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  1. You may never see this, but happy birthday.

  2. ping111

    Game KSP-Creations

    KSP actually got me into the brony fandom, and thank heavens for that! I've been playing since 0.8.5 or so. Can't wait for 0.24!
  3. Once, and this is really quite recently. After watching SNL long into the night, I wake up at about 5:00 in the morning, went into the kitchen, and... saw a ladder leaning against my balcony, leading upstairs, where my parents sleep. I go into their rooms, wake them up, and tell them about it, honestly hoping that they'd put it there or something. However, the whole situation got a lot more sketchy when my mother later recalled a loud *BANG* yesterday night, as if something heavy had smashed into something metal (as it turns out, our gutters). So no, they don't know why it's there, so they bri
  4. It's sad big bushes and dry brushes. Also screaming.
  5. EEEEEEE~ Can we hang out sometime? I LOVE Napoleonic weapons! I have some experience firing muskets, so long as I can get myself a rammer and some cartridges. BTW, the French bit says "Madame/Mademoiselle Impèriale de St. Étienne", or "The Imperial Lady of St. Étienne (place in France)".
  6. Yes, but that's an electric hopper, which are crazy expensive. It just comes with an average gravity hopper, which just let the balls fall into your gun as opposed to sucking them in.
  7. Oops, sorry, the Cronus is only $80. My bad. Unfortunately, I am not Floridian and can not tell you anything about it. Sorry. EDIT: And for $109, you can get everything you need - a mask, a Co2 tank, and a hopper - with a Cronus.
  8. Okay. I mean, the colours are fine and it doesn't matter much, but if your friends are playing on the "speedball" fields, with all the inflatables, a semi-auto gun shaped like a rifle isn't gonna cut it. Anyway, a couple of starter guns I'd definitely recommend are the BT Omega ($125 is an okay deal - mine was free), the Tippmann 98 Custom ($120, I think) (looks a little dorky, but it's an absolute workhorse), the Tippmann Cronus ($100 for a barebones), or the Tippmann A5, if you're willing to pay a little more. However, if you want to go all out, get a BT Delta. Those things are beasts.
  9. As a frequent paintball player, I have to ask you a few questions. If you have the wrong kind of gun for the situation just because it's blue, you'll just look silly. When you went with your friends, were you playing in a more "urban" environment, a forest/hill, or on a completely artificial field with inflatable bits? What is your price range? How much customisation do you want? Et cetera...
  10. ping111

    Music Favorite Stupid Songs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWKYpy__lfA . It's just so strange hearing this adorable little girl voice singing about really obscene things.
  11. Applejack, by attempting to deceive Pinkie into thinking there is zero bickering within her perfectly functional family, yet again proves she is much more Loyal to her family than she is Honest to others. I know there's nothing we can do about it now, seeing that the Elements are kaput, but it still bugs me kinda.
  12. My first words upon hearing the news would be one of two things: "DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING?" Or "TO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARMS!" Again, it's somewhat difficult for me, someone born and raised in the First World, to imagine such a violation of rights, and over a cartoon show no less. But, for the sake of the argument, if expressing fanship over My Little Pony if you're not a 6-year-old girl was illegal and had no maximum sentence, I'd probably just stop and wait it out. Besides, the law didn't say anything about "non-bronies" protesting the act...
  13. Well, you may want to add Hebrew - quite a few Israelis on the forums. Anyway, First language: English (completely fluent, duh) Second Language: Hebrew (Mostly fluent, but just lack general knowledge on some words) Third Language: French (There's a lot I don't know, but I can read and understand it for the most part, and my accent is pretty much spot-on) Fourth Language: Yiddish (only understanding and reading - I'm going to forget it all next year) Desired languages, in general order: Chinese (no specifics yet), Swedish, Russian, German, Latin, Japanese, Greek, etc.
  14. I'd totally recommend kits's work on FimFiction, but unfortunately all of her stories are homosexual. But, you hardly notice. Most of her stories about Pinkie are really sweet, cute, and funny.
  15. Liars, liars, the lot of you! My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic is entirely a Canadian production! The only American in the whole production line is Hasbro. Everyone else - From Lauren Faust to the voice actresses/actors to the animators - is Canadian, or lives in Canada! Of course, this doesn't effect the question at all, so I'll move on to the question itself. There are more American bronies because the U.S. is the (no offence to anyone, especially England) political English-speaking capital of the world. There is a much larger population of fairly wealthy (wealthy enough to have
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