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  1. EquestriaGuy

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    wow. That was just absolutely magnificent. I didn't know the show could still be this good.
  2. EquestriaGuy

    The Worst Ship

    Flurryheart x Quarray Eel.
  3. EquestriaGuy

    SInclair Local Newscasters forced to air propaganda script

    you mean the news station owned by GOP Mega donor Robert Mercer, and run by Boris Epshteyn is pushing pro Trump narratives!?!? no wai!
  4. EquestriaGuy

    S08:E03 - The Maud Couple

    far better than I thought it'd be. Very funny, and Pinkie was pretty great.
  5. EquestriaGuy

    S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    While I am still continually annoyed by how pushed aside the mane 6 generally have been since S6, these new students were better than I expected. I'm sure season 8 will be fine, but I'm just not a big fan of how expansive and decentralized the show has become, even though I know full well the show never could have survived 8+ seasons always focusing on the same small main cast.
  6. EquestriaGuy

    Spoiler Season 9 (possible spoilers)

    I’d be fine with a 2 parter, but if the vectors are from episodes 2, 4, and 5, that suggests more.
  7. EquestriaGuy

    Spoiler Season 9 (possible spoilers)

    Dark moments sure, but this is looking to be an all encompassing season long arc. This is DS9’s Dominion War.
  8. EquestriaGuy

    Spoiler Season 9 (possible spoilers)

    What ever happened to my heartwarming, cute, funny, witty, show about friendship where occasionally they saved the world with rainbows and shit? I didn't sign up for this kind of thing. Is this just a prediction or is this confirmed?
  9. EquestriaGuy

    What was the happiest moment in the show for you.

    Without question has to be the CMC getting their cutie marks. After watching them grow for 5 seasons and finally achieving their dream was quite a wonderful moment. 2nd would be Twilight getting her wings.
  10. EquestriaGuy

    Homework Help

    Hello, I'm writing to you from the 30th century, and have 2 questions from my Pre-K class on Starbase Armstrong. Q1) How large would the universe have to be for the Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall to once again be in compliance with the Cosmological Principle? Q2) According to the largest models of Inflation, the universe is a googolplex (10^10^100) meters across. If that's true, and assuming the smallest perceptible difference between two parallel universes is a single Planck Volume being different than its parallel counterpart for a space of one Planck second, AND the lifespan of the universe is equal to the Poincare Recurrence Time (10^10^10^10^10^1.1 years), how many perceptibly different parallel universes can there possibly be?
  11. EquestriaGuy

    The Tyranny of King Trump

    He's the exact definition of an autocrat, and he's finding out quickly that our 240+ year old system of 3 co-equal branches of government won't simply bend the knee to a tiny penis, draft dodging, cowardly, serial sexual assaulter, racist, traitor, chickenhawk, and grifter. The picture in the OP is wrong in that he'd never be able to handle a sword, nevermind use one. But fear not, it'll be Mueller Time soon enough, and all of Trump's men will be indicted on charges ranging from money laundering to espionage, to foreign agent registration act violations, perjury, and campaign finance charges. I'd hope in the end Trump himself would be hit with felony obstruction of justice, impeached, and tried in the Senate, but I doubt Goodlatte's judiciary committee is even remotely bipartisan enough to put law and country over political interests.
  12. EquestriaGuy

    Would you kiss Celestia's butt to dodge a prison sentence?

    this is supposed to be a punishment?
  13. EquestriaGuy

    Movies/TV Star vs. the Forces of Evil Fanclub

    Man that TV movie was boring as hell. It felt like it slogged on for 70 minutes and went absolutely nowhere. The end was kinda cool, but that didn't make the rest of it any less tedious and painful.
  14. EquestriaGuy

    What was your first view on Bronies

    The post I made on Facebook said simply, "oh they clearly just want to fuck the horses." not sure I was entirely wrong
  15. EquestriaGuy

    Gaming Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Thread

    Stormblood receives a 9.2 from IGN, which just goes to show how far the series has come under the guidance of Yoshi P from its abominable launch 7 years ago. theres also a fairly long and detailed 3 part documentary and let's not forget the fantastic series from Speakers of Hydaelyn, Remnents of a Realm, and The Fall and Rise of Final Fantasy XIV.