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  1. I realize this topic is quite old, but I still want to throw in my opinion for what it's worth. After reading through the responses I agree that a MLP night club would never get enough of a crowd to stay up. That said, a night club with an MLP theme night every so often would go over much better. It would end up being a treat for the surrounding Bronies and, with proper publicity, Bronies from the surrounding area, myself included, would take a trip to attend the event. Now, about the issues brought up with fights and security. To be honest, I doubt we'll have many issues, and those that do arise will be dealt with quickly With the amount of Bronies I've seen in the military that would support and attend this kind of an event, you would always have at least 20 Airman, Marines, Sailors, or Coasties at each event, who would gladly take care of these "issues". Heck, talk with the local military base, you could get Airman, Marines, or Sailors to volunteer as security. They'll use it as a public service or security bullet for their next package or their EPR.
  2. Yea, I haven't really been too keen on updating these. I've actually left the forum for the most part behind and am mainly on DeviantArt now, though I do check for new replies on here periodically..... If you want to see any of my newer works, feel free to check out my DA gallery
  3. Sorry you two, but all the parts have been filled. I do have a new part available that you two could audition for. It would be for a story telling part not unlike the nightmare moon story in episode 1 If your interested, give it a go and get me a sample. You can find this poem HERE
  4. I'll be here, and I will PLAY THEM ALL!!!!! You were warned... Still, I agree, leaving the fandom because of something like this is sad. But, it goes to show the character of the person, and whether the affection they show towards something or someone is true, or just skin deep... If their love for the show was so weak that something like this turned them into full blown haters, then maybe the fandom is better off without them after all. We may lose some friends to gain some enemies, but in the end, we'll love them for who they were, and tolerate who they've become. After all, isn't that what we've always done?
  5. Speaking of time travle... read this,
  6. good thing is monday Still my favorite part on this game...
  7. Banned, for understanding that grammar is the difference between, knowing your shit, and knowing you're shit. ____________________________________ ninjad looks like I can ban you after all...
  8. Banned for sympathizing with someone who banned the doctor. Imagine what would happen to the two of you if River were to walk in right now.
  9. Screw black and yellow...... RED AND BLUE ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!!!!
  10. Did I saw Stupid? I meant to say you look quite fabulous today Rarity.
  11. PC, where did you put my goldfish? The doctor, doctor, fun.
  12. OH!!! Ya whoops, thanks... If you are interested, please record yourself reading parts from Pinkie and Rainbow in the poem so I can get a better idea of what you can do. (Pinkie's parts are the ones in quotations) You can either email the recording to me or use a file hosting site and send me a link. THANKS!!! In fact I am. You think you can do the accent and the voice. It would be amazing if you could... Never mind Sorry someone beat you to the punch. The part of Octavia has been taken. I'll let you know if the part becomes open again.
  13. I seem to have missed the joke... What is so funny? Is it just Pinky Pie mixed in with Rainbow and Octavia? Or is it something else?