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  1. Discordian

    Music Music Thread

    If I had the money, I would so get a Cello again. I have all the music from my school days (I had a bad habit of never returning sheet music and practice books) My only problem is I never learned how to tune properly so I need to somehow learn how to do that too.
  2. Discordian

    Music Music Thread

    I used to play Cello when I was in 8th grade. Been so long though, I miss it.
  3. Discordian

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I don't really have any pictures newer than this, this one is about two years old. Damn...I really need to lose weight. I was way skinnier back then. ;-;
  4. Discordian

    Mega Thread Favorite Songs From The Show

    Seriously!?!? I would so get it!!!
  5. Discordian

    Video Game Discussion Section?

    Well I've been on the PS2 and C&A boards more than anything lately and they are decent enough.
  6. Discordian

    Video Game Discussion Section?

    The site itself can be, no doubt, but that also depends on where you go on the site.
  7. Discordian

    Favorite Species of Pony and Why?

    And yet...if you think about it they still managed to grab things, to some extent, with their hooves.
  8. Discordian

    Mega Thread Favorite Songs From The Show

    Art of the Dress because of Rarity's beautiful singing voice. Oh and anything by Pinky Pie. Her songs get stuck in my head like no other. I wanna get all of the MLP songs on my MP3 Player.
  9. Discordian

    Video Game Discussion Section?

    I wonder just how many users came from Gamefaqs or Gamespot like me. LOL
  10. Discordian

    What do you love about MLP and its fandom?

    I've always loved Point of View types episodes where they take one problem or scenario and show it differently for each and every pony it involves in, and MLP:FiM has quite a few of these episodes. Another thing it doesn't rely on "grime humor" like many cartoon have done in recent years, shows that show every snot covered hair on granny's mustache, that kind of stuff. Another thing is they don't shove social "norms" down your throats like "Men should be this way because pain is good for you" or "Women should like this particular thing because it's frilly" and crap like that.
  11. Discordian

    Favorite Species of Pony and Why?

    Pegasus, all the way. I would LOVE to fly. I've had dreams about flying and they are amazing.
  12. Discordian

    Ohai there MLP Forums.

    I've only been a brony myself for about a month or so. I didn't particularly question how people could like it from the get-go I just didn't really care when I first heard. I was more like "Orly" when I heard about it's popularity. Then I decided to watch it and oh boy did I fall in love. Welcome welcome, Whooves.
  13. Thank ye. If Pinky is the princess then Discord is the king. You all saw what he did to Ponyville! LOL
  14. Discordian

    How open are you about ponies?

    I'm open enough to not be ashamed of it even when someone tells me I should be, being a 20 year old male, but I don't go into every topic on a forum and say "GO WATCH MY LITTLE PONY" or anything like that. Though I've been trying to get a couple people to watch it. One absolutely refuses, for no particular reason, the other says only if I watch it with her.
  15. Discordian

    Mega Thread What would your cutie mark be? And why?

    Mine would be a writing pad and pen in a rainbow-colored molecule. It would represent the fact that I'm a writer with a hell of an imagination but I'm also a theorist with wild and crazy theories that I sometimes like to incorporate into my writing.