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  1. Wow. Over a month and no one signed up. I feel really bad for you, it seems really well planned out too. I'd love to join, though I'm not sure which OC to use yet. I'll probably go with Goldseek. Hope that some more people sign up :3
  2. aRegularPony

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Colouring takes a long time. ;-; Oh god I just saw that they don't have tails send help.
  3. Isn't the future Twilight at the start of the episode the same Twilight that goes back in time to warn her not to worry? As far as I know, Twilight is visited by Twilight, who attempts to tell Twilight not to worry, but doesn't get to do so, causing Twilight to worry and then, at the end of the week, go back in time to tell Twilight not to worry, not being able to etc. It's the same Twilight over and over in a loop. Twilight doesn't realize that the Twilight who made her worry was her when she went back in time, and she repeated the same mistake.
  4. aRegularPony

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    First of all, hey guys! I'm back! Second of all, how the hell do I draw a pony?
  5. @@AmberDust, This was an idea that I had at one point, however it would be extremely difficult to follow and we would have a lot of trouble affecting each other from other threads. Don't worry though. I won't let the RP die this easily. @, @, This is really unfortunate. Still, I guess it's best if people leave early, so they don't get to involved. @@Concerto Dusk, @, If you're going to resign, I'd prefer you'd do it now. I'm temporarily going to put the RP on hiatus whilst we find replacements, and I would prefer not to do this multiple times. It might seem rude, and if it does I'm
  6. @@Illiad Easle, "You're right. I'm going to check on everyone else. Remind me if I forgot anything." Goldseek sat up and trotted out of the room. Perhaps this crew actually had some potential. It was hard to say at this point in time. The answer would be more clear after this first job. @@clockwork24, @, "Right. You two." Goldseek gestured to Clockwork and Nightlight, who didn't seem to be doing anything important. "I need you to go get about a days worth of food. A bit more, in case something goes wrong. And don't forget citrus. I don't plan on getting scurvy." He waited for Nightlight
  7. @@Illiad Easle, "I'd say about 14 knots on average. You're right though, the travel to Neighpon will be difficult. The closest port would be at Ib'Xian, where we can restock, but we're still going to need quite a few supplies." Goldseek was very suddenly glad that he'd found Illiad as a first mate, which was very different from just a few minutes ago. In the past, his pirate escapades usually were without planning and often ended in casualties. Now, he was almost certain that he would succeed, or, at the very least, his men would live. "The cargo ship leaves port tomorrow at 0600 hours. It'
  8. @@AmberDust, Well, since there's no real mention of pirates in the show (Us far as I know. Haven't seen the newer episodes, so maybe.) yeah, it is AU. @@Illiad Easle, We're currently stationed in Canterbury. As for the Crystal Empire, it's possible that the map was drawn during the time before the crystal empire reappeared. Seeing as how there is only one arctic area in Equestria on this map, I'd say it's safe to assume that the Crystal Empire is there.
  9. If anyone was wondering, I'm using this map as a reference (Not going to put the actual picture here, because it's huge. Just follow the link.), and it would be great if you guys all did the same. Also, it would be great if the Solar Queen decided to race us to this Cargo ship, causing some pirate rivalry.
  10. @@Illiad Easle, Goldseek nodded, happy with the reply he recieved. "Right. So, I heard that there was a cargo ship headed to Canterbury from Hoofington. Nothing especially interesting. Just some salt and spices, but a good first job. If we intersect it here..." Goldseek placed his hoof down on a location in the Bridle Shores between the two locations. "We should be able to board and take what we need. Then we sail all the way down to Neighpon, where I have some contacts who would gladly take our cargo off of our hands and provide us with some cash for it." He looked up at the tan pony, wa
  11. @@Illiad Easle, Goldseek led the orange pony into the cabin, where there were some chairs and a table. He gestured for him to take a seat, and sat down on the chair opposite. "Right then. Let's get right down the point. As my first mate, you'll be my side at all times, ready to take action in case anything happens to me. Thus, I need to know if I can trust you. You appear to be honest, but looks can be deceiving, and with you so close to me, you could very easily kill me, then take control. So I need you to tell me. Why should I trust you?" The blue coated stallion stared down the unicorn,
  12. @@clockwork24, And that makes ten! Welcome aboard the Avarice! I'll start working on the RP topic ASAP. @@retrosteamknight, @, @, @@AmberDust, @@Concerto Dusk, @, @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshi89, @@clockwork24, Alright all! The RP topic is up now. Click HERE for it.
  13. ~-~[Pillage!]~-~ Today begins a tale of pirates. Ponies who are willing to leave behind their previous lives to pursue a life of sea faring and plundering. For a pirate has a very simple goal, one that is perhaps not so different to that of an normal pony's. To become rich. To steal money, gold and riches. That is what it is to be a pirate. =============================================================================================================================== @, @@Illiad Easle, @@Yoshi89, @@clockwork24, Goldseek looked down on his new crew with distaste. It was hard to assemble
  14. Come on guys. We need one more person and I really want to start the roleplay today.
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