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  1. Well, although I have a few friends that I know would be there for life, I went through the majority of my school life just telling myself that most of these people will move away and do their own things in life and that i'll never seen them again anyways so what's the point? "Friends" would move away and I didn't even feel like I could miss them because I didn't let myself attach to them. It was all just another routine until they left. Hang out, gossip, each lunch together, etc. Then once they were gone, there was always another to replace them. And more lately in the recent year, even my college friends began graduating from our program at different paces depending on when we all started. And again, once they walk the stage, they're gone. I thought it'd be just a highschool thing, that I'd meet my real lifelong friends in college, but even then, we don't talk anymore, so then I began thinking real friendship will matter in the work world when new coworkers are gained. But after watching MLP, it gave new light. I shouldn't have to assume friendship can wait, and I shouldn't have to assume it'll just come to me. I should be making my own effort to take initiative to see my friends, contact them even if they're long distance, and to just let that connection grow. Even if it means I might get hurt if we move apart in our lives. It would be better knowing u have friends to come back to someday.
  2. 1: It was a really tough choice cause I mostly read FlutterDash, but here as of lately I've been preferring TwiLuna as my favorite. 2: Literally like, a couple days ago. I had been reading an amazing FlutterDash adventure romance fic called "Off The Edge Of The Map" which I soon learned had a separated sequal story called "Apotheosis" which I didn't have the time to read yet. Apotheosis has to do with TwiLuna instead which takes place after the previous fic. I decided instead, to read a shorter TwiLuna fic to see if I would like the pairing, which that fic will be listed down as my favorite. 3: I think they're a wonderful pair of the night. Stars and moon go so well together. Twilight, being such a knowledgable pony can easily connect to Luna who'd been locked away for so long. Quite a few authors see this as they use Twilight as a means of teaching Luna more current customs. They also make for quite a comical pair. Twilight with her freakouts and Luna with her awkwardness with the new customs. 4: I'd say my favorite fic, would be the first one I read about this ship. "The Moon's Embrace" was a short and sweet fic that was descriptive and imaginitive with the visuals it gave.
  3. I'd say, repeatedly listening/watching Taryn Southern's music videos is a guilty pleasure. No one can sing about the things she sings about and still remain sexy the entire time. Another would be the obsessive amount of reading of MLP shipping fanfics, whether it's innocent or mature. To the point I ignore all the school work I SHOULD be doing instead. Along with the previous, would be my furry fandom, involving furry art, fics, shows/animes, and RP. And then there's the continuous hours I pour into not just minecraft itself, but minecraft videos on youtube such as the yogscast crew and friends.
  4. I can't say I know anything about the genetics side of the debate, but by hormonal influences, I don't necessarily think it refers to being able to make someone that way. The person would definitely need prolongued exposure. For example, in a Human Sexuality class while I was at a different college, the instructor had used the example of a women's sport. His example was that there are a lot of females at that college who have a sports related scholarship for basketball. Due to the long hours of practice and games, as well as the exposure in the locker rooms, many of them have actually been in lesbian relationships. However, a good question to ask, is did that influence their sexuality? Or is it their sexuality that influenced them to be involved in such a sport where they would be in close proximity with other women? And if it is the 2nd question, then is it more genetics rather than hormones?
  5. I'm Bisexual, and have been around a lot of friends and people that are of pretty much every orientation. Even when I actively played an online game, I recall meeting someone through voice chat that was born male, and you could hear the male voice, but believed that at heart, he was a she. Had a gender change to go with it. One of the nicest people I'd met, but sadly emotionally scarred due to society. I noticed the topic has brought up whether it's born or choice. I personally believed it was choice at first, but as time went on, people began saying it was scientifically proven that it is in fact, something you're born with through genetics. So one day, I started probing questions at my parents, if they'd ever been attracted to the opposite gender in any way throughout their lives. My mom, I was sure was straight, and her answers came off as just that. My dad however, had been in prison most of my life so I didn't grow up with him or have any kind of intuition on his orientation. So I probed questions at him, come to find out he's had a history with males and considers himself bi, but because of his upbringing and his strict parents, he wasn't one to talk about those things. He was adopted, so his parents were straight, strict, and conservative. Sure this isn't a full scientific explanation about whether it's a choice or if you're born with it, however, if in fact I was born with it, then I know I have a piece of the puzzle to support that thought.
  6. Yea thanks, I mentioned in a previous post why I was so blind XD I'm used to sites having a main search and then a separate forum search so it didn't even click in my head that it had a section for forums. And thanks for merging it, as well as all the advice :3
  7. Wow that does look like a nice place BatBrony, except I can't help but think the canal there looks rather dirty compared to the blue-ish part of the beach next to it lol.
  8. lol that's the way to do it. u make ur own decisions and choose what u want and don't want in life. Don't care who tries to say otherwise. In my family, I'm the apple that fell far from the tree and I'd want it no other way XD
  9. hmmm that's a tough one. Despite being interested in the same gender, there are those who are still christian and get accepted that way, though i'm sure it's tough. So maybe the pagan would be the worse one? i dunno lol. I'm personally not religious any but open to all beliefs that any of my friends and family have. I've had a few pagan friends and unless they said so, no one would have guessed they were. Just like any other normal person. But I dunno just how strict ur parents are either lol
  10. lol well, my older sister is very christian, so I dunno if she even knows about me being bi or not. I never told her personally but I have a younger sis that likes to talk. When I told my mom, she questioned me a little but wasn't really surprised or anything, she's mostly calm about that stuff. But, within the next couple days she immediately tried setting me up with a girl she worked with XD Wasn't expecting that much lol.
  11. Lol well, I heard things about Denver. Even years ago before I was born, my mom told me how Denver had gay bars and even parades. I'd have thought if they were that open back then, that they'd be leading the way as well. Who knows, maybe Denver is still in the top 5
  12. Putting off homework cause I'm enjoying the forums too much x.x

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  13. @Sugarfree314 That's awesome, I didn't picture Ohio to be up in the #2. I have no idea where Kansas stands, but as it is now I don't think they allow marriages for it yet. Outside of the few bigger cities here, it's mostly old fashioned kind of people, and plenty of farmers/agricultural people. I'm bi myself but have yet to have a girlfriend around here. @LightRaider That looks cool o: Yea definitely haven't been in it. Our city built an "arena" in the past few years where all of our concerts and such happen now, right in the middle of downtown. Before we literally had to go to the edge of town or just outside of town for any concerts which was pretty inconvenient.
  14. I don't know where it was exactly, this was years ago when I was in middle school so I pretty much got dragged where ever it was hoping the day would end soon XD My memory in general of the event is pretty faded out by now. But if the BOK center is where they do most concerts and it existed like, 10 years ago or so then probably was it -Edit- Oh gosh, lag caused the message to copy like, 2 more times. weird
  15. Lol I've been to Tulsa once. I'm ashamed to say that the only reason I was ever there, was cause my older sis dragged me along to a Hanson concert x.x She bought tickets as a surprise even though I didn't like them so I couldn't say no D: Otherwise I didn't stay long enough to look around or do anything else x3