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  1. Haven't been on the forum for a good while... Nothing's really changed at all.

  2. "I'm sorry, but you can't sleep with a bunch of idiots and then claim to despise all of male kind." The-Master, shortly before getting a solid smack to the face.

  3. How do you people lose things!? You're a storage company, it's your job not to lose things! I want my couch!

  4. House Stormwing @, "Cazzo, solo aspettare." So that was her intension. That was why she played the role of the nice mare. Applejack sought nothing less than a full alliance. Rainbow remained silent for a good while, her good eye starring her down as she pieced together the words in her head. “Applejack,” Her tone was less of an accusation at this point, pushing aside her outstretched hoof as if to refuse. “You obviously have a different way of dealing with these matters, one that even we could call barbaric. If you want your answer then you’ll have to wait. My position does not grand m
  5. The-Master

    Private Big Band Beach Bash RP

    @ No, everything thing was not okay. Was that what she was supposed to say? A bit blunt maybe? At least she could think a bit clearer without that rock music. "Oh, right. Um... everything's fine." Amber instantly regretted her statement. "No no, that was a lie sorry." She cleared her throat, resisting the urge ti stamp the ground. "I- I screwed up. I thought that... I felt sorry for him. I forgot that he was so vulnerable and..." The next part was more difficult than she imagined. Her eyes were beginning to well up, and in an act of emotion leaned out and brought Rhythm into a tight
  6. House Earthborn @@Windbreaker "We have a good way to travel, I only hope the that time passes a bit faster..." (OOC: Archi, if you get the chance we need to speed up the events with force heading towards Hoofington. Our characters have been idle for some time.) House Stormwing @ To be completely honest Dash had no small love for these kinds of talks,especially whet he point was dragged on or avoided completely. She'd seen enough dancing around the truth, if Applejack was here for something she better bloody well say it before she loses patience. There were plenty of matters req
  7. The-Master

    Private Big Band Beach Bash RP

    By her expression alone Amber seemed to be taking it all to the chest, not even turning back to face Flash as she walked up towards the recording studio. That stallion was a hot mess; vulnerable one second, volatile the next. Sure, he’d find a nice mare one day that could deal with his vast complications and dysfunctions, but she wasn't going to be her out of pity. However, this didn't mean she was completely heartless. Quite the contrary, she hated herself for what she did. Rhythm wasn't a pony you could sum up in one word. While Amber appreciated simplicity in a pony there’s got to be so
  8. The-Master

    Private Big Band Beach Bash RP

    @@Marathon Amber couldn't blame Flash for his reaction, or could she? After all he had basically thrown himself in her direction after clearing their differences. Sure, she'd acted out of line, but so was he. These thoughts she kept to herself, boiling away in her mind. "Fine, fair enough." Her tone was no longer sympathetic, displaying more of an air of confidence around her. "If you'll excuse me I'm going to go talk to some of the other musicians. I think we both could benefit from it." 'And maybe I wont screw up this time.' She thought to herself. Amber turned and left up the stairs, sh
  9. The-Master

    Private Big Band Beach Bash RP

    @@Marathon Amber certainly wasn’t surprised to see that Flash had followed her, but what had surprised her was the look he gave her. Whatever she’d brought out of him it wasn’t good. Amber rubbed her eyes before turning to confront the situation head on. “Look, I know I screwed up. I’m probably the biggest asshole you know.” The words stuck to the edge of her tongue. “I just didn’t want to hurt you, but I went and made it worse. I may have even you as a friend.”
  10. The-Master

    Private Big Band Beach Bash RP

    @@Marathon "I-I..." Regret, that was definitely the feeling. Amber regretted plenty of things she’d done. She shouldn't have been so hard on her father; she shouldn't have blown all her cash on partying; she shouldn't have done allot of things. All of it seemed so small now. Toying with other ponies emotions, that was low even for her. She was leading him on, but whether it was out of guilt or pity she didn't know. "I'm so sorry... I have to go." Amber​ didn't wait for another response, she was already up and galloping towards the stairway before Flash had a chance to say anything else
  11. The-Master

    Private Big Band Beach Bash RP

    @@Marathon At first Amber was contempt to play it off as a playful gesture. It was just Flash coming out of his shell after all, no harm in- "Whoa, slow down there." She said as he began to lean towards her ears. But that quickly became the least of her worries when he began to speak again. "Thanks, I- wait, what?" The weight of his words came down pretty hard, causing her to freeze up momentarily. "F-flash, I'm flattered. Really I am," What was she supposed to say? Sorry, but I'm a 'one night stand' kind of mare? "I just... don't want to see you as 'just another'. You're a really sw
  12. The-Master

    Private Big Band Beach Bash RP

    @@Marathon @ The usually outspoken Amber was for once struggling to come up with the right words, if there were any. Her thoughts of Rhythm were... conflicting. Something still didn't sit right with Amber, but she seemed genuine enough. She still felt... You know those nerves you get before a gig, when you're about to go out on stage in front of hundreds of ponies? Imagine that, but your mind is just as muddled as the rest of your body. She hadn't even taken notice to the growing pile of food accumulating on Rhythm's plate. "Yeah... okay. I'll just be down here till my gear arrives. I'l
  13. Ah yes, the old Mobile Reception Hunt. I'm already liking this new place.

  14. "Scooby-doo." Bad Lip Reading - The Hunger Games
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