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  1. I do pretty much the same thing. One console, one handheld. Lets me get through multiple games at a time. I played Circle of the Moon recently as well. I actually derped hard and went through an area I wasn't supposed to which I thought was just ridiculously difficult. Turns out I was supposed to go elsewhere first so I could survive the waters of the area instead of trying to power my way through. I got super frustrated and thought the game was being randomly unfair.
  2. My expectations of what VR can be kind of hinder my desire to get any current stuff. Too many fictional universes where VR is fully immersive like .Hack// and Sword Art Online that are too far advanced for anything we'll get in even the next few decades, if full immersion is even possible like that.
  3. I don't know why but the ones that have you doing some sort of mundane task are the best ones. 3v1 game where you have to dust everything in a room from Mario Party 6.
  4. You mean like how watching Dragon Ball Z must make me the manliest of men who can benchpress a house?
  5. I like them in general. I'll eat them most ways but my favorites are: -Hashed/diced and mixed with eggs -Tater tots with cottage cheese -Julienne smothered in cheese
  6. There's this one pie that's like pumpkin cream with gingerbread crust. I think it was the Sara Lee's brand. It is absolutely divine.
  7. I'm not even into dudes but there's still a few that I would say are attractive, if for different reasons than the topic intends, like Alan from Marchen Awakens Romance.
  8. I think it's still too soon for a new generation. Feels like the PS4 is just barely getting started.
  9. Just finished the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Definitely worth the time even though I just did the whole series earlier this year (right before it was announced so I had no idea it was coming). Next up is Space Hulk: Deathwing. I've been reading Warhammer 40k books for awhile so it'll be good to get some visuals to go along with what I've read from the books so far.
  10. Just finished getting the Spyro Reignited Trilogy Plats. Definitely a worthy remake.

  11. I always keep them until they break down. You never know when you want to replay an old game or find a game you haven't played on an old system. I find PS2 games I haven't played all the time. Dozens of them at least.
  12. The worst thing about reading through a webcomic's archives is eventually you catch up and have to wait for updates to see more.

    1. Preatorian60


      Tell me about it, when I started reading Homestuck it was during one of the creators big breaks and I had to wait ages after catching up before he updated again ;-; The worst though is when you read one you really love and find out after you've started reading that it was abandoned.

    2. Discordian


      The abandoned ones are usually some of the best ones, too. It sucks. All that amazing must have burned them out! :P


      I guess in some cases it's also because they get legit work somewhere and abandon any free projects they had for the money. That's what happened with Zoophobia. The creator is gearing up to release her Patreon-supported animated cartoon Hazbin Hotel and it keeps her really busy.


      I've yet to read Homestuck. It seems dauntingly expansive and the original artstyle kinda puts me off. I am told it's improved later on though.

    3. Preatorian60


      Homestuck is hard to get into in my opinion because there are multiple 'acts' which are basically sections of story in it, and I found the first 3 of them just absolutely terrible and such a drag, theres an insane amount of dialogue that is mostly useless and nothing seems to make any sense, but after those acts the story really starts to pick up and everything about it just gets better and better. It took the creator a while to find his groove but when he found it, oh boy it was good!

  13. I doubt they'll ever bring 2 and 3 over. It's been entirely too long and neither was ever as popular as the original.
  14. As always I'll be at work the night before and the night of. Easy work days with increased pay and lots of time to read? I'll take it.
  15. All my friends are offline for the night. Time to binge on webcomics.

  16. They're definitely very different. They don't get bothered by a lot of little things they used to and you can see how their friendship has practically no kinks because of how comfortable they are with each other. It's clear that a lot of the premise of the show, understanding friendship and how it functions, doesn't really apply to them much anymore. I think the fact that they've introduced so many other characters is the only way to keep the original characters from looking like they haven't grown at all which ultimately hurts the entire message and delivery of the show. The world in the show has grown significantly. To keep it stuck on a couple of characters forever who don't really have friendship problems would make for lackluster episodes which would drive the show into the ground.
  17. It was fun for awhile but the battle preparation was getting a little out of hand. They kind of overcomplicate things once you get down to the fourth dungeon or so. Having a party made up of 15 in battle and just as many for passive purposes is bleh when you only get eight classes for the entire game. Especially when coven slots restrict to specific classes or even genders.
  18. I only read particular things like Warhammer 40,000 or Redwall. I prefer more visual mediums like video games and comics but I will read particularly good stuff that catches my eye. Plus I need something to do when it's super slow at work and a book is easy to put down immediately.
  19. I just finished it myself last night. The gears in Twilight Harbor were randomly annoying. I had to loom up where to find the last on one that door frame you had to use the supercharge to get to. I never would have found that on my own. Other than that a super easy Plat. Some of the trophies in 2 sound a bit harder but I'm sure it'll still be super easy. I've been noticing that a lot of the jumps seem ever so slightly tighter because I've been missing jumps and glides I used to never have issues with. I think they changed how quickly Spyro goes down or something.
  20. I've been meaning to watch this one. I hope it's as good as Beck was as far as being a music anime goes.
  21. I've always liked Chad Kroeger's voice. It's the main thing that has always stood out to me. Like most bands that get played on the radio a lot though they'll get popular because of a few stand-out songs like "Hero" and "This Is How You Remind Me" but most everything else they have is boring schlop that doesn't try very hard. It's somewhat misleading about who they are as a band. I am partial to certain songs myself though. Their cover/collaberation with Kid Rock for "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)" is a great song to get pumped up with.
  22. I figure I'll just gorge myself until I either die or have some major complication that forces me to eat extremely healthy the rest of my life. Whichever comes first. You'll have to pry food I love from my cold dead hands. Maybe literally.
  23. So much time is lost on sleep management. I would rather be able to run 24 hours a day. Enough time for work and still play video games for a dozen hours or more.
  24. I love McDonalds food. I shouldn't eat it nearly as often as I do but it's become my ritual every weekend to go there for lunch. I'm also reasonably certain I have a slight lactose allergy or something. Eating cheese and milk products make using the bathroom very difficult and untimely at times but goddammit I love it and refuse to give it up. At least I've cut down on those things and mostly just eat them when I'm not gonna be working that night. Mostly.