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  1. I just got a new PSN uselessness, so anyone who wants to add me is free to, it's galexdj. Just please make sure to send me a message with your MLP Forums username with the message so I know who you are. PSN: galexdj
  2. It so cute, I bet she will love it, I know I would if I got something like that. Anyways, I hoped she liked it. I hope that one day I will have a husband that will draw me My Little Pony cards for holidays, that would be so awesome.
  3. It does sound very possible is doing this for the to sales, then will change everything back to normal for the Bronies I guess. But what if they keep Twilight like this forever. My friend also had a stupid theory that each of the main six become Alicorns and Princesses of their own kingdom, but the chance of that happening as well is very, very slim. But a lot may happens since the ending is going to be a three parter kinda of thing. To me I wouldn't care if she changed or not. I still know that Twilight will always be her true self in the end and never leave her friends. Hasbro would never do a thing like take her away from her friends and make her live in the castle for the rest of her life. In the end, I really don't know if she will stay an Alicorn forever. As long as she stays true to her self, I'm fine with ever if she is an Alicorn or not.
  4. I have mixed feeling about this whole Alicorn Twilight thing.......

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    2. Galex Dj

      Galex Dj

      It might, you never know.

    3. Riclo


      Possibly. It might change peoples opinions and such, but in the end, it won't even matter. I just stay out of it, and watch what I enjoy, with my own opinions. Everyone has different tastes, and arguing over it, most of the time is just pointless.

    4. Galex Dj

      Galex Dj

      Your right about that. :)

  5. I have been waiting all morning for this episode. I'm happy yet sad that she is becoming an Alicorn. Only one more episode till it happens. I know a lot of people don't want this to happen, and a lot are fine with it, but I'm kinda ok with it. I know that Hasbro will make it work some how, they have done it before, they can do it again hopefully. I'm worried a bit, but not to much.
  6. I use Google Chrome most of time now on my Macbook. THe only time I use Internet Explorer is for the Internet at my school, and even then some of the computers have Google Chrome on it. I have a Macbook so Safari was my original browser on here at first. Now I just use Google Chrome.
  7. It could be possible since it was around the same timeline I guess. And I guess it would be a "Stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours" kinda relationship if anything. The two of them seem like they would of fighted a lot if they hung out together a lot, so yeah. It is a nice theory though, and something that would really make the storyline really entertaining. Just the idea of it makes my head turn with new ideas and theories for the show. Nice thinking about that though.
  8. To be honest, not even I now why myself likes her so much. She is one of my favorite ponies in the show, but I still don't know why. Maybe it's her laugh, maybe it's her flaws, maybe it her awesomeness, I don't know. All I do know is that every since the first the first episode I watched, I automatically loved her. She like one of those people that you are friends with, and you don't even remember how the two of you became friends, and now you just are. To me, it's kinda like that. I guess she just rubs off on people in the kinda way that they just love her no matter what. But, I have always liked her for her flaws. She has the kinda flaws that I have as well, so I love her because I can relate to her. Like one of them is when she get nervous before she performs because she thinks that she will mess up in front of everyone. I have that exact same fear, so I lov eher because I can relate to her in a kinda way possible. But that is just me, a lot of different people like her for different reasons, that's just my reason.
  9. I don't think that they have ruined Discord, I just think that they have changed him. Now that he is good, there might be less problems, but less entertainment. I guess that it is a fifty-fifty kinda thing. It is good and bad that he has changed to the good side of friendship and magic. I think it's mostly good, but other pony's have different opinions you know.
  10. Sorry, it just just sounded very interesting so I thought it was a real life game. Sorry about the mistake i just did, I understand now.
  11. It does sound interesting, so I will check it out once I get home. A lot friends do talk about it and how they love it, so it must be good if anything. I think it's going to be good.
  12. The upside to Valentine's Day: Chocolate :D

    1. Riclo


      I doubt I'll be doing much of anything Valentine's Day. It'll just be another day. :/


      I probably won't be getting any chocolate either.

  13. I mostly love Cadence because she is calm, caring, and loving. In the last episode when Twilight got angry at Pinkie Pie for jumping in the mud bath Twilight looked at Cadence and they both did a breath in and breath out kinda thing for Twilight to calm down. And Cadence did it with her trying to get Twilight to try to stay positive and calm with the other ponies. She understands other ponies and always trust to look at the bright side and not make big deals about small things. But even with all this, I did agree with you. They creators have never shown her having any flaws of any kind what so ever so far. She up now has only been perfect in every way possible, making her hard to relate too as well. Like for example, I love Pinkie Pie because even though she is always mostly happy she does have her sad days when she is depressed, just like me a lot of the time. And like with Rainbow Dash as well, sometimes Rainbow Dash freaks out before a performance because she thinks she'll mess up in front of the whole crowd, also something I do as well. That why I love those two ponies a lot as well, they have flaws but I can relate to those flaws and feel happy that I'm not so perfect all the time. But I do hope that Cadence will get more screen time in the furture, with more time to show her and her flaws in her maybe.