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  1. The UK has pledged to end female circumcision worldwide and they're intensifying their efforts in Africa, I view it as another imperialistic move and it's nothing more than the ol white man telling the colored man how to live their lives.I'm against a uniform code of morality for the entire planet imposed by certain governments and special interest groups.
  2. QFT Learning is most important experience in life and many people fail to see the beauty of learning just for the sake of gaining more knowledge.Most people see it more of a hurdle which they have to pass to make money which is a flawed perception.
  3. I know exactly how you feel, I hate the thought of existing in this world but I have to continue doing so and I try to motivate myself to go on by thinking that it might get better by some luck or miracle. stay strong and continue to live
  4. Welfare needs to be completely abolished and sustaining the life of an elderly person should be illegal, it might be cruel but it'll lead to population reduction and better living condition. @@Clover Heart, People are not starving because there isn't enough food but rather because they have no money to buy those food and it's directly linked to puppet governments that the west put in power to oppress the poor and continue slavery. google: food landfill Not having enough clean water to drink is due to colonials powers controlling water resources of third world countries and threa
  5. khaine21x3

    BronyCon 2013

    There is a very small possibility that I might be able to attend but it'll be decided at the very last minute assuming they don't run out of tickets and everything goes smoothly.
  6. Seems like that might be part of the motivation behind the law as religious fundamentalists believe that people should only have sex and live together after marriage.
  7. Politicians who are paid for by property barons and people who makes money off renting property and living off the backs of the working class unjustifiably.
  8. I'm left all my fears behind and I haven't had a nightmare for over a decade, it's impossible for me to have any kind of nightmare now because I have absolutely no fear or anything realistic or imaginary.
  9. Pony wallpapers, pony wallets, pony plushies, pony toys, pony statues in your garden, a custom made bag in the shape of your favorite pony, some custom pony paint job for your laptop and car.
  10. @, I find the attempts of christian preachers to cure homosexuals by reciting homophobic bible passages and telling them that they will go to hell to be amusing, their logic for hating gays seems pretty flawed too. type in key words like 'sodomite' on youtube or google and you'll get to see how far these religious preachers would go.Even places like texas used to imprison gays and wanted to hang all of them before the federal government stops them.
  11. I'm pretty neutral towards LBGT but that's about it, don't hate nor hang out with them.The ones that genuinely hate homosexuals usually does so out of religious beliefs.
  12. Oh I've always like seeing girls with other girls and I don't think that the view will change unless the majority suddenly becomes radical feminist.
  13. Parents pretty much feed their kids crap and buy crap toys for them as long as it's cheap so it's easy to understand how Hasbro and Mcdonalds turned out to be a major success.
  14. I blame it on the consumers being cheap coz they could easily fund indie animation or even pay professional studios in the third world to animate what they want for relatively cheap price.
  15. I think you simply dislike ones that are too sweet and maybe you prefer them to have a crunch, you should try out them expensive chocolate covered biscuits from france.
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