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  1. y we no tlk?

    1. Twiliscael


      Computer's been broken but i think it's better now... I'm going to bed right no though x.x

    2. Commander Urdnot
  2. I just love it when I'm typing a deep, and inspiring reply to a topic, and it's FUCKING DELETED FOR NO GOOD REASON. It's the general fucking discussions forum. The topic was a general discussion. Now I lost the whole damn post. FUCK.

  3. The problem with that is that these people nearly died. None of them have actually died. And as for all of those people who "Died" at hospitals and were "Brought back" through medical procedures. Those people who "Died," didn't really die. Those machines with the lines that beep monitor your heart NOT your brain. As I have stated before, people are not physical beings. People are intangible personalities that are the result of a series of electrical-chemical processes that take place in their brains. The heart is there to sustain the body that sustains the brain that sustains the electrical-chemical processes that cause consciousness, and personality, essentially the person in question. If the heart goes out, and fails to to its job, the brain will soon follow. However, the heart's end doesn't necessarily mean the end of that person.
  4. I already told you. Nothing happens when you die. It's just like how nothing happened before you were born. You will feel the same way you did before your parents were born. Your brain stops processing data, it stops taking data in. You're not stuck in oblivion's darkness, you're not stuck in heaven, you're not stuck in hell. You cannot be, because you don't exist.
  5. You remember what it was like before you were born? Well, that's what you're going to feel when you die. Nothing. You will return to the non-existence from whenst you came. The moment your brain stops processing sensory data, you go bye-bye.
  6. >Builds souped-up gaming PC that can run any game on ultra settings >Plays Super Hexagon

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    2. Commander Urdnot

      Commander Urdnot

      >Builds souped-up gaming PC

      >Plays 3DS

    3. MLPForums Phanact

      MLPForums Phanact

      >Has a souped-up gaming PC

      >Plays Vita


      ^ My life. xD

    4. Commander Urdnot

      Commander Urdnot

      I can't help it, Fire Emblem Awakening is just too amazing. ;~;

  7. Looking to see whether or not I could tell it was you, Pinkazoid? :w

    1. Pinkazoid


      misty got my password ;-;

    2. Commander Urdnot
  8. Dat moment when you want to read a book about a subject you want to learn more about, but are unable to focus enough to comprehend what is written.

  9. 1. Sloth: Very intelligent, creative, and talented. Too lazy and apathetic to do anything significant with any of it. 2. Greed: I have too much shit. Yet I still find myself buying more of it. 3. Gluttony: Knowledge and experience glutton. 4. Envy: Why does my neighbor get 3 nice cars? I work hard, I pay my taxes, why can't I have ONE nice car? 5. Pride: I'm a sexy genius. 6. Lust: Not really, if I had an intense desire for something, I probably wouldn't be as apathetic and sloth as I am. 7. Wrath: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Too much work, too little reward.
  10. I was an unfortunate soul who was captured by a witch and used for arcane experimentation. The witch ripped my soul away from my body, and attached it to a mannequin body. The mannequin body that I have been inhabiting for what seems like an eternity. I've been wandering the world for decades, searching for the witch. The witch who took away my life, my ability to feel, and cursed me with this existence of strife and agony. With the curse of immortality. I can't remember who I was, or anything that happened before I was turned into this... Thing. Everything's a blur. However, there is this one thing. I feel like I know it, but somehow I can't remember it. It's something sad. I don't know why but, something about it bothers me...