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  1. Commander Urdnot

    Propane, Yes or No?

    Depends on my mood, really.
  2. Commander Urdnot

    The afterlife, what do you think happens?

    The problem with that is that these people nearly died. None of them have actually died. And as for all of those people who "Died" at hospitals and were "Brought back" through medical procedures. Those people who "Died," didn't really die. Those machines with the lines that beep monitor your heart NOT your brain. As I have stated before, people are not physical beings. People are intangible personalities that are the result of a series of electrical-chemical processes that take place in their brains. The heart is there to sustain the body that sustains the brain that sustains the electrical-chemical processes that cause consciousness, and personality, essentially the person in question. If the heart goes out, and fails to to its job, the brain will soon follow. However, the heart's end doesn't necessarily mean the end of that person.
  3. Commander Urdnot

    The afterlife, what do you think happens?

    I already told you. Nothing happens when you die. It's just like how nothing happened before you were born. You will feel the same way you did before your parents were born. Your brain stops processing data, it stops taking data in. You're not stuck in oblivion's darkness, you're not stuck in heaven, you're not stuck in hell. You cannot be, because you don't exist.
  4. Commander Urdnot

    The afterlife, what do you think happens?

    You remember what it was like before you were born? Well, that's what you're going to feel when you die. Nothing. You will return to the non-existence from whenst you came. The moment your brain stops processing sensory data, you go bye-bye.
  5. Commander Urdnot

    Which of the 7 Deadly Sins do you have?

    1. Sloth: Very intelligent, creative, and talented. Too lazy and apathetic to do anything significant with any of it. 2. Greed: I have too much shit. Yet I still find myself buying more of it. 3. Gluttony: Knowledge and experience glutton. 4. Envy: Why does my neighbor get 3 nice cars? I work hard, I pay my taxes, why can't I have ONE nice car? 5. Pride: I'm a sexy genius. 6. Lust: Not really, if I had an intense desire for something, I probably wouldn't be as apathetic and sloth as I am. 7. Wrath: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Too much work, too little reward.
  6. Commander Urdnot

    What would you be in a fantasy world?

    I was an unfortunate soul who was captured by a witch and used for arcane experimentation. The witch ripped my soul away from my body, and attached it to a mannequin body. The mannequin body that I have been inhabiting for what seems like an eternity. I've been wandering the world for decades, searching for the witch. The witch who took away my life, my ability to feel, and cursed me with this existence of strife and agony. With the curse of immortality. I can't remember who I was, or anything that happened before I was turned into this... Thing. Everything's a blur. However, there is this one thing. I feel like I know it, but somehow I can't remember it. It's something sad. I don't know why but, something about it bothers me...
  7. Commander Urdnot

    I shall write you a song. :D

  8. Commander Urdnot

    What do you look for in a Girl/Boy Friend <3

    Relationships are all about emotional synchronization. Humans shoot for quality over quantity when reproducing, and consequently, take a long time to reproduce. It takes a human up to a year to conceive, 9 months for the baby to grow and develop inside of its mother, and up to 12 hours for the mother to give birth to the baby. Human reproduction has a lot of room for error, and since it takes such a long time, can be devastating if it doesn't work out. If a human couple in the wild fails to get it right the first time, they might not even live long enough to have a shot at trying it again. If something happens to the male, female, or baby during the reproduction process, it could very well mean game over. Since reproduction was such a risky gamble back when we were hunter-gatherers, we developed this neurological electrical-chemical process we call "Love." Love is the 3rd and final stage, in the human attraction process. The human attraction process consists of 3 different stages: Lust: Which is accompanied by the release of estrogen and testosterone, is what gives us the desire to find love in the first place. It's the force that drives people to look for potential mates to reproduce with. This stage doesn't begin until adolescence, when sexual organs have matured, and testosterone and estrogen are being released. Since these chemicals are being released in such a copious amount during adolescence, it's common for teenagers to become enamored with other people for superficial reasons. It's also the reason why teenagers, especially younger ones are fixated on searching for mates. It's also the reason why many teenage relationships are centered around sex. It's because lust, and the chemicals associated with it, are dominating the brain. Now before somebody gets upset with me for "Generalizing" teenagers, let me say that every teenager is different. Each teenager has deviations in brain structure, and chemical production. Because of this, there will be some teenagers that act differently than the majority do. Attraction: Also known as infatuation, this stage is accompanied by the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and nerve growth factor. This is the "Honeymoon" phase most couples go through for the first 3-6 months of their relationship. The two people become enamored with each other, and spend almost every moment with each other. This is primarily due to the heightened presence of dopamine and norepinephrine. Dopamine is the brain's pleasure chemical, and is largely related to happiness and euphoria. Norepinephrine affects hyperactivity, sleeplessness, goal-oriented behavior, and attention. Dopamine and norepinephrine are commonly found to coincide with one and another. This stage of the relationship is there to get the couple to spend time with each other in order to get to know each other. What makes them tick, how they are like, what they desire... What they need. It plays a key role in the couple emotionally synchronizing with each other. Attachment: "Love." This stage is accompanied by the release of oxytocin, and vasopressin. It is also accompanied by a reduction of the hormones that were released during the attraction stage. Oxytocin also known as the "Bonding hormone," is associated with pair bonding, and separation anxiety. Interestingly enough, it's also released during orgasm. Vasopressin, which amongst several other things, is associated with pair bonding. This is the stage where the emotional synchronization starts to finalize. Emotional synchronization is essential to a relationship. If the emotional synchronization is disturbed, both members of the couple will subconsciously size up the situation. Depending on what conclusion the members of the couple come to, the relationship will either be repaired, or replaced. Factors that go into this decision include things such as how much as been invested into the relationship, how severe the disturbance is, and the availability of replacement mates. If it's something minor such as someone forgot about the couple's anniversary, the emotional disturbance can typically be rectified by reassurance. But something such as one of the members of the couple moved to another state, and long-distance communication and interaction is severely inhibited over an extended period of time, the emotional synchronization will be very affected over a long period of time, and in many cases, results in the relationship's end. That is the reason why many people are apprehensive about online and long distance relationships: interference with emotional synchronization. Emotional synchronization is also the reason why people often look for themselves in their mates. The more they have in common, the less conflict they will get into, the less disturbance. The more they have in common, the easier it is for them to become attuned to the needs of each other, the easier it becomes to emotionally synchronize with each other. I don't measure people up to an arbitrary list of criteria. If I like a person, then I like them. What should matter is how I feel about a person, not whether or not they are attractive, male or female, tall or short, smart, or funny. If I enjoy being around a person, then that is all that matters. These arbitrary checklists are irreverent, and only serve to reduce the possibilities and freedom I have to find a person I enjoy being around. They are counter-productive, so I avoid them.
  9. Commander Urdnot

    Mathematical Nerds?

    I only recently realized that math was ruined for me by the educational institutions I was forced to attend when I was growing up. It wasn't math that I hated, it was the educational institutions trying to rewire my brain that I hated. I'm trying to reteach myself math skills, to give math a fair chance, and to make up for the shitty public school education I received.
  10. Commander Urdnot

    What Is Your Alignment?

    Chaotic Neutral. Might save your life, might steal your car. Let the good and evil people set the world on fire, I'm going to have a drink.
  11. Commander Urdnot

    Justin Bieber calls young fan a beached whale.

    His popularity has been declining for some time now. He's being controversial on purpose to keep himself from being forgotten.
  12. Commander Urdnot

    How competitive are you?

    No. I care more about my own happiness and enjoyment more than I care about how I stack up against others, or whether or not I win some meaningless competition.
  13. Commander Urdnot

    The only one not diagnosed with.. something?

    I was diagnosed with ADHD-PM (There is no such thing as ADD. That was renamed to ADHD-PI back in 1994) back when I was 7. I didn't say my first word until I was 5, and never shut up since. I talk very fast, and I used to stumble over my words when I was little. This, and the fact I didn't speak until I was 5 resulted in me being given thrown into speech therapy during my middle and elementary school years. I'm also nearsighted, and have been wearing glasses to correct it for years. I do know what it's like to have 'ADHD.' I've taken medicine for it too, and it sucks. I'd get very high-strung, I'd lose my creative abilities, my optimism, and my carefree, charming, quirky, and enterprising nature. I'd become a zombie, incapable of doing nothing other than focusing on whatever mundane, meaningless task I was arbitrarily ordered to follow by some authority figure. There was always this fucking high-pitched buzzing sound that I would hear when I was on the medicine and I had to repress violent urges that would make me want to hurt people for no reason. I've detested violence my entire life, and still do. I only consider it when I have exhausted all other options. I also had to go to 'Counseling' until I was 15. Where they taught me focusing and stressing techniques for the first 15 mins. Then I'd argue with them about ADHD for the rest of the time. One day I got into yet another argument with my dad about ADHD, and I snapped. I screamed and threw a stool against the wall. He took me to the counselor and to the doctor, and they discovered that I had stopped taking ADHD medicine since I was 14. As we all know, fluctuating the amount of stimulants your brain is exposed to causes irritability. After I explained everything to my dad, he told them he wanted me off medicine, and you know what the doctor did? He tried to diagnose me with oppositional defiance disorder. (ODD) It was plainly obvious that neither the doctor nor the counselor cared about their patients. They only cared about lining their pockets with medicine and counseling money. I've never taken anything for my 'ADHD' since, and never will. ADHD us a difference in cognition. It is not a disorder. It is nothing more than a false label doctors use to sell 'Treatment' to their patients. If ADHD is truly a 'Disorder' that is caused by defects in the brain which result in unhealthy neurological activity, then how come only 30-50 percent of patients retain the symptoms into adulthood, even if they discontinue taking highly-addictive and potentially hazardous stimulants? Do people with schizophrenia, bipolar, and borderline personality grow out of their disorders? Why is it that 30 to 50 percent of ADHD patients also get diagnosed with Odd? Why do only 1 to 3 percent of adults have this disorder? Why do statistics say that 1 in every 5 Americans have a mental disorder? Did they finally recognize cognitive dissonance as a disorder? Because unless that happens, that number is way too large to be taken seriously, obviously there is some kind of ulterior motive behind these mental disorder diagnoses. We don't even know what causes ADHD! Anyone hopped up on stimulants is going to act like a zombie, ADHD or not. This ADHD thing is ridiculous. Not only does it mean that the medical industry that we trust our very lives to is completely corrupt. But it also results in children suffering during their critical childhood years. They are told that something is inherently wrong with them their whole childhood, and it causes deep psychological pain. Which results with self esteem issues. Oh and by the way, 40 percent of people that were ever diagnosed with ADHD also have depression. Oh em gee! It's the Add, guys! Clearly ADHD is a real disorder. We can explain why it's a disorder and not a mere difference in cognition. We can even pinpoint the cause of ADHD, and help people with it live happy, healthy, and 'Normal' lives. All at the cost of 6000 on average per year! Don't worry, you can trust us. We're 'Professionals.'
  14. Commander Urdnot

    The only one not diagnosed with.. something?

    Those losers in lab coats said I had ADHD. THE NERVE. ME?! ADHD? IMPOSSIBLE, I AM THE MOST FOCUSED, DISIPLINED, CALM PERSONALITY I KNOW. I question these ADHD quote unquote disorders, and others like it. Are they really disorders? Or are they simply differences in cognition that just deviate from the norm? There's big money in the drug business. Not just the illegal drug business, either. There's a whole market of legal drugs that brings in big big money.
  15. Commander Urdnot

    General What's Your Ancestry?

    I do not have ancestry, I was cloned from Walt Disney's facial hair.