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  1. The exact amount varies but I always have particular groups of tabs open. In order: Email > RSS feed > various webcomics > My Anime List > True Trophies > trophy guides and walkthroughs for any games I'm playing > tabs I only open long enough to use and then close like MLPForums and Youtube. Some of these can be anywhere from one to six tabs open at any given time. Right now I have twelve tabs, including MLPForums.
  2. I've had some really bad experiences in the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. You couldn't disagree with anyone about anything, especially if you're actually liked anything after the original Sega Genesis and Sega CD games. You'd be the retard, the autistic, get attacked by people you weren't even talking to at the time or even people you've never even seen before because you don't follow the hive mind. They coordinate group attacks even. Doesn't matter how legitimate your reasons were, they will hate you and they will drill you until you crack or leave.
  3. Oh yeah, forgot I bought one of those "ugly" Christmas sweaters yesterday. I've wanted one for years. I like them. Guess what I'm wearing today? :D

  4. Holy shit. I just finished Big Hero 6. That was the best Disney movie to come out in the last ten years.

  5. They were pretty much always one-trick-ponies, pun intended, and almost all of their character revolves around the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They aren't really needed anymore. Not that they can't be used but they've essentially fulfilled their purpose.
  6. I only go to the movies for things I know I'm going to enjoy. Plus I already paid for it so why skip out?
  7. Transformers. I was never really into cars or anything at all so they never really appealed to me as a kid until Beast Wars. For the most part I also don't care for cartoons that try to be gritty and gory like Flapjack. You'd also never ever ever find me watching anything live action. Even to this day most live action things don't interest me in the slightest. Animated or bust imo.
  8. I've never even heard of using mayo for fries. I've always associated mayo with sandwiches, almost exclusively so. That said I hate ketchup so if I had to pick between just those two it'd be mayo. Now, the real dip of choice is ranch, if I choose to dip at all. I generally like my fries as-is. Best way to tell the difference between a good fry and a bad fry.
  9. Well Witcher 3 is gonna have to wait. Sudden need to replay Lunar 2 after beating the first one. I never finished the postgame story. I fought a ridiculously hard boss right at the start that I guess I was supposed to do later on that wiped out all of my rare healing items so I gave up thinking it would only get harder from there.
  10. I just finished the first Caiphus Cain omnibus and moving on to the War for Armageddon omnibus. It'll be quite the shift from Cain's semi-comical tone but I'm told the first book, Helsreach, is one of the best books in the series, maybe of all time.
  11. I beat Lunar: Silver Star Harmony today. I've heard much better things about the PS1 version. The PSP one had a few annoyances I had to deal with like liading at every screen change. Overall pretty much the standard if what an RPG should be at its most basic though. Next up is Warhammer 40k: Squad Command. Last time I played this one I got wrecked in the first two missions which aren't even hard. I did much better this time around though.
  12. The fact that they even went with a double-sided disc set tells me they were thinking more about saving money than quality. Less discs to be made means less money spent overall.
  13. I've never played the tabletop but lore-wise it would not only be ridiculous to throw away armies' worth of elite soldiers but it probably isn't possible to turn the current Marines into the new ones. If the new Marines are anything like the others they have to be altered from a young enough age for it to be any sort of successful. But I haven't really read up on the process to make the Primaris Marines so maybe it is possible.
  14. Another possibility is that the collection just isn't of good quality in the first place. Often collections of older shows are made by third party, low budget companies that aren't really looking for anything beyond a quick buck. The disc could be shoddy or the data on it could be faulty straight out of the box. This includes all forms of DVD, not just double-sided ones.
  15. Something about this song is just...inherently nostalgic. Whether it's your first or twentieth time hearing it you always feel like you've known the melody your entire life. I realize that's maybe the point considering the context in which it plays but it reaches beyond the scope of the game for me. It's chilling and always puts me in a sort of trance state when I hear it.
  16. Aaaaw yeah, crank up that Christmas music. 'Tis the season.

    1. Snow


      shopping centers at this very moment:

    2. Discordian


      Absolutely. I'm mostly a fan of the oldies when it comes to Christmas music but that song definitely did something right to be counted as an equal to them.

  17. What kinds of games do you like to play?
  18. I got all three Platinum trophies in a week. It would have been sooner but work kept getting in the way. How dare they exchange money for labor. Most of the trophies were actually really easy. Almost all of them were tied to doing specific things in every level of the game. A lot of the time they'd be things you were going to do anyway or there was specific places in a level that the trophy seemed to have in mind to do them. I was glad to get a few rapid fire Plats out. A lot of the games I've been playing this year feel like they've taken forever to get through. It really felt like they ran out of time with Spyro 3. Not that the game is unfinished or anything but it deviates the least from the original game out of the three. This especially shows in the dragon eggs which aren't all unique like the dragons in the first game, as well as the trophies where they mostly stop asking you to do out of the way tasks and almost seem like it just has you doing things you would have done to 100% the levels. Hell, the Plat doesn't even go all the way to the end of the game. You can get the last trophy without ever doing the last level and final fight with the Sorceress. The only reason you have to fight her at all is because there's one level that doesn't unlock until you beat her for the first time.
  19. I'm all for a good sale but I'd rather spend extra money than deal with massive groups of people. I'm also not likely to use anything I buy right away anyway so I'll just wait until I need it.
  20. I don't remember where it was from but someone pointed out that if magic exists it's likely far more mundane than we think it would be. People expect miracles and flashy explosions but the more likely alternative is it's just little oddities that happen for no real reason. For example, how you can hear your name in a crowd easier than most other things. Or how when you're looking for something in particular and only that particular shape or color associated with it stands out while everything else is just background even if it's right in front of your face. Maybe you trip on things less than other people or have never experience a particular emotion or sensation that others are more prone to. Let's not discount the magic of wonder and imagination. Yes, these things could just as easily be explained away as mental trickery and probability but that doesn't mean they aren't the same thing. Magic is often described as something unique or extraordinary that we simply don't have a complete explanation for. So in that sense, I do believe in magic. Until there is nothing left in this universe without an explanation there will always be some form of it.
  21. Figured I'd switch off between Deathwing and Witcher 3. Been itching to play it. I haven't played the first two Witchers but I've been told there's no real need and 3 is the best one anyway.
  22. Nope. Too much work. My single most hated thing about Christmas. I love the holiday in general. The music, the sales, sometimes even the food, but I haaaaaate putting up decorations. I like seeing them though. HYPOCRISY, HO!
  23. I just finished Hollow Fragment a few months ago. I hear the series just gets better from there. I was gonna go for the Plat but after 100+ hours working towards it I easily had another 40+ to go. I was done. My patience couldn't last.
  24. Breakfast. Eggs and hash browns mixed together, bacon or sausage, omelettes, scrambles...the list goes on. Breakfast has the best foods by far. I don't really eat meals at traditional times though. Often I only eat one meal a day.
  25. Go home, people. It's been ridiculously busy at work today and I've only been here an hour. It's also midnight. Why are there so many people out. lol

    1. Prospekt


      Because Black Friday tends to bring out the irrational sides of customers :P


    2. Discordian


      Oh yeah, that's a thing. Oh well. I was hoping it would be slow today.