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  1. Crystal Skull

    Gaming The Stanley Parable is overrated

    I think that it is a great title and can see a lot of people liking it and a lot of people hating it. The Stanley Parable is a game made for the Mind F*** audience and them alone. For those type of players I can see them getting a lot of time out of this game. I don't own the title yet and I hope to get it soon and to get about 10 hours finding every nook and cranny out of this game.
  2. Crystal Skull

    High School Relationships. Good or Bad?

    I say that high school dating is all right IF you've known the person for a long time. I see people in grade 6 dating and kissing each other (I live across the street from the school) I think that's wrong and that they will have a broken heart and no one will care.
  3. The PS4 what we've been waiting for. But is it really that great? Find out today in SKULL REVIEWS! I do not own a PS4 I don't think I will for a few months, but I have been spending all day watching 24 hour livestreams for the PS4 launch and from what I've seen it struggles at the basics like opening a simple app like "Music Unlimited" or closing an application. The launch lineup isn't great, but how these games look is what shows me that there is a future for the system if it's out of this world game play or amazing graphics it's obvious that PS4 exclusives are gonna be the main reason to buy the system. I've seen footage comparing PS3 to PS4 games and I feel like there is no major step forward with these third party multi-platform games. I give the PS4 launch a 6/10 I'm sorry if this feels a bit rushed. I'm really stressed. -Crystal
  4. Crystal Skull


    School, School. I hate school it takes away from everything in my life and just makes me learn stuff that I need to know. Posts starting today with the PS4!!!!1!1!1!1dhjxjckcjffjJkKjdjdjJcbxnc See you there.
  5. Crystal Skull


    So you already like season four a week before it airs? Sweet! Anyways welcome to MLP Forums!
  6. Crystal Skull

    Well, this time there is no excuse.

    I just haven't been up to doing the blog and been forgetting about this website. School is back and this year I've already had a lot of homework so I might not post every day but my goal is to post at least 25 days in October. I had a certain scheduale to do things on my channel but screw that I'm gonna do what I want when I want. Posts will begin today or tomorrow with a review of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Thanks, Crystal Btw retro game reviews
  7. My mum said that she heard talking from my room so she went and checked and I said "I love you but I must make your body explode" :/ It was really weird
  8. Crystal Skull

    Crappy Vacation Internet is Crappy

    Internet sucks, nothing will be posted. I only have one bar of Internet all the time leaving me to do nothing Thanks for understanding, Matt
  9. Crystal Skull

    You are getting married to the above user's avatar

    Wait... So I'm getting married to Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy... I don't want two wifes
  10. Crystal Skull

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    2/10 Guns are violent child.
  11. Crystal Skull

    How do you eat your Oreos?

    I split the Oreo in half and eat the cream stuff in the middle then I get some Peanut Butter and I cover the Middle of the Oreo with it instead of the cream... The perfect snack
  12. Crystal Skull

    Gaming Your Favorite Video Game(s)?

    Well, I don't play anything except Animal Crossing anymore... I guess I'll try -Animal Crossing: New Leaf -New Super Luigi U -Kid Icarus Uprising (competitively) -Wind Waker (speed runs) -Rouge Legacy -Binding of Isaac -Awesomenauts -FTL -Reus -Fortune Street
  13. Crystal Skull

    hi im new

    Welcome to the forums! If you don't have a good time blame it on PINKIE PIE but I'm sure you'll like it.
  14. Crystal Skull

    Songs you're working on that are going on

    After my computer crash I finally got into remixing music again so I'm gonna do a remix/medley of all season 3 songs. Since I'm lazy it won't be done for another 4 months.
  15. Crystal Skull

    Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    I would enjoy watching Indie Game the Movie again since I haven't see it in a few months and it's a really great movie. I know I asked this a few months ago but I forgot. Where can we go to watch the movies on a mobile device?