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  1. In my opinion, the three best sites to use are obviously EqD, the lesser known Derpy Hooves News, and last but not least 4chan's /mlp/ board.
  2. While she would likely be bothered by hunting, particularly for sport, I doubt she would suddenly campaign against humanity. She's been shown to feed fish to the ferrets that live around her cottage, so she obviously isn't some naive pony that doesn't understand the circle of life. After a bit of explaining, though she still wouldn't like it, she would probably understand things far better.
  3. 1. Having Twilight revert back to status quo as if nothing happened. They've given her wings and radically altered the character, so they better have the balls to progress the story somewhat. Giving her princesshood and then sending her back to live in Ponyville to write letters of friendship all over again with nothing coming out of it will be a complete waste and feel like the result of shitty writing. 2. No mention of EqG. This doesn't really need explaining. It was an "interesting" side project, but that's it. By extension that means no Shimmer either. 3. Main characters getting any romantic interests. While it would also be interesting to see this, given that it's a children's show, it wouldn't be handled well and would feel tacked on, much like Tank. Maybe it'd get a passing mention in some episodes, but having to write the personality for a whole new character that would be interacting with a main character in such a way quite literally seems like it's beyond the talent of the current team. 4. Keep all fandom references out. This doesn't mean I don't like little nods, such as seeing Derpy or Lyra and Bonbon together in the background. But when it becomes distracting, that's when the problem starts. Having a character use the word "bronies" would be a perfect example. 5. Stop ruining characters. Trixie had no reason to come back, Discord had no need to be reformed, and Spike being incompetent was completely out of character. Please don't screw up Chrysalis even more than she already has been. 6. Stop with the superfluous padding. Why did Spike need find the book in the little space hidden behind the other books? Or what was the point of that sequence in which Scootaloo fell asleep and narrowly avoided danger just to end up where she started? It's unnecessary to add those things and they stick out like a nail. 7. Make Fluttershy's training with Iron Will actually mean something. It was season two and yet she's still acting absolutely timid and afraid of her shadow. That's not using her for comedic value, it's just plain bad writing. 8. On the subject of bad writing, it'd be nice if Polsky didn't write anymore episodes. He's been around since season one and yet still hasn't managed to write an episode that's memorable for good reasons. 9. Dragging stories out. Enough with the CMC trying to get their cutie marks, it's lost its charm. Enough with Rainbow trying to get into the Wonderbolts and only managing to "impress" them. It's been going on since the beginning and it's time to move onto the next goal. 10. Stop introducing characters and ideas and then not developing them. Both Shining and Cadance have the personality of a cardboard cutout, we'll never know why Lightning was such a (poorly written) bitch, why Luna meddles in dreams in the first place, or just what bat ponies are or where they come from. For all the world building the show likes to do, it seems to leave a lot of holes. 11. As for the world building, stop introducing places that suck. Equestria has some really interesting places that would be exciting to see expanded upon, but they only seem to focus on the really boring ones, namely the Crystal Kingdom as of late. Bluntly put, that place is shit. It's design is boring and plain, the mythology surrounding it isn't interesting in the slightest, and for being such an important place in Equestria, it never gets mentioned in seasons one or two. Yes, and I know that's because of the toy, but casting it as the old kingdom would have made more sense than it being some important site that just did a magic trick to disappear. 12. Don't make any direct mention of humans. There's no need to in a show about colorful talking horses. 13. Perhaps most importantly, no more damn alicorns. The last thing anyone really needs is the main cast getting ruined for another quick buck.
  4. Down with Molestia? Sure, I'm down with Molestia. I'd love to go down on get down with Molestia. Hah. Shit humor aside, I'm finding this pretty hilarious, actually. Just another case of tumblr's social justice crusaders thinking their feelings are more important than another's rights. Even better that Molestia has become rather tame and consensual (as if it really wasn't to begin with) as opposed to other blogs and artists that draw far more graphic and explicit depictions. Honestly, the only thing bad about the whole blog is the gamer Luna character, but even then she's still enjoyable. Then again, I'm pretty sure this is just a trolling attempt, in which case whatever. This hiatus has been boring as hell, so a little tumblr drama at least spices it up.
  5. Nope, everything I purchase I view as a collectible, so it remains on a shelf. The most play anything has gotten was when I discovered I could remove Celestia's tiara and placed it upon Twilight's head, pretending she was now a princess. Little did I know that would really happen...
  6. While none of the colts have much character apart from one line personalities, I do like Rumble's design the most. There's just something about that slightly androgynous colt that I find cute. It also seems that I'm an odd one out as I couldn't stand Pipsqueak; I thought he was pretty annoying.
  7. Why must RO2 be so addicting?

    1. Sky Warden

      Sky Warden

      Because RO was a legend.

  8. Nope, I definitely won't be buying any of it, regardless of what the quality might be. I refuse to support a quick cash-in like EqG.
  9. I'd probably be a gardevoir just because I don't have much physical strength, prefer looking elegant and classy, and am fairly feminine. That and traps are awesome.
  10. Ahh, Gary Numan ♥

  11. I can't deny it any longer. Applejack is best....background pony

  12. It was... meh. There wasn't anything particularly bad about it, although I do think she was a bit too hyper, but it just wasn't entertaining in the way the Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash hot minutes were. I guess a good way to put it was it felt too "season three-ish."
  13. I tend to be online quite often, and am pretty open to discussion about anything, so anyone is free to add me if you'd wish. My skypename is indomiphoenix I don't accept blank requests, however.
  14. 1. Touhou fandom - Probably tie with FiM for favorite fandom based on how much fan work gets created, much of it being high quality. 2. Anime community - With nearly endless titles, I find there's always something new to discuss. 3. Lolita community - I've always been a fan of elegant dresses and looking majestic. 4. Homestuck fandom - While I'm not terribly into the comic itself, the fan works are still entertaining. 5. S.C.P. community - Apart from the numerous games, the various creepypasta are also pretty good.
  15. Probably my favorite crossover right now is FiM/Touhou. There's just something about most of the character crossovers that makes a lot of sense. Aside from that I love little crossovers that are just so random they fit, like this one picture I saw of a crossover between MLP and Zero Punctuation of all things.