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  1. I made this comic in advance, about a month ago(before the newest Trixie episode) and had been working on it since. Unfortunately, I forgot to upload it here... Sorry and I've missed quite a few pieces... I felt, well, awkward, about the last square- Hence the blur. I felt that no one would be on during the holiday so I uploaded early!
  2. TheBronyArtist

    S03:E01+02 - The Crystal Empire

    Aaaawwwll it wasn't bad at all I loved it! And off course they didn't live up to the hype(yet) or to past seasons, come on! Hey had discord and changlings! I did feel a little thrown into mid-action since the story took place as caidence power was fading, but that was after the shows need and I had come down from my fan boy high.
  3. These are the pages to date- I guess this could be consider a plug, but I thought i should upload it here-. Since Pinkanon is making the cupcakes comic why not Rainbow Factory? So I upload one of these every week or so, depending on how heavy school hits me, but no official date set for uploads. Please watch me there or here! P.S.- I tried to join the club on deviantart(I'm AdamsSketches) but the request to join always expires, anyone else have the problem? I put my name in it...
  4. TheBronyArtist

    Octavia's Garden Colored

    I am procrastinating over the fact of an art project and keeping up with my 'Rainbow Factory'. I am Done WITH this so I can relax.
  5. TheBronyArtist

    Fluttershy:Sketch Book

    It took me a day or so for each stage- Latley I've been pacing my self and not forcing my creativity and thinking before sketching- It's of Fluttershy, obviously, and is in pencil(3B) and I tried working on my shading, not over doing it but not too little. I tried something new. I hope everyone who sees it likes it as much as me!^^
  6. TheBronyArtist

    S02:E25+E26 - A Canterlot Wedding

    Yeah I have a whole iPod dedicated to MLP music (both inspired and from the show) This day aria, Love is in bloom, Art of the dress, just to name a few are some of my favourites!
  7. TheBronyArtist

    My first fanfic

    First off, something that interests me. The name it may seem lacking in creativity, but I like it! It stands out, plus the name doesn't make the story.
  8. TheBronyArtist

    Stage Fright-Tragedy: Can I get some Feedback?!

    Of Alrighty I will ^^ I have a few ideas but it may be awhile till i'll upload them or even finish them.... Once again thank you for the positive response^^
  9. TheBronyArtist

    Stage Fright-Tragedy: Can I get some Feedback?!

    Hmmm Yeah It still needs some work... Alot of it for whatever reason seemed better in my head then it did aloud *facepalms Well, I'm glad you liked what I did with Twilight^^ I tried to give alot of detail to what she felt without losing third person view point. the threw part is force of'd be surprised by how often it comes up in my day to day life... I'm not continuing, I really wanted to keep it "clean" and under 4 pages, I don't know where i would do next to be honest, more of a thing the reader has to think about.
  10. TheBronyArtist

    A couple of Pony sketches

    I love this picture^^ I love the fluttershy sketches! that twilight sparkle one at the top reminds me of my cat CC there all so adorable!!
  11. I have the doc as a attachment, it involves Trixie and Twilight, and it's ruffly 2 pages. please read and tell me what you think, this is my first completed Fanfic... Stage fright.docx
  12. TheBronyArtist

    Advantages of the Pony races.

    There is probobly, if there is try over at, there are tons of fanfics! Of all kinds... But on really Pegusi and Unicorns are earth ponies but with a horn or a pair of wings.
  13. TheBronyArtist

    S02:E24 - MMMystery on the Friendship Express

    What do you mean by the lesson didn't feel like it was part of the show?
  14. TheBronyArtist

    Advantages of the Pony races.

    I was sitting around finishing my fanfic, when I wondered what made each pony race special! well it seems that...there isn't any for earth pony. I quite literally just drew this and I feel that it'll look better if it remains as a sketch.
  15. TheBronyArtist

    S02:E25+E26 - A Canterlot Wedding

    S She did have her cutie mark episode though, it was because of the sonic rainboom caused by rainbow dash, that made her go all Magical on her teachers asses! then after Celestia calmed Twi down, she got her mark. Right/