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  1. So... You're not watching RWBY... I think it's time you met my High caliber Sniper Scythe...
  2. it's simple really... i tie you down and make you watch this very video over and over again whilst i encourage you to kill yourself and say things that appeal to you in a suicidal way the net time someone plays this video you'll be triggered to kill yourself. I leave behind chuck Norris who decided to protect me no matter what...
  3. Totally just farted, blamed fluttershy and got away with it.
  4. Miss me MLP forums, don't say you forgot all about me? Does this mean we'll be having fun with them pinky? Yes, we'll be having a corpse party tonight... (Damn i hate bumping, but sometimes you just have to do it...)
  5. Chicks dig racers cowgirls dig the ones in red, especial AJ
  6. A'right space cowboy let me see yer rocket! Oh-oh my...
  7. You taste like... Never mind i need help at sugar cube corner later on, mind giving me a hoof?
  8. Ouch why the hell would you just go and punch a pony like that what the hell is wrong with you?