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  1. How would you improve the designs?

    Make them eat some steak, the girls are so skinny, damn it I'm surprised no mums jumped allready waving the banhammer against Hasbro for the lack of any fat person in the whole school or the fact that there are no black people and stuff. They deemed Derpy to be offensive? expect 4chan probes to lauch themselves on the feminists tumblrs to stop the film from airing lol.
  2. Crappy Fluttershy

    It's good to criticize yourself, but splat an immediate negative title about your work again and I'm gonna have to punch you in the face
  3. Are you put off by the art?

    Yes. I won't give a chance to it because it's not original in any way. (remind me why we are obliged to write 100 characters every time even if we don't have anything else to say)
  4. Twilight Sparkle's Immortality

    Do not try to search for a Canon answer, I was simply referring the the thing they represent Light is Immortal because without light, there is no life, Darkness is a consequence of Light, because light creates shadows, Love is the most powerful feeling that can bring down nations and it's immortal because it lives on in the memory of the caring ones, Friendship is similar to love, but works almost the same way. I was referring to what they represent, and they all represent something that has no beginning, and has no end.
  5. Twilight Sparkle's Immortality

    Light - Immortal Darkness - Immortal Love - Immortal Friendship - Immortal Face the truth, the faster the better....besides you are not forced to read fanfics lol.
  6. Double Rainboom

    You don't know how much I hate to admit it...but this time they are right...damn it....when I heard the back to the future theme I expected dash to get to the past and do some serious damage to the continum (you know, like in BTTF ) but instead I got Catoon Network...meh... I mean it was cute and all but....gosh it could've been so much more....soooo much more...Zach, stick to animation and don't to the writing as well man. Today we learned: Never let the Director be the same guy as the Editor be the same guy as? the Writer. top lel
  7. Would you leave the fandom over a fan-made video?

    The answer is simple. No. and don't just go very rarely to /mlp/ Don't you EVER go there, NEVER, not even if you are seriously bored to death!, not even if it is the only site left in the world!!! feel like green texting? go to ponychan for celestia's love!!
  8. It's official.

    Omg guys I had no idea people would have liked so much this kind of art!! sorry about my silence but I'm really busy with school right now ( I have exams this year X.X ) so please bear with me for now XDDD for everyone wondering, this is my deviant art!! You can check my work there if you want to, and since lots of people really like them I might do theese quick sketches again in the future, and who knows....maybe color them :3 thank you all so much for your kindness!!
  9. My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic

    they should've let the game die and be done with they are stressing out on the whole fanbase and not beign clear about what they are going to do with it, that is worst than closing it down... it's great that lauren faust is supporting them, but the whole thing that kept everything togheter was the controversy of such a game, now that the original characters are not in it anymore it will just be another random fighter in the pack, wich is sad
  10. It's official.

    why thank you good sir! it's the first time someone appreciates my sketches, often on people don't "see" my drawings the way I see them and just complain about how not colored they are of how brutal my hand is XD thanks, well...on the coloring question....mhmmm maybe I will color them in the future, why not! I just have to figure out "how", because I'm pretty lame for now and not really into it as much as drawing. painting is like another dimension for me
  11. It's official.

    I'm just SICK of vectors!!! hours and hours of correcting lines!! then coloring everything!!! that's ENOUGH!!! (lol lazy) Sketch drawing barrels incoming!!! Aaaand Yeah!! take thoose rough lines!! so smexy!! seriously guys, sorry....I...I...I just had to release my stress somehow XD hope you liked it.
  12. A Mother's Worst Nightmare

    It's more like getting out of the lines, while it's a good idea, it's not quite applicable on eating manners, after all we do move only with our legs so the arms are pretty much there to help with everything else. To this very day I still refuse to eat chicken with a fork, it's totally stupid in my opinion ( plus I want to look like a pirate ), I still eat pizza with my hands and I still "suck" ice cream no matter what looks people give me. personally I don't really care for others opinions, I'm good with what I do and I know I don't eat like a pig when I eat so if they have a problem well Beats me!
  13. Anime stuff can get thousands of episodes, most of them are fillers but I think fillers would work amazingly with MLP since we pretty much don't have all answers and lots of plot holes can be mended that way. MLP with the amount of episodes of bleach or Naruto or even Dragon ball, can you imagine that= XD anyway as long as I live I need the show, it will continue for about mhmmmmm let's say 50-70ish years
  14. It's a rite of passage almost everyone had it, I just passed it and now I feel great, really you'll have to figure it out by youself mostly, like a realization. when life gives you ponies, you can't simply leave them, so the 'll be back in your life before you know it stay brony my friend.
  15. Oh my god that last minute statements, oh my dog, oh my cat, oh my ponies Now you'll excuse me if I clean my room full of Liquid Pride....