried off by the authorities, detained, never seen again*
  20. Alright, time to get some Dethklok on here. Don't really care if they aren't considered a real band because they are from a cartoon, their music still kicks ass.
  21. Hey girls who wanna stay in shape now have a new way of using the bathroom and losing all that awful water they drank that's making them get more weight! 8D Listen to Last Days of Humanity. <.< >.>
  22. It kinda made me retaste the water I drank a few minutes ago. It was weird. I'm the guy who loves growling and screaming when it's done right and this stuff was just weird. Btw, let's get some more Skeletonwitch in here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAQSyvvnygQ
  23. That seems to be the one type of metal I could never get into. I'm mostly a death, black and melodic death type person. I do like some thrash and punk though.